KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to another exciting week of Kick Out at Nitro!  Nitro comes to us this week from the capitol of Flair Country, Charlotte, NC.

As the show opens, it looks like we’ve got some wrestlers in the ring already.  I don’t know if this is for Match #1 or if they’re still there from the dark match.  Guess we’ll find out.  The announcers open talking about the Sting and Luger situation as well as Bobby asking who can trust anyone out of the main event players.  He doesn’t feel Sting can trust Hogan and vice versa.  Suddenly the bell rings, seemingly taking Bischoff by surprise, and we go to…

Match #1: Eddie Guerrero vs JL

Bischoff says that Eddie Guerrero is one of the seven men taking place in the NJPW vs WCW World Cup coming in a few weeks at Starrcade.  Bischoff says that any of the NJPW wrestlers would be mistaken in taking Eddie Guerrero lightly.  Heenan again tells us that the NJPW wrestlers are already in Tennessee so they won’t be jet lagged, they’ll be ready and he feels that they’ll be the ones winning the World Cup.

1This match is a good back and forth match, no one person really taking the advantage.  JL does slip on the ropes as he goes for a springboard dropkick, though.  The dropkick sends Eddie into the guardrail outside, causing the woman in front of where he hits to wince and freak out a bit.  JL follows it with a flip off of the ring apron to Guerrero, then bringing him back into the ring and taking over the match for the most part until JL whips Eddie into the corner.  He runs in, Eddie jumps and turns it into a sunset flip, JL reverses that but Eddie reverses the reversal and rolls up for the win.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

They are doing a great job pushing Guerrero.  He’s been in quite a few high profile matches and always comes out looking strong and has the announce team putting him over constantly.  Makes me happy.

The announcers kick us to the entry way with Mean Gene, Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.  Gene says Luger is looking great and then cracks on Hart for the way he’s dressed.  Hart says that everyone knows that Luger is the uncrowned WCW Champion.  We get some footage going all the way back to Halloween Havoc and running through last week’s Nitro showing us Luger constantly kicking Savage’s ass.  He says that if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan last week, he’d be champion…and he’s got a point.

Luger calls Ric Flair 11 time WCW Champion.  If you add in the two WWF Championships, that gives us 3 more to make 16…that sounds about right.

Up Next, Disco Inferno vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff…ugh, do we have to?

Match #2: Disco Inferno vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Bischoff says that Disco only cares about “one” thing in his life…his booty and his hair.  Um…counting, Bischoff?

Mr. Wonderful comes out to the worst entrance music ever, I believe.  I think I’ll take Cobra’s Morse code song again over this.  Orndorff makes eyes with the ring girl a little bit before getting into the ring where he’s met by Disco taking the boots to him.

Another heel vs heel match.  Man, WCW made some odd booking decisions in the day.  This is the pure definition of a bathroom match to me in the current day, so I can guarantee I wasn’t impressed 19 years ago.

At one point Orndorff goes for his littly shimmy elbow but he decides to mock Disco’s dancing a bit beforehand and we are treated to about thirty seconds of some very odd gyrating.  Orndorff hits a side suplex for the win; foot on the ropes for good measure.

Winner: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Bischoff kicks us up to the entry way and Mean Gene calls out the Four Horsemen.  We get everyone but Benoit for some reason.  Gene asks Pillman what it’s like being a Horseman along with Benoit.  Pillman says it’s great.  Everyone wants to be a Horseman.  Even Hulk Hogan…he dressed in black, tried to be the bad guy.  But then the whiskey drinking and women chasing got the best of him and he ripped off the black spandex.  The Horsemen, however, can’t rip their black hearts out.  They’re the bad guys.  Pillman says that the American Males sent them 8x10s.  He says Mongo even sent them one and that for a big guy, Mongo is pretty flexible.  Pillman just keeps going off, including going off on Paul Orndorff, and you can really start to see the crazy Pillman character coming through.

Flair starts talking and the crowd goes nuts.  Flair gets halfway through his promo and out comes Orndorff.  Orndorff says he respects Flair and Anderson but he gets in Pillman’s face.  Orndorff says he is Horsemen material and the only reason Pillman is a Horseman is because Orndorff isn’t.  Double A starts to try to make peace but Pillman cuts him off.  Orndorff runs his mouth and Pillman slaps him.  Orndorff jumps Pillman which unleashes the dogs on Orndorff as suddenly all three Horsemen are beating him down.  They finish it off with a spike piledriver onto the concrete!2

Coming back from commercial we get the Saturday Night rundown.  Main event is Sting vs Craig Pittman.  Brian Pillman vs Johnny B Badd.  Alex Wright vs Bunkhouse Buck.  We’ll also see Eddie Guerrero.  Coming back from the announcement, there are EMTs out and Orndorff is still out on the floor.  Heenan is over there seeing to him as well.  Bischoff says he’s never seen this much emotion from Heenan but Mongo does chime in and say that Bobby used to manage Orndorff.

Match #3: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Heenan returns to the broadcast booth and Mongo is asking questions, asking if Orndorff is able to move his arms and legs, etc.

The match starts off with Hacksaw beating down Luger a bit before we go back to see Orndorff on the stretcher.

Duggan runs most of the match until Jimmy Hart starts trying to distract the referee.  Jimmy grabs the Duggan’s 2×4 and Duggan starts to tape up his fist and nail Hart.  When he does, though, Luger grabs him in the torture rack for the win.

Winner: Lex Luger

After the match, Bischoff says to “look out, Chono!”  He lets us know that Luger will be wrestling Masahiro Chono from NJPW at Starrcade.

We go to break and come back to Mean Gene with Macho Man.  Gene says that at Starrcade Savage will be wrestling Tenzan from NJPW, then the winner of the triangle match between Sting, Luger and Flair.  Next week, however, he’ll wrestle The Giant!  Savage says it sounds like Mission Impossible, but you just have to take them one at a time.  He’s not thinking about Starrcade…he’s not thinking about Tenzan.  He’s not thinking about Luger, Sting or Hogan…he’s thinking about next week and The Giant.  He says that he only felt power like that one time in his career and that was from Andre.  Savage says next week when he gets in the ring, it’ll be like TNT and he’s going to blow up like dynamite.  Ohhhh yeah!

We go to another commercial break and come back to…

Match #4: Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Hulk Hogan and Sting

Bischoff reiterates that next week’s match for between Savage and The Giant is for the title and if Giant wins, then Luger, Sting and Flair will be wrestling to see who faces The Giant.

The Horsemen make their entrance and we go to another commercial break.

Nitro returns to the air with Sting’s entrance music playing.  Sting is getting less blone every week.  I would pretty much say that except for some highlights, he’s fully brunette now.  The announcers make a point of Sting coming to the ring by himself.  As soon as Sting hits the ring, out comes Hogan, to Sting’s still-playing music, and waving his arms like he doesn’t understand why he’s coming out by himself.  I said it last time, but I love this whole distrust angle between these two.

The Charlotte crowd starts the match off with a rousing chorus of “Hogan Sucks,” which is nice.  A minute into the match, basically consisting of Arn Anderson giving Sting a fireman’s carry and the lower half of Sting’s paint is gone.  That didn’t take long.  They run the ropes a few times and Sting lifts Double A with a gorilla press slam.  Arn wanders into the babyface corner and gets a Hogan fist to the face for his trouble.  Anderson calls for Hogan to get in the ring so Sting tags in.  The moment he steps in, Anderson calls for a time out and tags in Flair.

Hogan has his mustache again, thank God.

I hate that they had Anderson tag out.  Seeing him in the ring with Hogan would have been cool.  Instead, we get to see Hogan bounce Flair around the ring a few times, sending him into the corner, which Flair flips over to the apron and is met by Sting.  Sting and Flair take to the floor, Anderson and Hogan are in the ring for a few moment, mostly consisting of Hogan beating Anderson, until Flair makes it back into the ring, eye raking Hogan and taking control and tagging out to Anderson.  Hogan tags out to Sting and Sting comes in strong with another gorilla press slam.  Bischoff tells us that Sting will wrestle Kensuke Sasaki at Starrcade, but NJPW is not allowing the US Championship to be defended outside of Japan so it will not be for the title.  Looks like Sting, Luger and Savage are all pulling double duty at Starrcade.

That gives us:

Sting vs Sasaki

Savage vs Tenzan

Guerrero vs someone

Luger vs Chono.

Wonder who the rest are.

Flair tags to Anderson, who goes up top, Sting throws him off the top and locks in the Deathlock.  Flair comes in, Sting lets go and puts the Deathlock on Flair, but Double A DDTs him out of it.  This brings out Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart.  Jimmy jumps up on the apron and distracts the ref while Luger takes out Hogan on the outside, sending him into the steps and then putting him in the torture rack before heading for the back.  Meanwhile, the Horsemen are beating Sting down in the corner.  From that point on, the Horsemen own Sting, beating him down and working on his knee.  At one point, Heenan points out that they’re working on his leg and Bischoff very rudely stops him and says “No, they’re working on his KNEE…big difference.”  Um, not really…

After about three minutes of abuse, Flair slaps on the Figure 4.  Flair slaps Sting in the face, which is ALWAYS a bad move as it fires Sting up.  Sting crawls backwards while still in the Figure 4 and tags out to Hogan, but Anderson has the referee distracted so he missed the tag and sends Hogan back out to the apron.  Arn comes in and Flair rolls to the outside and the referee lets that happen, despite not seeing the tag, which is garbage.  I know it’s a trope in pro wrestling, but it’s a bad one.  That’s just a one sided referee.  You can’t mark that up to anything else.  That’s Nick Patrick garbage right there.  Flair starts chopping Sting which, again, bad idea.

I don’t think Sting gets the title again until Starrcade 1997…that makes me sad.  I love this version of Sting and hate that I’m pretty sure he won’t be champion again in this version.

Sting finally gets the tag but is met with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster, which he promptly no sells and starts is damn Hulk Up routine.  Just as he hits Arn with the leg drop, Sting takes out Flair with the Stinger Splash and the Horsemen get the win.

Winners: Hulk Hogan and Sting

4Pillman runs out and starts attacking Sting.  Out comes Luger and Jimmy Hart as well.  Luger tries to keep Sting occupied in the corner and keep him from saving Hogan, but he finally breaks through.  Out comes Savage. Sting is swinging at anything and everyone.  Savage gets Sting’s attention…Sting looks him right in the eyes…and punches the crap out of Savage!  Hogan gets in and is now working to make the peace, but not before Savage slaps Sting.

The three men face off and try to settle down as Mean Gene enters the ring.

Gene says that Savage doesn’t mind hanging out with Hogan, so he asks why Savage hates that Sting hangs with Luger.  Savage says he hates Luger and just wants to know what’s going on.  Sting says that last week Hogan hit him and he knows that Hogan didn’t mean it.  Tonight he pushed his best friend, Luger, aside to save Hogan.  Savage came in, Sting didn’t know what to do, so he just swung.  He wishes he could take it back but he can’t.  Hogan interjects, saying that Sting just saved his life, he’s cool.  Hogan says that Savage has The Giant next week and he may not even be the champion after that.  The babyfaces all cool down, make up and everyone is cool again.  We go to a final commercial with the announcers saying they will have to come back after this.

5The announcers come back and Bischoff says next week we have Savage and Giant for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, so at Starrcade we may have a new champion.  Heenan says next week we’ll have a new champion because Savage is caught up in all of this Sting, Luger, Hogan nonsense and he’s all messed up.  Giant is clear headed and cool, so he’ll win.  Bischoff reminds us that Hogan, Flair and Giant are all on probation.  Mongo says that the Horsemen have it all together, so the babyfaces need to do so as well.

With that, the music starts playing and Bischoff takes us off the air.




All in all, a pretty good show.  I would have said that the downside was the Orndorff vs Disco Inferno match, but it served a purpose in getting Orndorff out there so the Horsemen could beat him down.  I did a little research into that and from what it looks like, this was Orndorff riding off into the sunset.  He had been having issues since his WWF days and this was him finally retiring.  I mentioned in one of the first Nitros that you could already see Orndorff’s arm beginning to shrink due to the nerve damage, so all of this has been in play for a while.  Being taken out by the Horsemen was their way of moving Orndorff off of television and into his backstage training role.  I expect that next week we’ll get the announcement that Orndorff’s career is over due to the spike piledriver and that will be that.

I loved the ending to the match with Sting punching Savage.  I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I really like this whole “no one trusts anyone” angle with the top babyfaces, and I like seeing Sting get fed up.  At first I thought that since Sting was swinging at the Horsemen that he may have hit Savage by accident like Hogan did him last week, but you clearly see him stop and know that it’s Savage, then he strikes.  That was cool.  It made Sting show that he’s done with this and he’s not going to take all of this garbage.  Of course, he apologies and shows remorse for it immediately afterwards, so it didn’t really accomplish much, but it did a good job to further push him apart from his friends, which was cool.

Hope you enjoyed this rundown and we’ll join you back here next time for another edition of Kick Out at Nitro!





Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.5

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 6 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW wins another one to put us back at a tie.  Everything’s even at this point with both at six wins and two tie weeks.  The longest winning streak is even tied at two episodes a piece.  Neck and neck running through the end of 1995.


WWF Raw results from this week

Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette & Yokozuna) defeated Jeff Hardy

Aja Kong defeated Chaparita Asari

Ahmed Johnson defeated Rick Stockhausen

Bret Hart defeated Bob Backlund by DQ


And we’re back to garbage Raw.  Owen Hart vs Hardy seems cool, but in 1995 Hardy was a jobber so I doubt this was much of a match.  WWF still trying to work in the women’s wrestling there, though…but I think they’re only a week away from losing Alundra Blayze.  I may be wrong, but I believe she shows up on the next episode of Nitro.  Ahmed beating down a jobber may have been cool only because I loved Ahmed Johnson, so watching him squash a jobber may be a cool way to kill a minute or two.


KoaNitro copyWelcome back everyone as we journey another step down the path of WCW Nitro history!  Today we’ll be looking at the December 4th episode of Monday Nitro, coming to us live from Phoenix, AZ, the home of Super Bowl XXX.  We start off on the announcers and Bobby Heenan has one of those weird raccoon tail sticking out of a bag of chips gimmicks that he randomly pokes with his pen.  Bischoff is wearing the weirdest denim jacket with beadwork and Mongo has Pepe dressed as an angel.

Bischoff tells us that as of 48 minutes ago, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Giant are all on probation.  I’m guessing this has to do with the fallout from last week.

Match #1: American Males vs Harlem Heat w/ Sister Sherri (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

When are the Males going to start their overhead clapping?  I miss that.

We get news that tonight the WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line against Lex Luger.  Bischoff asks why in the world Savage would put the title up after that big chokeslam on the concrete last week.  Mongo asks why this isn’t happening on PPV, and there we have a major WCW question.  Of course, after keeping tabs on what Raw has been offering, a big match like that on TV does work to differentiate the product when WWF is almost always half squash matches.

The match starts off after we get a quick rundown of some other matches tonight, including Sting vs Kurasawa and Scott Norton vs The Giant.  Stevie Ray takes it to Scotty Riggs, beating him down in the corner, but Riggs retaliates and comes back quickly before being shut down with a side slam from Stevie Ray.  Stevie Ray tags in Booker T and the Males take control, Riggs tagging in Bagwell and sling-shotting him into the ring from the apron.

Col. Robert Parker comes out and is standing in the entrance way holding a gift, presumably for Sherri.  Parker makes his way to ringside and gives the gift to Sherri.  It looks to be a lace shawl.  While they share the gift and hug and kiss, Booker T takes the match over in the ring.  Sherri leaves with Parker and is showing off a ring on her finger as well.

Booker tags out to Stevie Ray and as he goes to the apron he notices that Sherri has left.  He looks on disgustedly before turning his attention back to the ring.  Booker tags back in and knocks Riggs out momentarily with a jumping spin kick.  Booker T gets into it with AC Green out in the crowd before getting caught in a sunset flip from Riggs.  Booker goes for a Vader Bomb but is caught by Riggs raising his knees.  Both men tag out and Bagwell comes in and clears the ring.  Bischoff tells us that Bagwell has put on some upper body weight and has hit the gym…which I’m sure means he hit the gas.  Stevie Ray takes Bagwell out, drags him over to their corner where Booker T hits my favorite move of his, the flipping legdrop from the top called the Harlem Hangover.

Winners: Harlem Heat

We go to commercial as AC Green is still wanting to yell at Booker T and we get an Up Next graphic of Sting and Kurasawa.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00004We come back from commercial to Mean Gene, Sting and Lex Luger.  Gene says that at Starrcade, Sting, Luger and Ric Flair are going to be involved in a triangle match.  When did they announce this?  It kills me that Nitro is such a big show but it seems like so much of the storyline still happens on Saturday Night.  Sting says he called Luger out because he wanted him without Jimmy Hart.  Sting says he doesn’t agree with it, but that’s Lex’s business deal and he’s going to stay out of it.  He says that tonight Luger is stands a good chance of winning the WCW Championship and Sting feels he has a good chance of winning the triangle match, so at that point, Sting will be wrestling Luger for the championship.  Sting says he’s Luger’s friend, but he’s going to bring it to him just as he would Flair or anyone else.  Luger says he agrees because he will become the champion tonight.

Match #2: Sting vs Kurasawa

They hit Sting’s music and the interview ends, and for a moment Sting starts heading to the back, forgetting he has to go wrestle the match.  He does realize, though, and heads to the ring.  Sting shakes hands with AC Green, and I wonder if he’ll end up getting play in every match tonight.

Heenan and Mongo both mention that Col. Parker isn’t with Kurasawa.  Heenan says that Kurasawa needs Parker to interpret the referee’s calls.

Sting and Kurasawa take it to each other pretty well, going back and forth until Kurasawa starts going after Sting’s arm.  He hits two over the shoulder armbreakers.  Bischoff tells us that Sting is the one that beat Kurasawa for the US Championship back a few months ago, so there’s more to this than just this match.  Sting fights back from the arm attack, hitting the Stinger Splash and cinching on the Scorpion Deathlock for the win.

Winner: Sting

Is the championship match that the winner of the triangle match gets happening at Starrcade?  Or later.

We go to a commercial for Starrcade that says that a big part of Starrcade will be New Japan Pro Wrestling vs WCW.  Pretty excited for this!  90s NJPW was legit so this will hopefully be pretty damn good.

We come back from commercial with a rundown for Saturday Night.  Disco Inferno vs Johnny B Badd, Benoit and Pillman teaming up, Hugh Morris, and Eddie Guerrero vs Big Bubba in the main event.

Match #3: Scott Norton vs. The Giant (w/ Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart)

Bischoff tells us that he’s been watching Norton arm wrestle since 1986 at a place called Grandma’s By The River in Minneapolis, where you could see him pick guys up with one arm and throw them through the door while it was still closed.  Heenan follows with “You mean Norton used to bounce at an old folks home?!”  That cracked me up and got a legit laugh out loud from me.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00011Bischoff tells us that next week on Nitro, Hulk Hogan and Sting will take on Arn Anderson and Ric Flair.

The Giant is manhandling Norton.  Beating him down, body slamming him, etc.  Bischoff tells us that unless we stand near Scott Norton and get a look at how big he is, you can’t appreciate what The Giant is doing to him.  Norton picks Giant up and holds him for a long time before dropping him with an atomic drop then bouncing his head off of the turnbuckles.

Bischoff says that as the match goes on, if they go over, they’ll stay on the air.  The C in WCW stands for commitment, he tells us.  Norton goes for an axe handle off the ropes and Giant catches him with a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: The Giant

It’s sad that as excited I was for Norton those first two weeks, I really couldn’t care less about him now.  I guess that’s what a few weeks feuding with The Shark will do to you.

Commercial break with Up Next graphic showing Savage vs Luger.

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00013We come back to Mean Gene in the ring who calls out Ric Flair.  Instead of Flair, out walks Charles Barkley.  Barkley stands at the bottom of the ramp and welcomes out Flair.  The two high five and walk to the ring together.  Heenan says that Barkley said he doesn’t have to be a role model, but as tall as he is, you can guarantee that he looks up to the Nature Boy.  Gene asks Barkley if he’s the new tag partner for Flair.  That idea is turrible…just turrible…

Flair says he and Barkley are going to tear the town down.  He calls Barkley the greatest basketball player alive, showing that he has apparently forgotten that Jordan is still around at this time, winning championships.  Barkley says they have the best fans and they need to respect the Nature Boy, to a chorus of boos.  Flair says they better respect the Nature Boy because Charles may just walk away from basketball and become a Horseman full time.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage ( C )

Jimmy is wearing a Lex Luger jacket.  I wonder how much he pays for those things.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear the same one twice.

Heenan tells us that Sonny Onoo has the NJPW wrestlers in Tennessee already training so that there won’t be any jet lag.  Bischoff says we’ll soon find out the team from NJPW that will go against the team from WCW.

Man, I like Savage with the belt way more than I did Hogan.  I always did like Savage, but for some reason, watching this back has really given me more of an appreciation for Savage than I had already.  I think it’s because even at this time, his ability still just far outshines Hogan’s.

Savage is fired up, wating to take it to Luger, but Luger tries to calm him down.  Nothing doing, though, as Savage kicks Luger in the gut and backs him into the corner where he puts the boots to him.  Bischoff tells us that if this match is still going on at 10 PM, they’ll stay with it.  Savage hits a big double axe handle from the top, getting a two count.  The match remains a back and forth match with a few reversals.  We go to commercial break as Savage starts building a pretty good offense, though.

Another promo for Starrcade…I can’t wait to find out the WCW/NJPW match ups!

We come back and Savage is pounding on Lex on the outside.  Bischoff says Savage has decided to fight fire with fire and has been going after Luger’s arm.

Bischoff finally tells us why Hogan, Giant and Flair are on probation.  Hogan and Flair are on probation for hitting refs and The Giant is due to the chokeslam to Savage on the concrete.

Savage is really going after the arm of Luger.  Back in the ring he’s got Luger down and has Luger’s arm locked up.  Savage lets the hold up long enough to go outside and wrap Luger’s arm around the ring post, coming back in for a count of two.  Bischoff lets us know that whichever man here wins the title, the other will wrestle in the triangle match at Starrcade.  Savage goes for an axe handle form the apron to the floor but Luger moves and Savage hits the guard rail hard.  Luger rakes Savage’s eyes and Savage swings hard at referee Randy Anderson.  The announcers says that Savage is blinded and doesn’t know who he was swinging at, but that he needs to watch out because with the Executive Committee here putting people on probation for hitting refs, Savage could end up in trouble.  Luger hits a few elbow drops for a two count and Jimmy Hart starts freaking out on the referee, saying Luger could have had the match won there!

December_4,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00019Luger pummels Savage with a trifecta of elbow drops but still only gets two.  Luger is selling his left arm pretty hard at this point.  The two men slam into each other on an Irish whip and they both go down.  Savage makes it back up and gets a two count.  They brawl outside for a while before making it back into the ring.  The announcers point out that there is a top turnbuckle pad missing in the back corner.  Luger goes to run Savage into it but Savage reverses and runs Lex’s head into the exposed metal.  Savage hits the top rope elbow drop but there is no ref.  Jimmy Hart jumps up on the apron and Savage pulls him in, fighting with him.  Out comes Ric Flair with a set of brass knuckles.  He nails Savage and Jimmy Hart pulls Luger on top of Savage.  As Flair makes his way to the back, he runs into Hulk Hogan, who chases Flair into the ring.  Hogan teases hitting Flair but the referee starts his three count.  Hogan stops the count, causing a DQ.  Hogan grabs both Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger and are going to run their heads together when Sting hits the ring.  Hogan nails Sting with a punch inadvertently and Sting is pissed!  He and Hogan get in each other’s face until Savage pulls them apart.

We go to break and come back to Mean Gene in the ring with Sting, Savage and Flair.  Hogan says next week he and Sting have to wrestle the Horsemen but he asks him what’s the deal with Luger.  Sting says that he’s on Hogan’s side.  Luger is his best friend and right now he doesn’t agree with his business right now, but he’s trying to straighten him out.  Sting says he’s his friend and asks Hogan if he would run out on a friend.  He says that sometimes he questions Savage but you don’t see him running Savage down every week, so why does Hogan run down Luger every week?  Sting says that next week they’re going against Flair, a person he despises, and Anderson, who he can’t stand either, and if he and Hogan don’t get their deals straight, they’ll lose the whole thing.  Hogan says next week they’re going to kick Flair and Anderson out of the building, but Hogan has one request…keep Luger out of his face.  Sting says he’ll do everything in his power to keep him out of Savage and Hogan’s faces.  The babyfaces all hug and make up as Gene kicks us back to the announcers.

Bischoff runs down Starrcade and next week’s Nitro but says that despite what we saw, there is a lot of dissension in the babyface ranks.  Mongo says that the Horsemen have their act together, so Sting and Hogan better get their act together.  Bischoff pitches Nitro next week from Charlotte, NC and we go off the air.


I really like the whole distrust angle with the top babyfaces right now.  I like that Sting and Luger have this partnership and friendship despite being heels and babyfaces.  All too often you get one guy turning heel and suddenly none of his babyface friends like him, so I like that in this run, Sting still believes in Luger and is still his friend.  I like how that creates distrust for Sting in Hogan and Savage, but also how Sting doesn’t completely trust them either.  Of course, this is actually a bit of a chance from the norm because Sting usually trusts everyone, that’s why everyone turns on him every chance they get.

I can’t wait for Starrcade.  I also like that we’re only on the 2nd week into this run and we’ve got two matches set for Starrcade as well as the whole WCW vs NJPW angle.  It’s a nice breath of fresh air after going into the last PPV and having no idea what any of the matches were outside of the battle royal.

Join us back here next time as we continue our journey and head into Flair country!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.4

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 5 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WWF takes the lead back with a slight edge over Nitro this week.  I really do like that at this point it’s still back and forth with either company able to pull out a win week to week.  It’s cool to see that knowing that we’re going to get into the 84 week run of Nitro winning and then the stretch from October 1998 on where WCW never wins again.  It definitely feels like a battle right now with each company taking fire and winning victories here and there.


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Bob Holly

Fatu defeated The Brooklyn Brawler

Razor Ramon (c) defeated Dean Douglas to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Marty Jannetty vs. Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase) ended in a no contest


Holy crap, a Raw with no job matches!  All eight guys on this card are actual names.  Of course, Holly wasn’t that big at the time…and Brooklyn Brawler is “technically” a jobber, but at least a jobber that you’ve heard of.  At least on paper, I don’t feel too bad about giving WWF this victory here because on paper it is the best show they’ve put on in months.

KoaNitro copyWelcome back everyone to a new week of Kick Out At Nitro.  I’m still working on getting everything back in order, but plans are still hopefully underway to get everything lined up again before the new year.  There is a January 1st Nitro, so I’m hoping that the first post of 2015 will happen with that Nitro.

This week, Nitro comes to us live this week from Salem, VA!!!!!  I was unaware that there was a Nitro in Salem!  I knew there was one in Roanoke in 1997, but damn, did not know this.  Always cool to see my hometown area represented!

We open with the announcers telling us about the new World Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage!  Bischoff tells us that there is a lot of controversy around this, though, from Hulk Hogan, alluding to the fact that Hogan was never eliminated from the match.  Apparently they’re still looking at video tape to find out what is going to go on with this.  Bischoff also tells us that Lex Luger and Sting will be teaming up tonight as well.  Mongo says that should be on PPV itself.  Tonight he and Pepe are in animal print.

Bischoff takes us back to last the PPV last night, replaying Hogan rejoining the red and yellow.  The funniest thing about this is that the babyfaces start marking out when Hogan takes off the bandana and shirt, but he’s wearing the yellow and red pants and boots, so it probably wasn’t that big of a revelation since he was standing there in his babyface colors.  Gotta figure either Sting or Savage looked over and went “Hmmmm, guess he’s gotta be going good again soon.”

Match #1: Return match for the WCW Television Championship – Johnny B Badd © w/ Diamond Doll vs Diamond Dallas Page

1Johnny has both the lady and his glitter gun so things are looking up in Johnny B Badd-land.  Kim looks way happier with Johnny than she did with DDP.  After JBB throws out a couple of Frisbees, he lets Kim shoot the glitter gun.

DDP comes out and is definitely in a bad mood.  He’s carrying a dozen roses as well.  DDP comes in and immediately offers the roses to Kimberly and begs forgiveness but he then sucker punches Johnny B Badd.  DDP takes it to JBB while Kimberly is looking distraught outside, looking from the ring to the flowers and back and forth.  Kim starts inspecting the flowers, though, and finds a length of chain hidden down between the flowers.  Kim is trying to figure out what to do with the chain while DDP continues to take it to Johnny in the ring.

DDP starts asking Kim for the chain but she throws it into the ring between his legs and it is grabbed by JBB.  Johnny wraps it around his fist and nails DDP with it for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd

JBB asks Kim what she’s doing and Kim plays it off, finishing with “You won!”  JBB doesn’t seem too happy about winning this way, despite the fact that he was the one who used the chain and got the win that way.  Can’t be getting upset about it now, Johnny.  Deed’s done.

We come back from commercial break and the announcers kick us over to Mean Gene who is joined with Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  Sullivan says he always thought Hart was a smart man…he has a really easy question for him…why is Luger running around with Sting?  Last night Luger could have changed wrestling history if he’d have kept the arm hold on Savage for 10 more seconds.  Savage wouldn’t have won the title, there’d be no Hogan issue…either Luger or someone from the Dungeon of Doom would be champion.  Hart says that Luger and Sting are friends and they go back a long way just like Hart and Sullivan do.  He says it’s going to take a long time to chip away at this, but they’ve got a plan and they’ll do it.  With that, Gene kicks us off to commercial.

Match #2: Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki vs Akira Hokuto & Bull Nakano w/ Sonny Onoo

Looks like we’re getting a return match from World War 3.  The announcers talk about the heels and how ugly they are, with Bischoff even saying that Hokuto is “unpretty in pink.”  Heenan admonishes him and says for him to wait until she takes her mask off as she’s very pretty and he’s actually right.  Hokuto isn’t a bad looking lady, truthfully.  Nice to know the rest of the announce team is shallow.

The heels start off strong.  Hokuto grabs Ozaki by the throat and climbs to the top rope, swinging her in a hanging method.  Nakano tags in and whips her across the ring by her hair in that way only Nakano can do.

2Ozaki tags in Suzuki and the babyfaces get the momentum back.  Suzuki tags Ozaki back in and the two stomp Nakano in the gut, then climb to the top rope and double stomp her as well.  Nakano tags in Hokuto, who power bombs Suzuki and takes momentum back.

Bischoff talks about the Japanese wrestlers and says he’s “has this fear” that we’ll start seeing more of a Japanese influence, referencing Heenan’s business deals with Sonny Onoo.  Don’t know why that would be worrisome, Bischoff…more 90s NJPW is never bad.  Bischoff quickly mentions that we’d find out more about the Japanese influence as it comes to Starrcade.  I’ve heard that there is going to be a big NJPW presence at Starrcade but I have never seen that PPV so I don’t know exactly what we have in store.

The heels keep control except for a quick move off the top rope by Hokuto the babyfaces and takes out Nakano.  They keep control, however, until Hokuto takes the win with a side brainbuster, Emerald Fusion type of move.  We’re told this is Kensuke Sasaki’s move as well and that Sting will be paying attention to it as he prepares for his match with Sasaki at Starrcade.

Winner: Akira Hokuto and Bull Nakano

We go to commercial with the “Up Next” graphic of Hugh Morris and Hulk Hogan.  Interestingly, Hogan is pictured in his black outfit, despite getting rid of it last night.

Back from commercial with a plug for Saturday Night.  We’re going to have Sting vs Kurasawa, Dean Malenko, American Males, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs VK Wallstreet.  6:05 Eastern on TBS!

Match #3: Hugh Morris vs Hulk Hogan

Bischoff says that this is the match that a lot of people have been talking about.  Um…no, no they haven’t.  This came out of nowhere.

Neither Kevin Sullivan nor Jimmy Hart accompany Morris to the ring.  Wonder what that’s about.

3Bischoff says that Hogan may not have the title around his waist, but in the hearts, minds and psyche he is and will always be the champ.  Great way to crap all over Savage’s title reign there, Eric.  Eric says that as far as the WCW Championship Committee, there is no Hogan/Savage controversy: Savage IS the WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  However, the controversy is between Hogan and Savage the individuals.  Later tonight they’ll review the footage from last night together.

Not gonna lie, this match sucks less than it should.  Morris and Hogan are taking it to each other pretty well.  One great spot near the beginning had Hogan sending Morris into the corner, Morris jumping to the second rope and turning back around with a clothesline.  Morris drags Hogan over and goes for the moonsault, only hitting a head-butt out of it…wonder if Hogan just didn’t want to take the move or if he really just overshot that much.  The not-moonsault wakes up Hogan, who goes through his whole Hulk Up, punches, Big Boot, Leg drop routine for the three.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Up Next, Sting & Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.

4Mean Gene is at the top of the entrance ramp and welcome out our New WCW World Heavyweight Champion, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Savage says he’s ecstatic and he’s about to go on a reign of terror and if it only happens for one day or forever in a day, that’s cool with him because he’s on top of the mountain and he’s ready to face everyone.  Gene brings up the Hogan controversy.  Savage says Hogan is a friend of his, if he has a problem then come settle it with him right now.  Hogan runs out before he even gets it out of his mouth.  Hogan refers to Savage with “brother friend.”  He says that two men didn’t go over the top rope last night and that if Savage looks at his title, he’ll see Hogan’s name on the plate.  Savage says he’s planning on getting that changed.  Hogan says roll the footage.  The footage rolls and right before Giant pulls Hogan under the bottom rope, the tape goes to static.  Hogan asks what’s up and Savage says a picture is worth 1,000 words before getting cut off by the Giant and chokeslammed on the concrete floor.  Giant takes Hogan to the ring and out comes Sting.  Hogan grabs a steel chair and hits the Giant in the back with it four times before he got him out of the ring.  As the camera focuses on The Giant on the floor, Bischoff says that Hogan elbowed the referee.  Hogan beats the crap out of the Giant, hitting him repeatedly with the chair down the entrance ramp until Sting finally takes the chair away from him and makes him focus on Savage, who is still down.

The announcers discuss what just happened and they speculate on why Sting stopped Hogan from beating down The Giant.  They wonder if there is a connection there with Lex Luger.  With that, they go to commercial.

Match #4: Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman vs Sting and Lex Luger

Lex Luger comes out well after Sting and to no entrance music, which is odd.  Lex’s entrance music doesn’t kick in until about ½ way down the entrance way.  The Horsemen start off strong, sending Sting into the ropes on an Irish whip where Pillman kicks him in the back of the head, sending him into a beautiful Arn Anderson Spinebuster.  They get just a few moments, though, before firing Sting up and Sting taking both of them out, following in a tandem of gorilla press slams from Sting and Luger.  The Horsemen bail from the ring at that point and Double A calls for a time out.

5Back in the ring, Sting tags out to Lex, who takes over.  He runs through the Horsemen, tags Sting back in, who hits Arn with a Stinger Splash and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock.  Pillman climbs the top rope and Lex runs over and shoves him off of the tope rope, but right into Sting and Arn, breaking up the Deathlock and putting Sting down.  Arn tags out to Pillman, who takes it to Sting.  The announcers keep saying that Sting is hurt now.  Pillman tags back out and they double team Sting.  Luger only appears to break it up after the referee has already done so.  Luger goes to the floor and is fighting Pillman, but Sting finally makes it to the corner and Lex Is not there.  By the time he arrives, Anderson pulls Sting away.  The Horsemen take Sting back to the corner and double team him again, but Lex makes the save this time.  This gives Sting enough advantage to roll Pillman up for the win.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger

The moment Sting gets the win, out comes Flair, who jumps Luger.  The Horsemen (sans Benoit) start beating down the babyfaces, which brings out Hulk Hogan.  Hogan and Flair get into it, Hogan sending Flair to the ropes but Anderson pulls Flair out of the ring.  As the Horsemen clear out, Hogan grabs Luger and is ready to punch him but Sting calls him off, leading Sting and Hogan to talk it out in the ring about Luger.  They finally hash it out and hug.

Why hasn’t Hogan’s mustache grown back yet!?  It’s been two months!

We go to break and come back to the announcers.  Bischoff says that as of right now we don’t have any information on Randy Savage’s condition.  Tune in on Saturday Night and hopefully they’ll have it then.  Mongo pitches us the replay of World War 3.  Bischoff says he just got word that on Saturday Night we’ll get a special word about Starrcade and with that we go off the air.


I wish that the first Nitro from near my old stomping grounds would have played out better, but alas…

Not to say that it was really bad, because it wasn’t.  It just wasn’t that great.  A pretty basic episode, unfortunately.  We got to see the next wrinkle in the Savage, Hogan stuff, I guess, but I really thought the “tape going out at the crucial moment” was pretty dumb.  Maybe Hogan and Savage can get together tomorrow and watch the replay of WW3 that the announcers kept plugging and they will be able to see the entire thing play out.

Overall, basic episode, but cool to see the Salem Civic Center on TV.




Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5

(Raw – 5 , Nitro – 5 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


All tied up!  Each company has won five weeks of the Monday Night War.  Very interested to see what we get next week.


WWF Raw results from this week

Ahmed Johnson defeated Rad Radford (2:46)

Aja Kong & Tomoko Watanabe defeated Alundra Blayze & Kyoko Inoue

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated John Chrystal (2:21)

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Sir Mo (w/ Kama & Ted DiBiase)


Looks like WWF decided to get in on the Japanese Women’s tag team action!  Of course, I think we’re just a week or two from Alundra Blayze becoming Madusa, so she’s about to decide that WCW is the better place to be.  More squash matches, though, which is sad.  WWF seems to have 1-2 jobber matches a week where WCW really doesn’t have any.  I’ve really yet to see a match that wasn’t a name vs a name.  Sure, we might get Hogan vs Hugh Morris, like we did this week, but that was still a decent match and Morris took it to Hogan pretty well.  I’m sure it was a more even fight than HHH vs John Crystal.  Taker vs Mo sounds dreadful, though…

KoaNitro PPVWelcome everyone to another edition of Kick Out at Nitro! PPV Special!  Tonight we’re covering World War 3 from Norfolk, VA!  The last few weeks of Nitro haven’t left us with a clear card for what is going to happen tonight outside of the main event, the 3 ring, 60 man Battle Royal where the winner will be declared the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

We open with the WW3 video package telling us that the “card is subject to change” while what will eventually be La Parka’s music plays in the background. Guess Sabu isn’t using it anymore. That being said…what card?!

Looks like our announce team is going to be Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan, but Tony does run down the entire announce roster. Tony picks Hulk Hogan as tonight’s winner while Bobby goes for “Macho Man” Randy Savage, but then changes his mind to The Giant, but when Tony prompts him to find out who he picks, he says “I’ll tell you later.”

We find out some matches for tonight…Luger vs Savage in a grudge match, Sting vs Flair, and Tony mentions the WCW US Championship title change in saying that Kensuke Sasaki will defend against Chris Benoit.

FireTony pitches to Mean Gene along with Savage, Hogan and Sting. Guess they’ve worked out their differences. Macho is back in his colors and not in the black and white anymore. Hogan says the fans stayed with him. He walked along the dark side and if he had taken the final step, he wouldn’t be here with his two best friends. Hogan says that the dark side of Hulk Hogan is over as he strips off his black bandana and shirt, revealing the red and yellow. He tosses the black in a trashcan and sets it on fire. Hogan says he wants to be Sting’s friend and Savage says he was wrong and Sting is the coolest dude in the world. Hogan says they’ve been laughing all day backstage at the joke that Macho Man had a legitimate injury…that was a plan, brother! Sting starts freaking out a bit as the fire keeps going and he starts spending a lot of time trying to put it out, eventually pouring a bottle of water on it. His eyes really don’t leave the direction of the trashcan through the rest of the interview, actually. Hogan finishes his promo and Mean Gene tells us that we’re going to get DDP vs Johnny B Badd.

We go to a promo on Saturday Night where DDP is running his mouth and Kimberly starts to talk, DDP tells her to “zip it,” and they get into an argument. Kimberly says that she will put herself up as a prize to the winner of the match as DDP apparently cares more about his WCW TV Championship more than her. Kim storms off and DDP freaks out and leave after her.

Match #1: WCW Television Championship – Diamond Dallas Page w/ Diamond Doll vs Johnny B Badd (C) – Winner gets the Diamond Doll

DDP comes out still with JBB’s confetti gun. I love that DDP constantly restocks this thing. Conspicuous by his absence is Maxx Muscle.

Out comes JBB with the WCW Television Title that he won last month at Halloweek Havoc.

The match starts with a lock up and they move into the corner where DDP starts a clean break and then chops JBB’s chest. JBB runs at DDP and tackles him and they start brawling to the floor. Back in the ring JBB hits a cross body off of the ropes and DDP rolls it into a pin, moving for JBB to grab him in a crucifix slam. The match slows down for a bit as JBB takes control with a headlock.

I’m just going to take a moment here and must mention how beautiful Kimberly is. Although all time, my favorite wrestling woman is Sunny, there will always be a special place in my heart for my first wrestling love, Kimberly.

I wonder if the JBB/Eddie Guerrero stuff ever resolved itself. I was really hoping we would see the rematch of that match here at the PPV instead of a rematch from Havoc. That being said, this match is still pretty good.

DDP is sent to the floor and JBB follows but Page hides behind Kimberly then shoves Kim into JBB and sucker punches him afterwards. Tony says that she should walk away from him right now and Heenan says that would be crazy since DDP is about to become TV champion and has 13 million dollars.

DDP 1Page takes the match back over and slows the pace back in the ring. DDP hits a tilt-a-whirl reverse pancake and calls for a “10” from Kim who refuses it, looking disgusted.

It’s interesting that at the PPVs, the announcers sit at ringside where at Nitro they have the announce booth up behind the entrances. Unlike what we see now, where there is a recessed place at ringside, Heenan and Schiavone are just at a regular table pushed right against the main ring. Wasn’t there an announce booth at Halloween Havoc? Seems like there was.

Johnny B Badd hits a move and calls for a “10” but Kim says no, but grabs a cardboard placard with “10+” on it. JBB hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. DDP throws him to the turnbuckle and pins him with his feet on the ropes for two. DDP sends him to the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam. Kim starts outright cheering for JBB at this point. JBB goes for his finisher “The Bad Mood” which looks to be a slingshot body splash from the apron into the ring but DDP gets his knees up and stops it. DDP picks him up and hits a gutbuster for two. DDP goes for a tombstone piledriver but JBB reverses it into one of his own for a two count.

JBB hits DDP with a left hand, sending him to the floor and then hits him with a flip over the top to the floor that Schiavone calls “The Bad Mood” making me wonder which move is actually called that. I do find it pretty stupid that one of JBB”s major moves is done to the floor and he then has to get the guy back into the ring. He does, though, and then hits a slingshot leg drop into the ring for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd (retains championship and wins The Diamond Doll)

After the match Kim looks shocked and slowly gets into the ring. Bobby makes a point that JBB doesn’t open the ropes and help her in. Kim hugs JBB and JBB grabs Kim’s “10+” sign and holds it up, pointing at Kim as well as we go into the match replays. Heenan plays up that now Kim is going to be poor as Tony kicks it off to Mean Gene at the entrance ramp.

Gene says we thought we had heard the last of the WWF’s steroid scandal, but apparently something happened on Wednesday that changes all that. This is odd as I don’t remember anything else coming up from that. Gene welcomes Johnny and Kim as Johnny tells us that DDP doesn’t treat a lady like that. Johnny says he’s love to offer Kim the opportunity to manage the WCW TV Champion and that she doesn’t have to decide tonight but he wants her to do what she wants and to fulfill her dreams. Kim says she’s happy to get the choice and that the best man won tonight. JBB says he’s looking forward to winning more matches with Kim at his side, but tonight he’s now set on the Battle Royale.

Match #2: Taped Fist Match – Big Bubba Rogers vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

As Big Bubba makes his way to the ring he’s jumped by Hacksaw. Both of the men have both fists taped up and Hacksaw has is 2×4 roped up and slung over his shoulder. We’re told that the tape makes their fists harder and that recently Hacksaw has traced his taped fist roots back all the way to Ireland.

After brawling at ringside the two men get into the ring and Hacksaw teases hitting Bubba with his 2×4 but decides against it and just takes it to Bubba. They go back to brawling on the floor which prompts Bobby to ask why they keep going to the floor…what do they think the ropes are on the ring for!? Hacksaw rolls Bubba into the second ring and then as they move to the ring apron wedges Bubba’s head between two of the turnbuckle posts of the rings.

If you haven’t seen a World War 3 setup, they’re really interesting. I’m going to try to get a picture in here, but if I can’t, thing of the first ring, but then with two other rings off of the back two corners, making a Tri-Force of rings, basically.

WW32Back in the main ring, Bubba takes control and just starts pummeling Hacksaw’s head with his fists. Hacksaw rolls out of the main ring again and heads to the third ring, making sure that all three get some use tonight. I can’t wait until this PPV happens next year or the year after when the roster is full of high flying cruiserweights. I’d love to see if they use those in their matches. Bubba pulls out more tape and tapes his hands up a little more, prompting even Tony to wonder what good that will do.

Tony makes a good point and says that since Ring 1 is the official ring, the referee could technically just count them out once they enter Rings 2 and 3.

As they enter Ring 1 again, Bubba pulls out his tape and tapes Hacksaw’s hand to the top rope, trapping him there, before teeing off on Hacksaw’s head again. Bubba runs towards Hacksaw, who simply holds up his fist and Bubba runs right into it, bumping flat afterwards. The ref helps Hacksaw work his way free just as Bubba runs at him again, allowing Hacksaw to just back bodydrop him over the top. These two have spent so much time out of the ring in this match. Hacksaw hits a power slam then goes to the corner into the 3 point stance and hitting the clothesline.

Out comes VK Wallstreet with a chain wrapped around his fist but as he tries to get into the ring Hacksaw hits him in the gut with the 2×4, but not before Wallstreet was able to toss in the chain. Bubba picks it up, wraps it around his hand and uppercuts Hacksaw. With both men down, the referee starts his 10 count, which Bubba stands up at 9 and wins the match.

Winner: Big Bubba Rogers via KO

As Bubba is trying to leave the ring he rolls under the ropes but is heading for the announcers, prompting Heenan to say “No…no…no…” but Bubba leaves anyway, saying “Tell them how great I am, Bobby!”

The announcers run down some of the other matches and then tell us that if we’re on CompuServe we can chat with the wrestlers.

Tony tells us that tonight we’ll see a grudge match between Flair and Sting and sends us to Mean Gene who is with Flair. Flair says that the whole wrestling world knows that the Nature Boy is going to style and profile. Gene brings up the Battle Royal and says that Flair could be crowned champion for the 12th time. Flair says this was his master plan. He’s got Sting, Hogan, Savage and Luger all in the same place at the same time and that it’s time for him to rule WCW one more time.

Match #3: Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki VS Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto w/ Sonny Onoo

With this match we get our Kick Out at Nitro debut of Mike Tenay calling commentary. We’ve seen him once before doing a Mean Gene type of role, but this is how I know Tenay best…calling a match with either Japanese or Mexican wrestlers.

I love how WCW really tried to offer a lot of different options to their fans at this time. Could you imagine WWE offering Joshi matches out of nowhere on a major PPV right now?

Nakano and Hokuto start off ambushing the other two ladies and then Nakano launches into the thing I remember her most for…grabbing a woman by the hair and hurling her across the ring! It’s crazy. Hokuto gets in the ring and grabs a reverse chokehold on Ozaki and taunts her partner by grabbing the hand and waving it inches away from her partner, trying to allow the tag. Nakano tags in and holds Ozaki again just outside of tag range which brings in Suzuki to just jump Nakano, but she’s sent back out by referee Randy Anderson. Nakano and Hokuto are straight up dominating this match, mostly through Nakano’s strength. Hokuto tags in and Ozaki finally gets some offense that allows her to get the hot tag to Suzuki who comes in and grabs a half crab. Nakano comes in to stop it and Ozaki puts her into a Boston Crab. Hokuto makes it to the ropes, though, causing the break.

WW33Tenay lets us know that Hokuto and Nakano were a tag team at a two night event earlier this year in Korea that broke all pro wrestling attendance records, drawing over 150,000 people each night. At that event Hokuto met Kensuke Sasaki for the first time. They were engaged on their first date and married later in Japan. Ozaki and Suzuki hit a barrage of moves from the top rope but Nakano gets up, double suplexes both women. The two babyfaces try to superplex Hokuto but Nakano breaks it up. The babyfaces start hitting moves in tandem to the heels but always for two. Then we get into suplex city, a half nelson suplex for two and then Hokuto hitting a nasty German suplex that lands pretty roughly on Ozaki’s neck for two. Nakano sends the babyfaces outside and sets them both up so that Hokuto can hit a flipping splash. Nakano brings Ozaki into the ring and lets Hokuto nail a Doomsday Device for two. Nakano goes up for a hell of a guillotine legdrop that looks like she lands right on Ozaki’s face. Hokuto holds off Suzuki long enough for Nakano to get the three.

Winners: Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto

I really liked having Tenay out for this match. It really did add a different flair to the match having someone who knows who these people are calling the match. That being said, I really liked this much more than having him out for full commentary in TNA.

We go back to Mean Gene along with Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart. Hart says that we’re looking at the next WCW World Champion. Luger goes for a high 5 afterwards but is left hanging for an eternity as Jimmy walks off for a moment to look at the crowd. Luger says we’re looking at the future and he’s going to break Savage into a million pieces and he won’t even make it to the battle royale. Gene finishes my saying he wants to know if the oil on Luger is 10w40 and how much it goes for a quart.

Match #4: WCW United States Championship – Chris Benoit vs Kensuke Sasaki (C) w/ Sonny Onoo

Benoit is finally in Horsemen tights! He’s wearing the red ones with the black 4H but still has the white boots.

Sasaki won the title 10 days ago, we’re told. Onoo tells us that Benoit is an American wannabe, which gets a laugh out of Heenan.

The match starts with the two locking up and Benoit taking Sasaki to the corner and getting some slaps and kicks in before flashing the 4H sign. Heenan says that this may be the best version of the Horsemen ever. Tony says that a Horseman would usually be booed but that the fans here really want to see the US Championship back in the US. Heenan says that Benoit stands a good chance of being the new champion tonight. Tony runs down the rules of the battle royal a bit, mentioning that once the rings get down to around 10 or so people, they’ll all condense into ring 1.

This match is coming across a lot better than when they wrestled on Nitro a few weeks ago. Instead of Benoit taking all of the punishment, it’s a much more back and forth match but with Benoit leading a bit more. Sasaki eventually powers out with a couple of snap power slams and goes to a headlock on the mat. Heenan says that Benoit told him that he was named Canada’s greatest athlete. Tony asks if he called the Canadian government to verify that and Bobby says they were out that day and he got the answering machine. Sasaki gets Benoit with a gorilla press slam but Benoit comes back, taking Sasaki outside and then hits a nice suicide dive through the ropes to the floor, hitting his head just a bit on the guard rail. Back in the ring Benoit nits his trademark snap suplex for a 1 count. Benoit snapmares into a head scissors.

Tony calls over Sonny Onoo and apologizes that he and his wrestlers were kicked off of Main Event and asks if he will be asking for money back from Heenan. Onoo says that they have made an agreement for money coming from Starrcade but that at the moment he and Heenan are good.

WW34Benoit hits two German suplexes but is stalled out on the third one. Sasaki goes for a tombstone which Benoit reverses into one of his own then heads up top for the diving headbutt for a two count. Benoit chops Sasaki into the corner and takes him up for a top rope Frankensteiner for two. Hennan asks if Tony realizes that if Benoit wins this, the US Championship will go from a man from Japan to a man from Canada. Sasaki picks Benoit up for a big impromptu power bomb and then goes for a neck hold but Benoit gets to the ropes. He hits a big clothesline and follows with a brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Kensuke Sasaki (still WCW United States Champion)

I really like that these two got a bit longer to have a good match than they did on Nitro. It really paid off.

We head to Mean Gene again who is with The Giant, Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart again. Gene tells The Giant that his father would be ashamed of him if he could see him. Sullivan calls The Giant the uncrowned champion and Gene says that a lot of people are betting on him. Jimmy says that they saw “the three stooges” out there earlier talking about how Hogan was back in the red and yellow but he’s not scared. Giant closes it out saying that it does matter if 60 men are in the match because it’ll come down to him and Hogan and he’s going to throw Hogan back to Venice Beach. He says that “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m going to kick your butt to Kalamazoo.”

Tony pitches Starrcade, WCW’s main PPV coming up in December. This year it will be on a Wednesday, however, which strikes me as odd.

A video package plays letting us know the history of the Luger / Savage feud, going all the way back to before Fall Brawl. Kinda cool to see that this feud has been going on the entire time that Nitro has been on the air seeing as how this all started with Luger’s arrival in WCW. Coming back from the video package, Mean Gene is joined by Randy Savage. Savage says that he’s said it all along…”what it is is what it is.” Gene asks him if he’s jittery and he says it’s part of his personality…it’s part of his charm. In just a few moments, Luger will find out that the Macho Man is the total package. Gene says that Savage has a problem with the arm, how is that going to play in tonight. Apparently Gene missed the part at the beginning where Savage said that was all a ploy. Savage says he’s a “million percent…that’s better than 100%.”

Match #5: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart

Heenan brings up the arm during Savage’s entrance, saying that Savage may think he’s 100%, but he saw what Luger did to his arm…there’s no way he’s 100%.

WW35The moment Luger gets into the ring, Savage is on him with the axe handle and a clothesline out of the corner. Tony points out that Savage’s arm is heavily taped up so it’s apparent he’s not “a million percent.” Tony says that all of this came from having a personal agenda. Savage, Luger and Sting all said they had designs on being WCW Champion…well, tonight they get their chance. Heenan asks if Savage’s arm is so great, why does he have it all wrapped up? Tony says he thinks he brought that up a few moments ago.

Savage controls the match through the early parts, leading Lex outside and bashing his head into the guardrail a few times before taking him back into the ring, scoop slamming him and going up for the elbow drop. Savage hits the elbow but Jimmy Hart has Randy Anderson occupied on the ring apron. Savage grabs Luger and throws him through the ropes, trying to hit Hart with him, but Hart jumps out of the way. Savage takes Luger around ringside again until Luger reverses an Irish whip, sending Savage into the side of a ring. Tony tells us that tomorrow on Nitro, Luger and Sting will be a tag team. Luger puts Savage in the torture rack on the outside, dropping him at the count of 7 to roll back in but he jumps back out and brings him back in instead of taking the count out. Luger pulls Savage into a modified half camel clutch, pulling back on the injured arm until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Lex Luger

After the match, Lex refuses to let go of the hold, which brings out Sting. Sting talks Luger down, just the same way that Luger talked Sting down a few weeks back on Nitro. Luger leaves with Hart and Sting stays with Savage.

After a replay of the match we’re treated to a video package showing the feud between Flair and Sting. The package ends with a segment of Sting saying that last time he hooked on the Scorpion Deathlock he let go because the right person at the right time got in his ear. That won’t happen again. If he gets it again, he’ll never let go.

Match #6: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair VS Sting

Tony tells us that a lot of WCW’s greatest matches involve these two men, starting in 1989 at the first Clash of Champions where Ric Flair and an unknown named Sting had a match.

WW36Sting’s almost complete brunette at this point. He’s basically just got blond tips at this point and you can tell he’s growing the hair out longer as he’s usually sporting that short flattop in this look. Sting and Flair start off in each other’s face, Flair running his mouth and Sting just staring at him. Flair swings first and Sting blocks it, hitting his own punch. Flair rolls outside, heads to Ring #1 where he runs the ropes and gets fired up. Sting follows to Ring #2, Flair swings again, Sting blocks and strikes again then lifts Flair with a gorilla press slam. As he goes in again, Flair gets a thumb to Sting’s eye, backing him into the corner with chops and punches. Sting is eventually able to power back, getting a 10 punch rally in the corner, a hip toss and a dropkick. Flair rolls out of Ring #2 and heads to Ring #3.

Randomly, Col. Parker and Sister Sherri walk out to watch the match in person but just end up making out in the entry way.

Back in the ring Flair chops at Sting a few times who no-sells and rallies back with punches and a clothesline to the outside. I love when Sting no-sells. It’s always just so awesome. On the outside, Flair takes a long walk down the entry way before finally heading back.

Heenan calls out Roanoke!

“Tony, the whole course of WCW is going to change here in 1996…I just feel it!” Oh, how right you were, Bobby! How right you were!

On the outside, Flair sends Sting into the guardrail but Sting stops before he hits it. He turns and notices Flair not looking on the opposite side of the ring so he runs and goes for a Stinger Splash but Flair moves and Sting eats guardrail hard. Flair grabs a chair but the referee takes it from him. Flair and Sting roll back into Ring #1, taking us back where we started. Flair chops Sting and Sting throttles Flair. Flair reacts with a low blow, sending Sting to the mat.

The camera pulls back and we get a glimpse of Col. Parker and Sherri sitting alone together on a platform watching the match.

In the ring, Flair has the upper hand, stomping and beating down Sting before hitting a knee drop…a knee drop that, according to the 1991 Fleer WCW Trading Cards was his finish maneuver, which always baffled me. Sting stand and Flair kicks him in the back of the knee. Heenan says it’s appropriate that Sting’s wearing yellow and Tony asks why. Heenan says that’s the colors of a coward, right? Tony says no…yellow and red are the colors of Hulk Hogan, and there’s nothing cowardly there. I get where he was going with it, but it really came off as awkward, especially since yellow IS the color associated with cowardice. On the outside, Flair continues to work on Sting’s knee then follows with a chop. Hennan says if he were Flair he would stop chopping Sting because that’s what seems to ignite Sting. The two men enter Ring #3 and Flair takes Sting’s leg out from behind yet again. Flair hits a back suplex and locks on the Figure 4. With it on he pounds on Sting’s knee and starts slapping Sting in the face which wakes Sting up and Sting reverses the Figure 4. Flair is able to escape the hold. He Irish whips Sting, who reverses and backslides Flair for 2. Flair gets in the referee’s face and Nick Patrick shoves him. Flair chops Sting again but Sting is in no-sell mode and Flair bails into Ring #1. Sting chases as Flair Begs off, Irish whipping him and gorilla pressing him. He follows with a tandem of clotheslines until Flair pokes him in the eyes gain before going to the top rope. Sting hits Flair in the gut and launches him off of the top rope with a slam. Whip to the turnbuckle, Flair flip over the top and clothesline on the apron. Roll to the ring, 6 punches in the corer but Flair stops him, walks him across the ring and hits him with a reverse atomic drop. Sting superplexes Flair and locks on the Scorpion Deathlock for the win. He does, however, drop the move the moment the match is over, not living up to his vow to never release it.

Winner: Sting

We go quickly to the announcers where Tony runs down the list of wrestlers who have had matches tonight and talks about how they must be at a disadvantage. Bobby says that his pick is now not one of the men who have already wrestled, which rules out Randy Savage, his first pick. We go to a quick video package running down Jimmy Hart’s betrayal of Hulk Hogan and how the WCW World Heavyweight Championship became vacated, setting up the World War 3 battle royal. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with Kick Out at Nitro, or this is your first visit, the title was vacated because Jimmy Hart caused Hulk Hogan to be disqualified at Halloween Havoc. Hart had setup the contract, due to having Hogan’s power of attorney, to allow for the title to change hands via disqualification, something which normally doesn’t happen. WCW’s lawyer came out and said that was true, Hogan was allowed to lose using that stipulation, but that the Championship Committee was holding the belt up and it would be awarded to the winner of tonight’s 60 man battle royal. We also find out that there will be a “giant” in each ring; in one ring, the Yeti…in another, The Giant…and in the last one, the “true giant” of wrestling, Hulk Hogan.

Mean Gene gets a quick word with Hulk Hogan where he says he’s gunning for The Giant and he will take him out and be champion “forever and a day.” He says he told Sting and Savage that they may end up in the ring together tonight and if that happens, it’s every man for himself. Tonight, in one fell swoop, he has the ability to prove that Hulkamania is the most powerful force in the universe. He says that with him and Sting and Savage together, things will go their way and that they will be the final three. The power of The Giant and the Dungeon of Doom are nothing compared to the power of Hulkamania.

Tonight we’ll be getting three broadcast teams due to the three rings. We’ll have Tony and Bobby as well as Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes over at ring #2. Bischoff and Dusty hype up the match and Dusty tells us that we might see an underdog win it tonight. Bischoff sends us to Ring #3 with Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko.

Match # 7: 3 Ring, 60 Man Battle Royal for the WCW Television Championship.

Featuring: Arn Anderson, Alex Wright, Brian Knobs, Ricky Del Rio, David Talyor, Scott Armstrong, Sting, Jumpin’ Joey Madds, Pistol Pez Whatley, Disco Inferno, Meng, Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Buddy Lee Parker, James Earl, Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, Cobra, The Giant, Paul Orndorff, Chris Kanyon, Bobby Walker, Robert Eaton, Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Marcus Bagwell, Yeti, Kurasawa, Hugh Morris, Zodiac, VK Wallstreet, DDP, Scott Norton, Flyin’ Bryan, Craig Pittman, One Man Gang, Super Assassin #2, JL, Bunkhouse Buck, Kensuke Sasaki, Mike Winner, The Shark, Steve Armstrong, Hawk, Dave Sullivan, Scotty Riggs, JBB, Big Train Bart, Steven Regal, Dick Slater, Maxx Muscle, Super Assassin #1, Mario Brother Fidel, Kevin Sullivan, Jerry Saggs, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Booker T, Big Bubba, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

First off…Chris Kanyon, everyone!

As Michael Buffer is doing his run down, in Ring #2 it seems everyone hates Disco Inferno as they all take turns shoving him around the ring.

How do you book something like this?!

WW37The screen basically is split into three boxes where you can see something going on in every ring and the announcers trade off. Flair and Hogan start off in one ring and seem to be paired off for most of the opening runs there. The announcers say that we’re keeping our eyes on Sting and Savage. In Ring #3 it seems one of the Super Assassins has someone on the floor beating them down. In Ring #2 Arn and Flair have Sting on the Floor beating him down but I don’t think they’ve been eliminated. We’re told that Yeti has been eliminated within just a few minutes. Outside Hogan is carrying Ric Flair around…kinda stupid for guys to be on the floor in a damn battle royal isn’t it?

Wow…writing this thing is ridiculous. In Ring #1, Flair and Hogan are still going at it and Flair is trying to get Hogan eliminated. We hear that in Ring #2 Lex Luger was thrown out but made his way back in without the referee seeing him.

We get two of the three screens cutting to two angles of guys trying to throw out Hogan, showing us that none of the other rings are as important as Hogan is…

Tony says that after about five minutes in, only 2 men have been eliminated. I wonder if that means that only 2 in THEIR ring or overall…

Commentary seems to just be moving between Rings 1 and 2, leaving Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko in the cold. We see Brian Knobbs eliminate Mark Starr pretty handily, Starr hitting the ground hard. Chris Cruise finally chimes in and tells us that only no name guys have been eliminated.

Sting gets a hold of Disco Inferno and shoves him into the armpit of Brian Knobbs, much to the delight of the fans. Dusty says that Sting and Luger have been aligned through this match and Knobbs has pretty much been working by himself. Luger is outside just hanging out beside the announce table.

In Ring #3 there are still 18 of the original 20 men. Kanyon, sadly, has been eliminated.

On the outside, Arn Anderson is trying to piledrive Lex Luger for some reason, but Luger reverses it into a back body drop and then rolls Arn back into the ring.

Over in Ring one, Shark, Taskmaster and Dick Slater are working to eliminate Hogan. They get him over the top but he makes his way back in under the bottom rope despite Big Bubba trying to pull him out.

Three quick eliminations in Ring #2 as a nobody, Booker T and Brian Knobbs are all taken out by The Giant. It looks like in Ring #2 the wrestlers are being sent to Ring #1 as 10 men have been eliminated. Sting, Luger, Eddie Guerrero, The Giant and Arn Anderson all remain from that ring, however. In Ring #3, Cruise tells us they’re down to about 11 men as well. DDP starts getting double teamed by the Horsemen, Benoit and Pillman. Norton gets eliminated, leaving what Tony believes is only 10 men left, meaning we’re going to get consolidated into Ring #1. Cruse tells us that the men from Ring #3 are being sent over to Ring #1 now but some aren’t leaving. Savage is still kicking DDP’s ass randomly. Looks like from that ring, One Man Gang, Savage, Benoit, DDP, Zodiac and Sasaki are left from that ring. Tony tells us that he thinks about 30 or 31 men are left at this point.

WW38One Man Gang is on the floor choking Hogan from under the bottom rope with Zodiac and Kevin Sullivan helping him. Luger and Savage are going at it. The Horsemen, Pillman and Benoit, are double teaming Sting now. DDP and Johnny B Badd are getting into it. Pillman is now attacking Hogan.

You’re telling me that Big Train Bart got a PPV payday but Dean Malenko can’t get a check for this match?

Scott Armstrong is being stretchered out.

Gotta love Battle Royals…you see wrestlers who will never and have never feuded, from all different parts of the card, getting in each other’s faces. Really, at this point, is Pillman ever going to work a program with Hogan? No. But jump him from behind and kick his ass in a Battle Royal? Sure! Eddie Guerrero climbs the top rope and dives over Sting to take out Arn Anderson. Hugh Morris starts attacking his own fellow DoD members! Over in Ring #2, Savage has Lex Luger! Kevin Sullivan gets eliminated. Lex Luger has only spent about two or three minutes of this in the actual ring at this point.

DDP and Johnny B Badd eliminate each other. Let’s see who is in the ring at this point who has no chance of winning…

One Man Gang, Kurasawa, Meng, Zodiac, Paul Orndorff, Hawk, Hugh Morris, Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Sasaki…

That leaves us Arn Anderson, Hulk Hogan, The Giant, Sting, Savage, Luger, and Flair in possible contention.

Pillman eliminates Zodiac with some assistance by Hugh Morris, who goes out himself at the hands of Sasaki.

WW39Hogan eliminates Paul Orndorff with a back body drop after Orndorff attempted a piledriver, leaving us 9 men. Eddie, Arn, Flair, Sting, Giant, Hogan, Savage, Luger, and One Man Gang. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock on Arn but Flair stops that. Arn hits Eddie with a Spinebuster. Flair chops Sting in the corner, but Hogan grabs Flair from behind and Sting starts in on him. Eddie gets eliminated. Sting hits a big Stinger Splash on Flair and follows with one on Arn. Looks like the Dungeon of Doom wasn’t much of a factor in this match aside from The Giant at this point. Arn and Flair setup Sting for a spike piledriver, but Sting blocks it, catapulting Arn into Flair who is waiting on the top rope, knocking him out and following up by eliminating Arn. The Horsemen are out. Sting and Luger start working as a team to take out The Giant with double clotheslines. They go to eliminate The Giant and Hogan helps but dumps all three men out. Giant pulls Hogan out of the ring through the bottom rope as One Man Gang is eliminated by Savage. Savage is proclaimed the winner and new WCW Heavyweight Champion but Hulk Hogan was never eliminated.

Winner: “Macho Man” Randy Savage – new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

WW40Hogan freaks out and runs into the ring, saying he was never eliminated. Savage is saying he’s won but Hogan is saying he’s still in the match. Hogan is asking the fans, miming that he never lost the match. Gene enters the ring but Savage is given the belt and is announced by Michael Buffer as the new WCW Champion. Hogan says The Giant pulled him under the rope, Gene says that we have it on video tape but that this decision is going to stand. Randy has the belt on now and Gene goes to talk to him and congratulate him. Savage says Hogan’s his friend and they’ve been to Hell and back a dozen times. He didn’t see anything, he swears, but he lives by “what it is is what it is” and asks Hogan if he can deal with it. Hogan asks the fans. Savage asks if Gene saw it and he says he did.

Savage says that bottom line, this is his dream and if there’s a dark cloud over that, that’s not cool, it’s not what he’s about. Hogan says there IS a dark cloud, neither of them went over the top rope. Savage says he needs to see the film. Hogan says that tomorrow on Nitro, he’ll show Savage the film. He just thanks God that Hogan, Savage and Sting are on the same team. Hogan congratulates him but says that after tomorrow they’ll “talk turkey” because he wants a shot at his belt. Savage says that’s cool, but as WCW Champion at this moment, he’s going to shake Hogan’s hand.

“One more thing…Oooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”


We go back to Heenan and Schiavone. Tony says that tomorrow we’ll find out what is going on but he believes we’ll see that Hogan didn’t go out. Heenan says it doesn’t matter, Hogan didn’t win, he didn’t go out, the referee’s decision is final and he didn’t win it. Heenan asks what’s going to happen tomorrow when Savage sees the footage? Are they going to turn on each other?

Heenan out of nowhere says “they’ve got champagne back there!” and throws down his headset and leaves the broadcast booth, leaving Tony Schiavone to thank us and tell us he’ll see us tomorrow on Nitro.




Wow, I totally forgot about the screwy ending with this match. At first, I thought Hogan may have forgotten to get himself eliminated as after Savage was announced he just kept attacking The Giant, but then he ran in and started jaw jacking. I was REALLY hoping that while he was trying to plead his case that Savage would just dump him over the top rope and be done with it, but that never happened.

So, I’m stoked we have a new champion and that it’s Savage. I’ve really been getting into Macho Man again since we started this journey together. I’m even typing this up wearing a Macho Man shirt! I just hate that it has that Hogan taint to it. Sadly, from what I remember, every WCW title reign Savage has from here on will have Hogan’s fingerprints in it messing it up. I know that on two separate occasions Savage wins the belt at a PPV and loses it the next night to Hogan, but we’re a few years away from that. I believe those are the only other WCW title reigns that Savage has, but I’m not going to bother looking that up now as I want to experience it on the journey.

So, coming out of this, we have the Hogan/Savage controversy, which could very easily be our main event at Starrcade. We’ve got Johnny B Badd with possibly a new manager if the Diamond Doll decides to stick with him. We’ve got DDP’s fallout from losing Kimberly as well. Savage and Luger seem far from finished. Sting and Flair wrapped up nicely, so what’s on the horizon for the Stinger aside from a tag team match tomorrow where he partners with Lex Luger? Join me then for another edition of Kick Out at Nitro!


Hello fellow WCW fans!  I want to start off with an apology, of sorts.  I had been taking great pride in getting these posts out on the day that the events actually happened, but due to some major changes and the passing of a loved one, my last few weeks have been shot to crap, so I haven’t been able to keep up with these.  Therefore, until I get back in the rhythm and real-time of these posts, they’re going to just come sporadically and out of nowhere.  Today’s will cover 11/20, the next will be World War 3, and then we’ll finish up with 11/27 and 12/4 sometime soon.  My plan is to hopefully be back in rhythm by 12/11, but we’ll see.  If nothing else, I should be back in real time for the start of 2015/1996.  Thank you for your patience and I hope that the time off hasn’t made you run away from the website.




KoaNitro copyHello again everyone and welcome to Kick out at Nitro, our weekly look into the past and long ago times of 1995 where we bring you goodness from the bygone era of WCW.  Tonight’s episode of Nitro comes to us from Macon Georgia.  We open on our announcers where we see Pepe dressed as a cowboy matching Mongo’s shirt tonight. Bischoff lets us know that we’re in for the “Super Bowl” of wrestling tonight as they hype Sting vs Hogan.  Heenan says he’ll be rooting for Sting tonight.  After Sting wins, though, he hopes that he falls down the stairs, hits his head and they take each other out.

Match #1: Scott Norton vs The Shark – Special Rematch

Shark attacks Norton from behind during his entrance.  Hoss fight in the entrance way.  They brawl at ringside for a while before they finally get into the ring and start the match properly.  Shark locks up a bearhug into a belly-to-belly suplex and follows with a big elbow drop.  WCW seems to do a lot of heel vs heel matches.  It’s odd that this one is a feud that has been building for weeks between two heels. Norton comes back after some no-selling, Shark runs into the turnbuckle, Norton follows with a big scoop powerslam for the win.  Bischoff references Grandma Bee’s from the Road Warriors doc.

Winner: Scott Norton

With that we go to commercial break.  Up next, Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair.
November_20,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00007We come back to Mene Gene in the entrance way with Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  Jimmy says that tonight is Sting’s night.  He can beat the Immortal Hulk Hogan.  Jimmy won’t be at his side…he’s lost the Hulkamaniacs.  When Hogan came into WCW Sting was the one that gave him the stamp of approval.  Sting was the one he called when he needed a co-star for Thunder in Paradice.  However, now Hogan has a new best friend in Macho Man, and Macho Man got the episode of Baywatch, not Sting.

Sullivan puts over World War 3, saying that this is the first time Hogan will be in the ring with a lot of the Dungeon of Doom at once.  Gene ends the interview by calling them “two of the biggest pieces of human garbage” he’s ever met.

Back to the announcers and Bobby puts over that when Savage came to WCW, he said that he had one plan, and that was the WCW title.  How much can Hogan really trust him?

Disco’s music starts instead of Eddie’s.  Eddie comes out and interrupts Disco, who is trying to sell copies of his new CD.

Match #2: Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair

Flair comes out in street clothes with Brian Pillman, who is dressed to wrestle.  Pillman is in his 4H tights!  Flair grabs a mic and says that apparently there was a mistake made in the wrestling world as people actually thought he was going to come out here and wrestle Guerrero.  He says he’s so focused on Sting that he’s going to let Pillman have the honors of pounding Guerrero through the mat.  He says that as they speak, Double A and Benoit are gassing up the jet and getting the Hooters girls ready.  He tells Pillman to take care of his light work and he’ll hold the jet.

Match #2: Eddie Guerrero vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman

Match starts and Pillman taunts Eddie with his jacket like he’s a matador.  Eddie gives him a death stare and goes after him, hitting a flying head scissors and smacking the taste out of Pillman’s mouth.  Eddie is taking it to Pillman until he goes for a dive off the top and Pillman hits him with a dropkick.  Pillman takes back over, raking Eddie’s eyes on the top rope, going for an eye gouge and then choking Eddie against the bottom rope.  Back to a pretty even match but with Pillman controlling the pace.  Pillman reverses a suplex attempt into the ring and suplexes Eddie to the floor, heading up to the top afterwards.  He goes for a dive off onto Eddie, who moves and Pillman eats the guardrail.  As Pillman gets his bearings, Eddie dives off the top onto him, taking him out.  Back in the ring, Pillman begs off but Eddie gets control and nails a brainbuster, going up top for the frog splash, but Pillman hits the ropes, crotching Eddie.  Pillman goes for a superplex but Eddie shoves him off and hits a beautiful Frog Splash for the win!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Up Next: Hawk vs Big Bubba

Saturday Night – Luger in the Main Event, Hugh Morrus, VK Wallstreet and Disco Inferno

Replay of the Dungeon of Doom from last week attacking Randy Savage and injuring his arm.  The announcers talk about how it may cost him at World War 3.

November_20,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00010Match #3: Big Bubba Rogers vs Road Warrior Hawk

Hawk and Bubba go at it on the floor then carry into the ring with Hawk hitting a back body drop and a big clothesline.  Hawk goes up top for a body splash but Bubba moves and then takes control.   Match continues with Bubba in control.  Hawk goes up top for a clothesline but Bubba brings him down to the mat.  Bubba tapes his fist up and goes to his Hawk but out comes Hacksaw Jim Duggan and trips up Bubba, causing him to land on his own fist.  Hawk covers for the win.

Winner: Road Warrior Hawk

As Hawk is heading to the back he says “I told you I was back…”  Um, you didn’t win that one yourself there, Hawk.

We head to commercial with the Up Next graphic showing us Hogan vs Sting.

Match #4: Sting vs Hulk Hogan

Sting comes out wearing the red and yellow.  He also comes out not wearing the WCW United States Championship.  Did he lose that recently?

Nov 1We come back from commercial break to Hogan’s music but Savage coming out with his arm in a sling, motioning to the back for Hogan to come out.  Hogan comes in from the crowd, wearing a mask as the crowd boos the crap out of him.  He taps Sting on the shoulder and the two get in each other’s face and jaw jack until Hogan pushes Sting.  Sting kicks and takes it to Hogan off the bat.

My Google-Fu also shows me that Sting lost the WCW United States Championship to Kensuke Sasaki in Japan at a house show.  Good job referencing that, WCW.

I really like Sting in red and yellow.  It first him.  It’s also neat watching this knowing what the big feud will be coming into this time next year.

Hogan takes control for the most part, taking it to the outside and hitting Sting with a suplex to the floor.  Back in the ring, Sting hits a cross body off of an Irish whip.  Bischoff talks about how this turns his stomach because Sting was such a big part of why Hogan came to WCW.  While Hogan has Sting down, Savage is on the outside yelling at Hogan to “find out if he’s with us or against us…lean on him and find out what he’s all about.”  Hogan pulls out a rolling Fujiwara Armbar that looks like Alberto Del Rio’s in slow motion.  Sting powers out and the two do some chain wrestling leading to a full nelson that Sting powers out of and then into a headlock.  Why hasn’t Hogan grown his mustache back?

I remember the black Hogan stuff being over right after Halloween Havoc, so this is almost like it’s new to me.  I forgot that they started gunning for Sting.

November_20,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00018Stinger Splash but Hogan catches and bear hugs him, throwing Sting down.  Hogan still in control after that, hitting a few more suplexes to Sting.  Heenan calls these two the biggest names in the industry a few times.  Nice to see him including Sting in that, especially with Savage outside.  Sting powers back and gets Hogan in the Scorpion Deathlock.  Hogan powers out of it and starts his Hulk Up routine.  Big Boot…goes for leg drop, Sting moves.  Back to the Scorpion Deathlock.  “He’s gonna break my leg, Macho!”  Hogan is grabbing the ref and pleading for his life as the Dungeon of Doom hits the ring and destroys everyone.  Sting is fighting them off, Hogan joins in.  They clear the ring as The Giant comes in and goes to chokeslam them both, but Savage hits Giant with a chair as he lifts them.  Savage goes up for the chokeslam but his friends don’t save him so he eats a chokeslam.  Sting and Hogan grab a chair and clothesline Giant with it, sending him to the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Kevin Sullivan straight up throttling Bobby Heenan as Jimmy Hart yells into his megaphone.  Heenan’s headset is broken and he looks like he’s seen some stuff, man.

“And they LIKE me!  What do you think they’re going to do at World War 3 to Sting, Hogan, Savage, etc!?”

We’re only 6 days from World War 3 and the crowning of a new World Champion!  Bischoff apologizes for running over and we go off the air.


Not a bad episode, but not really the episode you want to send you into the Pay Per View.  The Hogan/Sting stuff was pretty cool as I liked seeing Sting stand up for himself and work to prove that he’s with Hogan, but also that he’s not going to take any of Hogan’s crap as we see with him straight kicking Hogan in the gut after Hogan shoved him.  Guerrero / Pillman was a good match as well and I wonder if they’re going to carry any of that over into WW3.  I kind of figured they’d wait for the PPV to blow off Shark vs Norton as well, but no dice.

The weirdest thing, I think, is that outside of the battle royale, I don’t know any of the matches for World War 3 and it’s only six days away.  As a normal episode of Nitro, this is okay, but as the blow off show for World War 3, this is terrible.  The only thing hyped up is the main event for the title, which, don’t get me wrong, is huge, but you still have 5-6 other matches that you have to fill that card with and unless they started making matches on Saturday Night and I’m just not getting them, I gotta say that this PPV has been setup for failure.

Then again this is a company that lets one of their biggest names lose a championship at a house show and then doesn’t reference it at all…


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.5

(Raw – 5, Nitro – 4 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW gets another win!


WWF Raw results from this week

The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Hakushi

Skip & Savio Vega fought to a No Contest

Owen Hart & Shawn Michaels fought to a No Contest when Shawn Michaels collapsed in the ring

This one took place in Richmond, VA, so close to my old hometown.  It’s also the episode that started HBK’s lead into Wrestlemania that year, so this is a pretty significant Raw.  I could see where Hogan/Sting beat it, though, as it really only because relevant after the fact, so Hogan/Sting promoted for a week I could definitely see besting Owen vs Shawn, despite how good that match could be on paper.  Kid vs Hakushi looks like a pretty good match, too.  I may have to track down this Raw as it honestly seems like the best one on paper since I started following this time.

Well, that will do it for this week, folks…join us here soon for World War 3!