KoaNitro copyHello, everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Kick Out at Nitro, the Internet’s favorite WCW retrospective as voted by our moms.  Today we’re taking a look at the March 18th episode of Nitro, the go-home show to WCW UnCensored.

The show starts off with a bang with The Giant and Loch Ness beating down each other in the entrance way.  This is interesting as Nitro has NEVER started off already in progress like this.  Bischoff tells us that we’re supposed to see Loch Ness VS Lex Luger but Giant is out beating the crap out of Loch Ness while Jimmy Hart cheers on.  Luger’s music starts up and Luger nonchalantly walks out and poses with his two title belts, totally ignoring the bedlam on his right.  He walks by, nods at it, and walks off lifting his belts and smirking.  This was awesome.  I’m loving Luger here recently, as I’ve stated multiple times over the last few weeks, but him no-selling this and just posing was awesome.

Match #1: Loch Ness VS “The Total Package” Lex Luger

Referee Randy Anderson starts the count, counting Loch Ness out.

Winner: Lex Luger via count out

Luger celebrates like he just won the title.  Jimmy Hart runs into the ring and jumps into Luger’s arms, but Luger shrugs him off and looks to still not be all about celebrating with Hart.  The announcers are giving Luger crap and Luger comes up to the announce booth, saying he just won WCW’s shortest title defense ever.  He tells Mongo this is like a football game ending on the coin toss.  Luger looks for a high five from Mongo but gets nothing.  Bobby Heenan is happy to oblige, however.

Bischoff tells us that we’ll get a replacement match and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial break we hear the voice of Tony Schiavone, which threw me off a bit since we never hear Tony on non-PPVs.  Tony brings out Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.  Tony says that the Mega Powers are on a roll, not only in tonight’s Texas Tornado tag team match, but that Savage will also be in the Doomsday Cage Match.  Tony says that Hogan announced this last week on Nitro, but that didn’t happen.  Hogan & Savage cut a promo on the match, including Hogan saying that the good thing about the match is that “no stinkin’ titles are on the line.”  Um…you mean that title you have been bitching about for three months now, Hogan?

Out of nowhere, this promo really seemed out of place.  I don’t know if that’s 2015 me looking at it through an awkward lense or if it really seems out of place in the context…but it really just came across as hokey out of nowhere and not reflective of WCW at the time.  It stuck out as really 80’s WWF to me…which is what it was…and that just didn’t play right in my mind.

We go to another quick break and back to…

Match #2: Public Enemy VS The Steiner Brothers

“Here’s the story of two brothers, Rick and Scott…”  WCW’s music was so silly at times.  Although, Steinerized always had a place on my PS3 and in my WWE games every single year.  The Steiners are my absolute favorite tag team of all time so there’s going to be a lot of fanboy gushing over the next few months.

Bischoff starts off telling us that there won’t be any textbook wrestling in this match, however, the match starts with some decent chain wrestling from Scotty Steiner and Rocco Rock.  Steiner gets a good tilt-a-whirl slam and a gorilla press, showing us how freakishly strong he is.

Bischoff randomly tells us that Dennis Rodman just got suspended for six games and fined for using a headbutt, so he must be getting ready for UnCensored.  He says maybe we’ll see Rodman hooking up with Hogan at the PPV!  Oddly enough, he’s right…just a little over a year too early.  Rodman starts showing up around this time next year.  We also find out that Sting will be joined by Booker T against the Road Warriors at the Chicago Street Fight on Sunday.

This has been a really good match, truthfully.  Bischoff states that Public Enemy are “wrestling up” to the Steiner Brothers’ level, and that’s kind of true.  They’ve been really competitive.

Bischoff mentions the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, taking place over two continents, including a former Olympic athlete.  I’m not sure who this is.

All four men start going at it.  Rick gets laid out on a table at ringside which Rocco attempts to dive through.  Scott pulls his brother out of the way and Rock goes through the table.  In the ring, Scott lifts up Johnny Grunge and Rick hits the top rope bulldog off of his shoulders for the win.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers

We go to commercial break and get the Up Next graphic for or next match, which is…

Match #3: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman VS The Booty Man

Bischoff tells us that at UnCensored, Booty Man will be wrestling DDP.  If DDP loses, he loses his career.

Booty Man starts off with a headlock on Arn, wrenching it and then dancing his way out of an Irish whip.  Wow…’96 Shane was an idiot.  I’m just saying.

Booty Man rams Arn’s head into the top turnbuckle for a 5 count then the middle for 5 more.  I feel bad for Arn.

Arn does this really cool thing after a whip to the corner.  He staggers out and looks to almost feed into a move from Booty Man but he grabs the top rope, falls to the mat and rolls himself out of the way in one motion.  Booty Man follows him out and he’s immediately met with a knee to the gut for his trouble.

Kim comes out, wearing white again, cheering on Booty Man.

Booty Man has Arn in the corner and Woman takes off her shoe.  She goes after Kim, though, which brings out Booty Man to defend her.  Arn hits a double axe handle and sends Booty Man back into the ring, though, but he’s met with a high knee (get it?  Hiney?) as he tries to enter himself.

Winner: The Booty Man

We get the Saturday Night rundown.  Road Warriors VS Public Enemy.  Sting VS Sir Robert Eaton.  Luger defending the TV Title against Brad Armstrong.  Eddie Guerrero VS Alex Wright.  Ric Flair…the champion…wrestling Sgt. Craig Pittman.  Wow.  That’s very interesting.

Match #4: The Road Warriors VS The Nasty Boys

Wow, are we going to get our first 5 match Nitro?  Granted, one of them was the Luger gimmick at the beginning, but still…Nitro has went from 3 matches to 4 and now to 5.

According to Meltzer, the Nastys had been let go to free up money to bring in the Steiners.  That’s why the whole “beat down in the back” thing happened last week.  Looks like they’re back, though.

Bischoff yet again tells us that we’re not going to get scientific wrestling in this match and this time I’m inclined to believe him.  All four men start brawling as we go to commercial break, including one for UnCensored.  Bischoff said earlier that we would not get replays or pictures from this event on Nitro since it is unsanctioned and uncensored.  I like the selling point to this PPV…it’s just that UnCensored is almost always the worst PPV of the year.

The Nastys are tapes up, selling the injuries from their off screen beat down last week.  Knobbs gets knocked off of the apron onto the guardrail, bringing out Animal to start hitting both Nastys with a chair.  Not a folding chair, mind you…just a blue plastic chair like you would see in a classroom.  He does so right in front of referee Nick Patrick…actually OVER Nick Patrick, but the match is not called DQ and continues on.

Heenan says that there have been no legal tags in this match and that it has been like a Chicago Street Fight, but Bischoff cuts that off quick and says “No, no it hasn’t!”  Funny that he doesn’t want this to come across like something we’d possibly see at the PPV when they give away PPV main events all the damn time.  He’s true, though…Nick Patrick continues his run as terrible ref in this match as he absolutely loses control in this match.

Out come the Steiners, distracting everyone long enough for Animal to replay what he did last week and nail Knobbs with his spiked arm pad for the win.

Winners: The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors and Steiners brawl to the back as we go to commercial.

Match #5: Texas Tornado Match: “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW Champion) w/ Woman VS Hulk Hogan & “Macho Man” Randy Savage

So…a Texas Tornado match, we’re told, has no tags and no rules.  This follows a tag match with no tags and no rules.  Leading into a PPV with no rules…

The match starts and everyone beats down everyone.  Hogan has Flair on the outside, sending him into the guard rail and attacking him with someone’s foam Macho Man hat.

Climbing back into the ring, Flair comes in on the top rope and Hogan sends him to the mat.  He backs him into the corner, bites him, then sends him into the corner again.  The Mega Powers double team Sullivan, then split back off, trading opponents.  Hogan, on the outside, wraps a cord around Sullivan’s neck and choking him.  What the serious hell, Hogan?!  I know there are no rules and that the babyfaces are coming back after months of beatdowns, but still, I think we should draw the line at strangling your opponent, don’t you think?  As a babyface, that’s a little too heelish for my tastes.

The announcers mention Rodman for the third damn time on this show, talking about how much they hope he shows up to UnCensored.  It’s gonna be really awkward if he doesn’t.

Flair locks on the Figure 4 on Savage while Hogan puts the same move on Sullivan.  Hogan always looks so awkward when he’s putting the move on, though.  He doesn’t do the turn…he steps through the leg and lays down.

Savage reverses the Figure 4 and Flair breaks out of it.  Flair stands up and shoves Randy Anderson who returns by shoving the crap out of Flair, who bumps out of it.

Hogan sends Flair to the corner, following him in with a clothesline and then a few chops and punches while Savage is fighting with Sullivan on the floor.  Bischoff tells us that we’re approaching 10 PM but they’re going to stay with the show as long as they can.  Flair gets Hogan in the corner, gives one chop and it’s a one way ticket to No-Sell Town, population Hogan.  They end up on the floor and Flair hits a low blow, which Hogan does sell.

Woman pitches Flair her shoe and he blasts Hogan in the face with ityet again.  Flair goes for the pin and gets 2 before Hogan bench presses him Flair off of him and Hulks up.  This brings out Arn Anderson as Hogan hits some punches and a big boot.  Hogan this the ropes for the leg drop but Arn grabs his foot and trips him up.  Hogan follows Anderson around the ring to where Brian Pillman is beating down Randy Savage.  Yes, that’s right…Brian Pillman is back and beating down the babyfaces at ringside!

Out comes Booty Man to help even the odds.

We look up the entrance ramp at Zeus!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the star of No Holds Barred and Friday is making his way down the ramp!  He’s followed by a big white dude in face paint as well.  The heels gather in the ring and run the babyfaces off.

Winners: No Contest

Flair grabs the mic and says “Hogan! Hogan!  Do something about it!”  Hogan is freaking out about Zeus as the babys bail.

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring with Flair, Anderson, Woman, Sullivan, Hart, Zeus and Big White Dude.  Sullivan says that when Hogan invited in Savage to this match, he upped the ante and now he’s found the biggest threats he can to end Hulkamania.  Jimmy Hart says that earlier Hogan said he and Savage were like Butch and Sundance, but in reality they’re more like “Dumber and Dumber.”  Yep, he screwed it up.  Arn refers to Booty Man as “Big Brother Booty.”  That makes me sad.  Sullivan says that “everybody in the world knows this man and what he did to you in the late 80s” as he points to Zeus.  At this time, no, no I didn’t.  I didn’t watch WWF and had never seen No Holds Barred, so I had no damn idea who this dude was.  Tony pitches the cage match at UnCensored and we go back to the announcers.

Heenan is happy and yelling that we’re almost through with Hulk Hogan!  Bischoff ends the show and pitches Saturday Night and UnCensored.


I remember them giving the two big dudes names on this show.  I guess it didn’t happen, since I just watched it and it clearly didn’t happen, but Zeus is known as Z-Gangsta because WWF isn’t about to let them have that trademark.  The other guy, The Final Solution (which will get changed because having a wrestler named after Hitler’s plan for genocide isn’t cool), is a guy named Jeep Swenson.  Jeep would later find glory playing Bane in fellow staffer and resident champ Derick’s favorite movie, Batman & Robin.  Arn also randomly says “the wolverine his back.”  I’m guessing this refers to Pillman, but after years of Benoit being the “Rabid Wolverine” in WWE, it’s weird hearing that in reference to someone else.

All in all, not a bad show.  The tag team division was the big star tonight as we saw 4 teams really go at it and that doesn’t even include the Tag Team Champions.  We got a clustermuck (copyright Steve Austin) of a match in the main event but it’s all build around setting up the big cage match coming soon, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Presumably we’ll see the finish to that angle at UnCensored.  Dear Lord, I hope we do.  I can’t take much more of this.

That’s going to be it for today, ladies and gentlemen.  Join us back here in six days as we take a look at WCW UnCensored!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.9

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.6

(Raw – 10, Nitro – 13) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 3


Not counting the week that Raw ran unopposed due to the Civil War movie (3/4), this is Nitro’s 3rd win in a row!  We’re on a roll, folks!  This is officially the longest winning streak in the Monday Night Wars thus far!


WWF Raw results from this week

Davey Boy Smith defeated Jake Roberts via count-out (4:52)

Goldust (c) defeated Fatu to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (4:39)

Diesel defeated Barry Horowitz (2:09)

Bret Hart (c) defeated Tatanka to retain the WWF Championship (8:48)


A Raw where I know everyone involved!  How quaint!  Not a bad looking show, honestly, and I could see it standing even with this episode of Nitro.  That’s high praise if you check back over the course of my Raw results feedback, folks!

KoaNitro copyWelcome back, everyone, to another edition of Kick Out at Nitro!, the Internet’s only chronological journey through the WCW side of the Monday Night War!  This week I am joined by my friend and long-time wrestling buddy, Phillip.  He’s trying his hand at re-living WCW, just as I am, with the possibility of becoming somewhat regular in this segment.  With that, I will let him get to it and I will catch up at the end with my thoughts and the normal week wrap-up! – Shane

First, let me introduce myself and tell you about my lack of qualifications for writing this article. I am a wrestling fan, and this era of wrestling, is the era I watched with my dad. He always went for the good guy, I always went for the anti-hero. My real inner fan boy is and always will be a mark for wrestlers from this era (and especially about 2 years from here in the WCW-verse…I was an ECW fan boy around this time and I am in no way the WCW-pedia that “Sugar” Shane Dalton is).

This will certainly be in my voice, which is a little different from Shane’s, and hopefully you enjoy it.

Show pops off, and Bischoff is welcoming me to the “WAR ZONE”… and oddly the first thing I notice is that the Road Warriors are schedule to face The Nasty Boys, odd since I know this is a Steiner Bros. match, in fact marking their return to the World of World Championship Wrestling. I’m marking to the music that marked the opening to WCW/NWO Revenge (N64) which happens to be the greatest game EVER!!  Also an announcer note, I’m so glad that Steve McMichael will be replaced with Tony Schiavone, because I really don’t like the dude.

Match #1: Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS The Giant

Hacksaw making his way down with Ol’ Glory and a 2×4.

It’s evident when Giant is on his way down that this is the era where he still has the mystique, and he’s wearing the Andre singlet, I think they’re not talking about it but still playing that angle.

This is a lot of bear hugs and some no selling from the Giant to impress upon you his mystique, with that little psycho human cartoon Jimmy Hart yelling through his megaphone. But look out Duggan is an “Irish taped hand boxer” and pulls tape from around the ring, and lays into giant, and fells the mighty beast…

There’s some commotion regarding Flyin’ Bryan on the outside and he gets the Bischoff boot, which is the most exciting moment of this match, at least I got to mark for Pillman.

Hart grabs the tape, gets booted out of the ring, but Duggan gets the chokeslam for his trouble, and that’s a wrap.

“Mean” Gene interviewing Steve Grissom, the WCW Nitro car driver. Who apparently started 43rd and ended up in 4th, and is now 3rd in points.

Match #2: The Steiner Brothers VS The Road Warriors (Originally Nasty Boys VS Road Warriors)

The Steiners roll out on Harleys, as we learn the Nasty Boys are on their way to the hospital. Bischoff doesn’t know who did it the Steiners or the Road Warriors.

I mark for the bulldog Rick Steiner, and have a hard time caring about Scott Steiner for all the “Big Poppa” pain that is to come in the future. He looks like a human being in this match. That mullet though… wow.

Some nice back and forth, some really great Steiner suplex work in this match, which is of course what they’re known for. Everyone manages to get their signatures out, some shoulder block action from Hawk, a power slam by Animal. On the shoulder off the top clothesline by the RW. A faulty attempt by the Steiners. A really nice Frankensteiner (I forgot all about this big guy sorcery).

The drama of both guys in a tag match fighting their way to the tag, even though 50% of the match everyone is in the ring, in this instance in a tag match, the rules become insanely important. I bought this hook, line and sinker as a 12 year old kid.

A few odd things, Animal gets a 2 count with Hawk in the ring, even though Hawk is the legal guy. Heenan let’s “Legion of Doom” slip. The crowd gets behind an “LOD” chant.

Ricky hits the bulldog off the top, but Animal nails him with the spiked shoulder pad, and Hawk gets the pin.

“Mean” Gene talking to Scotty Steiner, talking about chasing the Road Warriors, talking a little crazy. Maybe I was wrong about Scotty Steiner, he is starting to look a little roided out. Ricky letting us know “This isn’t the end” Looks like a Steiner Bros/Road Warriors feud getting things going.

Match #3: WCW Television Championship Match: “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright VS “The Total Package” Lex Luger (WCW TV Champion)

I am annoyed by Alex Wright, because 12 year old me hated Alex Wright. I think to the later run this guy has, and the fact that great guys like Malenko and Benoit get categorized with this dude.

We get some inference that Johnny B. Badd couldn’t handle the heat in WCW and is out.

Luger looking like Luger looks. Some running through Wright, who I don’t remember being this agile and athletic. He’s actually making this match worth watching.

A lot of talk about Luger letting Sting down, and him having half the Tag belts and the TV Title.

WCW trying to sell me some WCW Hotline, also known as “A parent’s worst nightmare.” I made that mistake ONCE as a child.

/Rant Bischoff let’s me know that the “Immortal one” Hulk Hogan is coming up, and I can barely contain myself… from vomiting. I really hate Hogan’s non gimmick, and his no sell, his creative control, and the fact that he main events EVERYTHING, and steals the light from the real stars… /Rant

Hart intervenes, and this match is over, it was pretty clear this was not Wright’s time.

Hart and Luger share a weird moment in the ring. Luger looks annoyed, and Hart looks like a jealous Ex-Girlfriend. The most interesting thing about this match is the drama of Sting being partnerless for UnCensored. I REPEAT: The most interesting thing about this match is Sting WHO ISN’T IN THIS MATCH.


Match #4: Lumberjack Match – “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW Champion), “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan VS Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage & The Booty Man


Flair/Double A/TaskMaster come out, there is a lot of talk about Loch Ness/Giant being on the outside during this Lumberjack match, which used to be a thing. I have a feeling that’s going to feed this match coming up.

Chaos ensues, the “there’s too much to watch so you’ll forget that no one in this ring really does ring work” trick. Some whipping, some hitting, some choking, and not a single wrestling move happened…

Loch Ness clobbers Giant getting after it on the outside, and the war begins… Have to say this was a shock.

Flair makes a run for it, and Animal drags him back, this being the highlight of this match.

Lots of “Hogan is great”, a high kick and a leg drop. This train wreck rests at the station.

If I hear Bischoff call Hogan “The Immortal One” again, I’m inventing a time machine to go back to ’96 and slap him in the mouth. Leg Drop and closes out another win for the BM/Savage/Hogan trio.

“Hogan is back, and in great form!” – Bischoff ’96

We come back from commercial to the aftermath of the Lumberjack 6 man tag. I get to watch a slow mo of the Leg drop from Hogan.

Interview with Taskmaster, and the crew. Kevin Sullivan in his Sam Kinison voice telling us about this 4 man cage match at uncensored. Double A giving us a “Until death do us part” marriage metaphor. Swearing that it won’t be over with Savage until death do them part.

Flair giving a “Flair interview” about touching a woman, running the ropes, and holding Elizabeth. Taskmaster falls to his knees looking like a wild eyed psycho. A few “woo’s” and the show is winding down.

Flair getting all crazy in the booth.

This is the Hogan/Savage era of WCW which is sad, because they have better talent, just not bigger names.

Steiner/Road Warriors stole this show. Honestly it was theirs to steal, this is a pre-PPV Nitro, and has no real impacting matches, everything is already set up, and the show felt phoned in. I’m glad to see some tag action on this card. This is the cartoon era. I liken this to the pop of the late ‘80’s. It was great until grunge came in and wiped it out. No one knew that cartoon characters and make up wouldn’t always be the center of wrestling. It’s a bubble that needs to, and in this period of the WCW Verse, is about to pop.

That’s a wrap on 3/11/96.



First off, I am extremely jealous that I handed Phillip this week’s episode, for one major reason.  I remember this episode very clearly from my teenage years.  Earlier this night, on 3/11/1996, my father and I were talking wrestling.  When I really got into wrestling at this time, I would always ask my Dad about wrestling when he was younger.  He grew up on NWA Mid Atlantic, so he had the history of what would eventually become WCW.  He always stuck with WCW.  I remember watching the syndicated Saturday morning shows and then getting the PPV’s on Mondays because he worked with a woman who ordered them and taped them for us.  Anyway, that night he was talking about his favorite tag team…the Steiner Brothers.  He was really talking them up, especially Scott, and his finishing move, the Frankensteiner.  This fascinated me.  Just the explanation of the move blew my mind.

Well, cut to later that night and we’re thinking we’re going to get a Nasty Boys VS Road Warriors match and suddenly we hear Harley Davidson’s revving up.  Dad was a Harley guy so he was excited to know who was coming out on the Harleys when suddenly out come the Steiners!  It was one of the only times I saw my Dad mark out over wrestling and I’ll always remember that.

As for the rest of the show, I’m with Phillip in saying it was pretty forgettable outside of the tag match.  The tag match was just so hard hitting, despite it falling completely apart as far as reffing goes.  Of course, it was Nick Patrick, worst ref ever, so it’s not hard to imagine it falling apart.  That Scotty Steiner mullet was freaking glorious, though.  Seriously, check this episode out so you can see this thing!

Hacksaw VS Giant was useless.  I usually don’t like to crap on matches, but since I’m just doing my thoughts and not a full recap, hell with it.  It wasn’t good.

The Television title thing was a little weird, but when they mentioned that Johnny B Badd was throwing a fit and decided not to come to the ring I realized that he’s going to WWF in a few weeks, so this must have been his exit.  Giving the title to Luger on Saturday Night was interesting.  I remember this time and him having two belts.  I really loved the way that Luger took the victory but then tried to play it off when Jimmy tried celebrating.  Jimmy was so damn annoying, though.  I’m intrigued by how this leaves Sting without a partner coming into UnCensored, though.  I like that Luger wrote a check that now Sting’s ass has to cash and Luger himself isn’t even in the match anymore.  That adds a nice wrinkle to their angle.

The Main Event was a clustermuck (credit Steve Austin) but, like Phillip said, I think it was due to wanting to hide how bad an actual match between these six was going to be.  It’s odd that the main event to UnCensored is still Hogan VS 4 others in the Doomsday cage when it ends up being Hogan and Savage VS about six or eight people.  I guess all that is coming next week.

Pillman randomly showing up was interesting.  I kept seeing the signs that said “Talk to Brian” and had the phone number and was wondering if that had anything to do with Pillman, then I randomly saw him walking by.  I actually said aloud, “was that freaking Brian Pillman?!”  Then, sure enough, it was!  Pillman was definitely not under WCW contract at this point.  Hell, he had been in ECW for the last few weeks up to this.  That was nuts and I wonder if it was worked out with Bischoff or if Pillman just crazied his way into the building.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week, fans!  Thanks to Phillip for jumping in and helping out this week.  Hopefully he enjoyed it enough to jump in more going forward.  We’ll be back next week (on Wednesdays now since 1996 was a leap year) with the UnCensored go-home show!  Take care, everyone!


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.9

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.2

(Raw – 10, Nitro – 12) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW getting the second win in a row since Raw went unopposed last week!  They’re also edging out a little farther into the win column as this is the first time in a while we’ve had a margin larger than 1 in the win column.


WWF Raw results from this week

Savio Vega fought Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) to a double count-out.

Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Jerry Meade & Alex Porteau (1:52)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Vin Grier (1:53)

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) & Yokozuna defeated Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith via disqualification (5:19)


Savio and Austin was probably pretty good, although it ended in a double count out.  Godwinns in a squash sounds bad.  Same with HHH.  Taker & Yoko teaming sounds interesting.  Not sure why that happened.  Honestly, I’d say these two episodes sound pretty neck-and-neck so it’s not surprising they were pretty close in ratings. I’m going to give the Steiners the credit for pushing Nitro into the win column because, hey, it’s my blog and I’m going to do what I want to.

KoaNitro copyWelcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another week of Kick Out at Nitro!  Tonight’s show comes to us live from Knoxville, TN.  Tonight, we’ll see a big six man main event featuring everyone’s newest favorite wrestler…The Booty Man!  It’s very quickly mentioned that Booty Man was a spy that Hogan had in the Dungeon of Doom, explaining to us why Zodiac suddenly became Booty Man.  The announcers talk about Booty Man for a bit and kick us to our first match.

Match #1: Big Bubba VS Sting

Bischoff tells us that at the “World Whining Federation,” here’s how it goes down:  Yokozuna via DQ in a handicap match, Jake Roberts over Isaac Yankum and Diesel over Bob Holley.  Been a while since we got a full card run down from Bischoff.  It’s interesting that they are doing this now since WCW and WWF are in the middle of yelling at each other due to the Billionaire Ted skits and the match coming up at Wrestlemania XII.

Bischoff says that Sting has been hanging out a lot with Steve Grissom, the driver of the WCW race car in the Grand National series.  Apparently Grissom is doing well for himself.

For those of you keeping track on the Stinger Blond VS Brunette watch, we’re almost completely brunette now.  There’s a small bit of blond highlight right at the front of Sting’s hair, but that’s it.  Next haircut he gets, that’s gone and it’s full brunette from here on out.

It’s kind of nuts that Sting is a bit more of a bigger deal as far as place on the card in the year 2015 than he is at this point in 1996.  WCW right now is definitely the Hogan/Savage show, despite Sting being their biggest home grown star and arguably the face of WCW.  However, in WWE right now, he’s getting a high profile Wrestlemania match.

Wow…14 year old me just read that and can’t believe it.  A Sting match at Wrestlemania!  Those of us who were hardcore WCW fans have to find that amazing!

The match is a pretty back and forth match, honestly.  Sting does a really good job of looking vulnerable when he needs to and then turning it on when the time calls for it.  Bubba gets the best of him after a while and starts beating him down pretty hard.  Bubba sends him to the floor and we see this old lady in the front row checking on Sting and then getting up in Bubba’s face.  I believe this is the same lady that gets in Hogan’s face not too long from now once he goes Hollywood.  Bubba gets Sting back in the ring and we see a security guard in the front row telling Granny to have a seat.  Pretty cool to see people get THAT invested in a match.

Sting hits a nice piledriver on Big Bubba.  I miss that move.  They start trading right hands.  Sting’s face paint is almost completely gone.  How is his always gone in just a few moves yet Goldust’s stays on the entire match?  Sting goes for a Vader Bomb but Bubba gets the legs up and puts his knees in Sting’s gut, sending him to the floor.  Bubba attempts to go for something off of the top rope to the floor but Sting trips him up and sends him to the mat.  Sting goes up top and hits a cross body block for the win.

Winner: Sting

We go to commercial and are reminded that Hogan has lost twice in a row to Arn Anderson.  We get an Up Next graphic stating that Luger will be in action against Renegade.

They run a commercial for the March issue of WCW Magazine which gives us a review of Starrcade and will run down the Madusa / Sherri angle.  Interesting that they’re going to push this since, according to Meltzer, Sherri has been fired for showing up to shows in no shape to work.  This makes since after Sherri looked drunker than all hell at the Clash.

The show comes back to Mean Gene with Sting and Luger, who are interrupted by the Road Warriors.  The Road Warriors talk about how they’re cool with Sting but that they’re not cool with Luger.  Luger and the Warriors argue about whether or not Luger is actually from Chicago, to which Sting replies “Lex, you’re from the white collar section, they’re from the streets!”  Hawk challenges them to a Chicago Street Fight for the belts at Uncensored and Luger accepts, much to Sting’s dismay.  The Warriors head out and Luger looks at Mean Gene and goes “What’s a Chicago Street Fight?”  Man, Luger is so awesome right now.  I love that he let his mouth write a check his ass can’t cash yet he has no idea what he’s just done.  Sting looks at him in disbelief and Luger says “I’m from Chicago…but I’ve never heard of a Chicago Street Fight.”  Sting says “Maybe you should think before you talk next time!” and storms off as we go to another commercial break.

Luger is so damn good in this role right now.  It makes me unhappy that as we head into the summer he’s going to become more of the big WCW babyface against the nWo.  This character is the best that Luger has ever been.  Seriously, look up this interview, it’s funny.  (Hint…click the Kick Out At Nitro logo on this post for assistance)

Match #2: Renegade VS Lex Luger

Renegade runs out to no music.  Thankfully they fix this halfway down the aisle.

Mongo mentions that during the interview earlier that Luger had both tag belts and Sting didn’t have his on…what does that say about how Sting feels about being champs?  Bobby makes sense and actually says exactly what I was thinking at the moment…Sting just had a match, why would he have his belt?  Of course, Luger walks out for this match with his belt, but Sting didn’t for his…Hmmm, maybe there’s something to what Mongo has to say.

Tell me I didn’t just say that!

Holy hell, a Luger match that starts with him in the ring!  Of course, they went to commercial during Luger’s entrance, so maybe it was during that time he did his normal little walk.

The two start out fast and Renegade sends Luger out to the floor.  There it is!  Luger takes his time and gets back into the ring, catching Renegade as he is coming in to the ring.  Renegade gets Luger with a clothesline and backs him into the corner for the 10 punches, but Luger walks him out and gives a big atomic drop that Renegade no-sells and gives a clothesline.

Renegade goes for a clothesline but Luger moves and Renegade eats the ropes.  Luger clinches on a headlock and rakes Renegade’s eyes into the rope.

The announcers sell Uncensored by bringing up the worst match in the history of that event…the Blacktop Rumble!  Dustin Rhodes and the Blacktop Bully had a match in the back of a truck while it went down the road.  Yep, it was bad.  THAT’S how you sell a PPV!

Luger goes for a pin and Renegade bench presses Luger off of him, sending Luger about four feet off the mat.

Man, Luger is loud in the ring.  Not “John Cena calling moves in the ring” loud…but he grunts with EVERY move…whether he did it or not.  Renegade hits a big power slam for two, sending Luger to the corner for a clothesline, then sending him to the opposite one for Muta’s elbow in the corner.  He hits a bulldog and then goes to the top rope.  Out comes Jimmy Hart, who pushes Renegade off the top rope to the floor.  Luger goes out and grabs him, sends him into the ring and picks him up in the Torture Rack for the win.

Winner: Lex Luger

Jimmy Hart runs around the ring like Luger just won the Gold Medal and jumps into Lex’s arms to celebrate.  Out come Sting with a “WTF” look on his face and chases Hart out of the ring.  Sting tells Luger that Hart helped him and says he thought he told Luger it was Hart or him.  Luger downplays it, which, truthfully he didn’t see it, so he’s kind of innocent.  Sting is PISSED!  He gets in Luger’s face and starts yelling about the crap that Luger’s been doing, asking him what’s up with him.  Luger looks confused and concerned and slinks out of the ring like a scolded dog.  Again…good stuff from Luger.  It really looks like he’s upset with Sting being mad at him and is trying to make it right.

We go to break and come back to our next match.

Match #3: Harlem Heat VS The Road Warriors

The match starts with both teams in each other’s faces.  Pretty hard hitting and even but the Road Warriors get the upper hand with a neck breaker from Hawk and a big elbow to Booker T before both teams tag out.

Stevie Ray gets Hawk with a big powerbomb and starts stomping him before tagging out to Booker.

Bischoff says that there is extra security around the announce booth to stop all of the shenanigans that have been happening after the shows for the last few weeks.

Booker hits some kicks, tags out to Stevie Ray who just floors Hawk with a big right hand before cinching on a headlock.  Stevie tags out to Booker and Booker hits a big jumping side kick before they tag back out and double suplex Hawk.  Hawk finally gets the tag to Animal, who comes in and cleans house.

Bischoff says that the winner of this match will be #1 contenders to the Tag Team Championship.  Ummm, didn’t Luger and Sting just sign for a tag title match at Uncensored?  So, what happens if Harlem Heat wins tonight?  Will that match be non-title?

Animal and Stevie Ray fight to the floor, taking the ref with them.  Booker hits the Harlem Hangover but there’s no ref to count the pin.  Animal kicks Booker in the head, letting Hawk score the win.

Winners: The Road Warriors (new #1 contenders to the WCW Tag Team Titles)

Off to commercial and back to our Main Event.

Match #4: Arn Anderson, “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and Ric Flair (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth VS Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and The Booty Man

Everyone comes out to Flair’s music.  I miss this.  WCW basically always had the guys in a tag match come out together, even if it was just a thrown together hodge-podge.  WWE always has them come out separately.

Hogan and Savage are in red and yellow and apparently Booty Man missed the memo and is in white and lime.  The babyfaces clear the ring, sending the heels to the floor.  Hogan sends in Anderson to Savage and Booty Man before it finally settles down to Anderson and Booty Man.

Randomly, out comes Kimberly with a yellow rose.  Kim is looking good!  Bischoff says that on Saturday night there was a little rift between her and Johnny B Badd.  Now that Kim has her 6.6 million dollars, maybe she’s on the market “for some beef,” as Mongo so eloquently puts it.

Close up of Flair’s back and that weird melon baller section missing out of his shoulder.  Freaky.

14 year old me LOVED The Booty Man.  14 year old me wasn’t the absolute smartest guy.  I don’t remember if 14 year old me realized Booty Man and Zodiac were the same guy, though.

Anderson tags out to Flair, who gets a drop toe hold and gets his hair rustled before locking up in a test of strength with Booty Man.  Booty Man tags out to Savage.  Savage ends up in the heel corner and is throwing fists at everyone there.  They all charge him, sending him back to the babyface corner, though, before he and Flair get back to one on one.

Bischoff lets us know that next week there will be no Nitro.  TNT is showing a Civil War movie, apparently, so we get our first week of the Monday Night Wars with no Nitro.

Savage goes for the double axe handle but Flair gets a hit to the gut, sending Savage down, and he starts to taunt and pose.  Savage gets the tag to Hogan, though, who comes in and starts beating on Flair.  Flair backs him into the corner and chops him because that ALWAYS works.  Hogan no-sells, takes out all of the heels, then backs Flair into the corner for 9 punches and a bit to the face.  Hogan tags to Booty Man and they hit a double team big boot to Flair.  Booty Man covers but it’s broken up at two.

“I just figured out where The Booty Man got his name…it’s not from kicking booty, it’s from shaking his own!” – Eric Bischoff, 1996

Booty tags out to Savage.  Savage hits the rope but both Woman and Liz grab his feet, trying to trip him.  Savage grabs both of them by the hair and gets set for some straight domestic violence before the heels step into the babyface role and stop Savage from beating two women.

Tag out to Anderson while Flair beats down Savage on the floor.  The heels work him over in the corner as Anderson tags out to Sullivan, bringing him into the match for the first time.  Savage sends Sullivan to the corner, following him in but eating a boot to the face for his troubles.  Quick tags from Sullivan to Anderson and back to Sullivan.

The babyfaces take over, Hogan posting up in the corner and Booty Man sending him all three heels to eat a big boot.  After all three, Hogan hits the big leg to Anderson and gets his win back.

Winners: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and The Booty man.

Immediately after the match Flair kicks Hogan from behind and sends him into the corner face first, knocking him out.  Liz handcuffs Hogan to the corner and the heels start whipping Hogan with a belt until the babyfaces run them off.  Of course, Hogan wakes up IMMEDIATELY, with full cognition, as we go off the air.


Not gonna lie…the best part of this show was Luger.  The Main Event was what it was and worked to setup the feud as well as “introduce” Booty Man as a part of the Hogan/Savage regime.  However, Lex stole the show.  Him getting worked up about being told he wasn’t from the “real” Chicago and accepting a match he knows nothing about was priceless.  His work after the Renegade match was really good too because it was setup so well.  On the replay, you can tell that Luger did not see Hart push Renegade.  All he does is goes outside and brings him back in to rack him for the win, so you can easily argue that Lex was just celebrating with Hart because he won and had no idea why in the hell Sting came out and got in his face.  It was how he played that off, though, that was the golden part…he looked hurt and confused.  Luger’s playing this nice angle right now where he’s an opportunistic guy and has no qualms about being one, but you can really tell he wants to make Sting happy.  He’s there for Sting, despite being somewhat of a douche, and I think he’s really upset that Sting is unhappy with him.  I’m interested to see where this goes from here.

Well, this is where I would normally say I’ll see you next week, but I won’t.  Nitro is taking its first break ever during the Monday Night Wars, so we have a week with no Monday Nitro.  We’ll be back on March 11th, though.

Two fun/interesting things happen with that March 11th post.  First…1996 was leap year, so when we return, new posts will now go up on Wednesday since that’s how the dates align now based on a February 29th that didn’t exist this year.  So, Nitros will go up on Wednesdays now, PPVs on Tuesdays.  Secondly…the plan is that the March 11th post will come to you from a new face to those long time readers of Kick Out at 2.  He’ll get his proper welcome at the beginning of his post but I’m welcoming in some new blood into my little WCW recap project, so that’s something to get excited for.  I get a week where I don’t have to drop 3000 words!

Anyway, see you in 2 weeks, fellow WCW-ites!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.1

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.2

(Raw – 10, Nitro – 11) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 3)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW returning to the win column!  We’re still running pretty neck and neck through this section of the War.  It seems like it’s back and forth every week, which is pretty cool.  


WWF Raw results from this week

Jake Roberts defeated Isaac Yankem DDS (3:32)

Diesel defeated Bob Holly

Ahmed Johnson defeated Shinobi

Yokozuna defeated Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette) via disqualification in a handicap match


Looks like Bischoff forgot about Al Snow jobbing out to Ahmed Johnson.  I’m pretty sure Al would like to forget that as well.  This show featured a Mankind vignette as well as acting President Roddy Piper being asked by young fans to bring back the Ultimate Warrior.  

This is also the episode where Piper announces that Hart VS Michaels will be an Iron Man match.

Well here we are. Fresh off the events of what seemed like a lackluster PPV. WWE had a big chance to make an impact with the debut of a new PPV but I can’t help but fell that overall it missed the mark. Sting/Triple H was cool, although not nearly as cool as Triple H/Undertaker setup for WM27. Bray Wyatt officially challenging Taker was awesome but for me the match of the night was Cesaro and Kidd winning the Tag team titles from The Usos. Literally it was the only prediction I got right. Looks like Derick is still in the lead, Shane takes second and I’m dead last. Hopefully Wrestlemania will be better….

Derick – 9/13

Shane – 7/13

Robbie – 5/13

Hey we are at the second PPV of the Year, WWE’s Fast Lane. Fast Lane as you know by now has taken the place of Elimination Chamber which overall we think will be a good idea. Elimination Chamber has always seemed out of place and logically I think this PPV will fit more with the “Road to Wrestlemania” theme. Hopefully its debut will not be a disappointment and go over a bit better witht he fans than The Royal Rumble did. Let’s take a moment and look at our predictions for WWE’s newest PPV…

WWE World Heavywight Championship No. 1 Contenders Match: Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

Robbie’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – I truly and honestly want to believe WWE has realized that the fans simply just do not want Roman Reigns as their top guy at this time. Daniel is apparently the money maker on the roster right now. Hopefully WWE likes money.

Shane’s Pick: Roman Reigns – I just see this match existing to shut up the fans who don’t like Reigns, but only for a moment because Reigns is the guy right now and there’s no way he’s not going to Mania.

Derick’s Pick: Roman Reigns – Roman Reigns wins this match but somehow someway Daniel Bryan will be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

United States Championship match: Rusev vs John Cena

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – I know right!? You’re probably shocked but I see this as a good thing. Cena going after the secondary titles will be overall good for multiple reasons. It can help give some more credibility to them, it will keep Cena away from Ric’s 16 time record, allow the kids to have their winning hero and honestly I just don’t care about Rusev at all. Like Shane has said on multiple occasions “This isn’t 1983 anymore.” That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if this story leads into Wrestlemania with Hogan in Cena’s corner… AMERICA!

Shane’s Pick: John Cena via shenanigans – They really couldn’t wait until Mania?  That’s the worst part of WWE’s booking right now…they build up to a match by giving you the same match over and over again.  Cena wins but doesn’t get the belt, setting up the same match at Mania.

Derick’s Pick: Rusev – I don’t even know enough about about this big Russian bastard but I’m sticking to my guns. I hate Cena and said I’m not picking him so there!

Intercontinental Championship Match: Bad New Barrett vs Dean Ambrose

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Dean lost enough of his matches during the Bray Wyatt feud. Time for him to be like his former Shield brother and “look strong” Giving him the IC strap is the thing he needs at this time. 

Shane’s Pick: Wade Barrett – As much as I want Ambrose to win this, I just figure Barrett retains.

Derick’s Pick:  Dean Ambrose – I like them both so this was a literally a coin toss decision.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Robbie’s Pick: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd – It’s long overdue for Cesaro to be wearing some gold again in WWE. I’m really digging this team and Cesaro knows a thing or two about being a tag team wrestler. If they are not going to push him as a single competitor let him do what he does best! Maybe Tyson will get the recognition he deserves as well.

Shane’s Pick: The Usos – Giving Kidd & Cesaro makes too much sense, so I figure we’ll go the other way.  Plus, we’ll get to see how much heat Cesaro got for his Twitter being hacked and it saying that he wishes Vince would die already.  Yeah, I know it wasn’t HIM, but still…

Derick’s Pick – Cesaro and Tyson Kidd – You know why? I hate The Usos…. USO DUMB!!!!! STUPID!!!! STUPID!!!!

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs The Authority

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan – Seems like this match was randomly thrown together and Seth may be in a little bit of hot water for his little “Social Media incident”

Shane’s Pick: Team Babyfaces – Because logic.

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan – Big Show is trying to tie Rey Myeterio’s knee injuries with Face/Heel Turns. Go get ‘em Big guy!

Goldust vs Stardust

Robbie’s Pick: Stardust – Maybe Goldust will drop the paint and just be Dustin after this match blows over. Leaving Cody in the paint and the “Crazy one” of the family.

Shane’s Pick: Stardust – Again, why do this before Mania?  Ugh!  Cody as Stardust is killing it right now, so I like him sticking around a little longer.

Derick’s Pick: Goldust – Why you even asking me that? You know where my allegiance lie. I’d follow that guy to the gates of Hell and carry him back! LOVE THAT GUY!

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: Nikki Bella vs Paige

Robbie’s Pick: Paige – Despite the on again off again Bella feud the past year I still think we are getting a Nikki vs Brie match at Wrestlemania.

Shane’s Pick: Nikki Bella – I’m taking Robbie’s logic, and applying the fact that the Nikki VS Brie match will be for the title, so Nikki retains.  Gotta get the story line for Season 19 of Total Divas worked in there somehow!

Derick’s Pick:  Paige – Not picking Nikki anymore either….stupid Cena!