KoaNitro copyHello all you WCW-ites out there!  Welcome back to another exciting edition of Kick Out at Nitro, the Internet’s only weekly journey through the world of WCW starting from the first episode of Nitro and going to the last.  This week’s episode comes to us from Jacksonville, FL, yet again.  It took me a few moments to realize that I hadn’t chosen the wrong episode when I saw that Jacksonville tag come up at the head of the episode, but we are in fact in a new week and getting our first back-to-back Nitros from the same city, as well as our first repeat host city.

I’m also going to throw this out there…after finishing this episode, I texted Derick and let him know that I had just watched the best episode of Nitro that had been aired, from a wrestling standpoint.  This show has four matches, the final three of which are all really good.  This has been my favorite episode of Nitro since I started off on this journey, so if you’re following along with this blog, I highly suggest you check it out.

We open to Pepe in a Superman (Superdog) outfit because this is where superheroes have it out.  Bischoff reiterates the closing remarks from last week’s Nitro, letting me know without a doubt that we have, in fact, traveled a week forward in time, and tells us know that the winner of the 60 man battle royal at World War 3 will be crowned the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  He says Jimmy Hart thought that he had it all figured out, but in reality he didn’t.  This is normal show opening stuff here, but this is the first time I really found it odd that our announcers have their backs to the ring.  Granted, they’ve got monitors, I know that…but still, you would think that if they’re commenting on the show, they should be watching the show live and then be supplemented by the monitors.  Maybe that’s just because I’m so used to Raw’s setup…or literally any other wrestling show I’ve ever watched’s setup, but still, it just struck me as odd out of nowhere.

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00001We go to a video from Hulk Hogan playing Dungeon Master for his local D&D group.  He’s dressed all in black, including a hood and Dread Pirate Roberts mask and says he’s been drawing off the dark power of the training, prayers and vitamins.  Really dark there, Hogan.  Really…darkness coming from those things?  Hogan says that the Dungeon of Doom are afraid and the power of the training, power and vitamins is immortal.  Hogan starts swinging around a giant sword, making this the oddest crap ever.  He mentions Sting and says that he doesn’t know where Sting’s head is after last week with Lex Luger.  Hogan says that he and Savage are taking the Dungeon of Doom down one man at a time and that tonight Savage is going to bring him the head of Meng on a silver platter.  Man, I love thinly veiled talks of murder in WCW at this time.  He says if Sting is with the Dungeon of Doom then that skyrockets his name to the top of their list.

We cut back to our announcers where Bobby Heenan says that he predicts that Hogan will be the first eliminated from World War 3.

Match #1: Meng (w/ Kevin Sullivan) vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Meng is announced as coming down with both Sullivan and Jimmy Hart, but Hart is nowhere to be seen.

Savage is announced from “The Dark Side of Venice Beach, CA” instead of his normal Sarrasota, FL, which struck me as odd.  Meng and Sullivan wait in the ring for Savage, who doesn’t come through the entrance.  He arrives from the crowd, jumping into the ring and taking out Sullivan before moving on to Meng.  Savage is in black and white, showing he’s in solidarity with Hogan.

I really don’t know if I’ve seen Savage wear the same gear twice.  I’m talking through his entire career.  This guy has spent a fortune on gear, as none of it is really simple and hasn’t been since his old trunks with the stars days.

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00005Savage takes it to Meng until he goes for the double axe handle and takes a punch to the gut.  Out comes Jimmy Hart and Meng takes over, beating Savage on the outside.  Bischoff talks about the injury to Savage’s ribs that Lex Luger caused at Havoc.  Meng backs Savage into the corner and rips his shirt open so that his chops and punches get that much more contact.  We get a ton of chops and we go to commercial, where we see that coming up we have Kensuke Sasaki vs Chris Benoit.

Back from break and Savage is still taking a beating at the hands of Meng.  Meng goes for a diving headbutt but Savage rolls out of the way.  Savage takes Meng and Jimmy Hart out, goes for the elbow, and gets the win.

Winner: Randy Savage

After the win, out comes Shark to beat down on Savage.  Lex Luger comes out as well, wearing what looks like a zubaz and tanktop combo made out of a pinstriped zoot suit.  Anyway, Lex in his Zubaz Suit Riot gear beats down Savage into the commercial break.

We come back from commercial to:

Match #2: Kensuke Sasaki vs Chris Benoit

First off, let me just mention that Kensuke Sasaki will always have a special place in my heart because his alter ego, Power Warrior, was the basis for Area 51, my favorite wrestler in Power Move Pro Wrestling, the Americanized version of Touken Retsuden, the NJPW video game for Playstation.  I loved this game and have made Area 51 in quite a few different video games since then, and that all came from this man.

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00009Benoit and Sasaki start off nose to nose, getting in each other’s face, before we get a stiff clothesline and a hard snap suplex from Sasaki.  He follows with a power slam and we’re seeing Benoit get dominated in a way we haven’t seen since his debut on Nitro.  Benoit really gets no offense in until the finale of the match.  Sasaki goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Benoit reverses but Sasaki stops him and hits a back suplex for a kick out at 1.  Benoit hits two rolling German suplexes followed by a dragon suplex for the win.  Benoit only had one offensive burst consisting of three moves and gets the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

It’s mentioned after the match that Benoit is the newest member of the IV Horsemen!  When did this happen?!  WCW Saturday Night?  I was really wanting to see this, but it happened out of nowhere.

Our Up Next graphic lets us know that we’ll be getting Johnny B Badd vs Eddie Guerrero when we come back from break.

Match #3: WCW Television Championship Match – Johnny B Badd (C) vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie gets a jobber entrance, sadly.

We get a quick run down of WCW Saturday Night showing us we’ll get Benoit vs Eddie (man, I really need to track down the matches in this rivalry), Sting vs Bunkhouse Buck and we’ll see Dean Malenko.

Mongo mentions that Johnny B Badd doesn’t have his confetti gun and Bobby tells us that DDP has that now.  Bischoff asks Bobby who paid him (referencing the Sonny Onoo stuff from the last few weeks) and Bobby tells him to mind his own business.  He says that the Japanese wrestlers in WCW are treated poorly and he made a deal to fix that.

Bischoff lets us know that he thinks that Johnny’s plan in this match is to keep his distance and stay as far away from Eddie as possible.  That’s impossible in a wrestling match, Eric.  This is where the big boys play, not where the big boys run away from their opponents.

This match honestly will be hard to recap because a lot of it happened so quickly.  This was a very fast paced match and is one of the top 5 matches I’ve seen on Nitro since it started.  Probably up there for #1, contending with Benoit vs Eddie from a few weeks ago, truthfully.  There were a ton of two counts in this match, starting off with a slingshot legdrop from JBB to Eddie and then from a step up headscissors from Eddie to JBB.  Eddie sets JBB up for a superplex but JBB pushes him off then hits a diving sunset flip over halfway across the ring.  Eddie reverses it.  Eddie goes for a crossbody block off of an Irish whip but JBB blocks it, sending Eddie to the floor where he is hit with a diving flip from JBB.  Heenan lets us know that he thinks Johnny is stupid for that because he’s the champ; Eddie has to beat him but Johnny doesn’t have to beat Eddie.

From this point we go into reversal after reversal.  Eddie goes for a victory roll that JBB rolls into a sunset flip, JBB runs, Eddie hits a drop toehold into a la majistral cradle for two.  JBB nails Eddie with two right hooks, flooring Eddie for a bit.  The referee admonishes JBB for punching Eddie, but Eddie grabs JBB with a double leg takedown and starts pummeling JBB.  They start brawling at that point.  The referee separates them but then JBB dives over the ref to keep brawling with him.

Finally the two of them calm down and lock up.  JBB brings that into a head lock and we get back to a wrestling match.

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00013Eddie’s diving senton that he does from the apron rules.  It always has, it always will.

We get a two minute warning, letting us know that we are under a ten minute time limit in this match.

JBB hits Eddie with a tombstone piledriver and the referee has to dive over the two of them to count the two.  Eddie hits a tornado DDT with 45 seconds left for two.  A double crossbody block takes both men out at the 15 second mark.  They make it to their knees at 5 seconds left and finish the match with a brawl.

Winner: Time Limit Draw – Johnny B Badd remains WCW Television Champion

The referee breaks up the brawl but the two continue to push and shove each other.  Finally they shake hands and embrace.  I REALLY hope that these two get a rematch at World War 3!

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00015We go back to our announcers and Bischoff tells us that Hogan has said he wants Sting next week on Nitro.  We can see that The Giant and Jimmy Hart are in the ring behind the announcers mocking Hogan’s “hand to ear” pose.

With that, we cut to Mean Gene in the ring with The Giant, Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan.  Gene bitches at Jimmy again for turning on Hogan.  Jimmy says the only thing he hates now is the fact that he has over 200 Hulkamania jackets that he doesn’t know what to do with.  Jimmy is so much better as a heel.  He’s so irritating and it’s awesome.

Kevin Sullivan says that he’s laid away for over ten years planning ways to beat Hogan.  That’s interesting since they weren’t in the same company during those 10 years, so he really had no reason to do so, but whatever, at least it gives us some character motivation. He says that World War 3 is going to be the biggest match ever and that the Giant is going to be the winner so we might as well hand him the belt now.  He asks Gene if he would bet against The Giant and Gene agrees that he’s the odds on favorite.  Giant says that they’re can be only one, so he gets props from me for the Highlander reference, then says he’ll win and be WCW Champion forever.  After that we go off to commercial and an Up Next graphic promising us Sting vs Dean Malenko.

Match #4: Sting (WCW United States Champion) vs Dean Malenko

Man, it’s really apparent how short Dean is in this match.  He gets Sting in a waistlock but Sting powers out, showing us he will have the definite strength advantage in this match.  The announcers put over Dean’s movelist and talk up him being the Man of 1,000 Holds.  Dean goes for a leapfrog off of an Irish whip but Sting catches him with a gorilla press slam out of it.  After Dean stands up, Sting shakes his hand, though, so we know we’re getting a good babyface vs babyface match and that Sting is still an honorable man despite his conversation with Luger last week.  Dean Irish whips Sting and then responds with a dropkick to Sting’s knee, setting him on the offensive against Sting’s knee for the rest of the match.  Dean grabs a kneebar as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Sting is still down.  Dean puts on the kneebar again as we get a replay from the commercial break showing us that Sting had Dean down and went for the Scorpion Deathlock but Dean got to the ropes and broke the hold.  Sting powers back into the mach, Irish whips Dean who reverses and dropkicks his knee again.  He then hits a standing splash to his knee.

November_13,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00021Bischoff tells us that Dean devotes every match to his father, The Great Malenko as Dean locks on a version of an Indian Deathlock.  He wrenches the knee a bit as he stands up and falls backwards with the hold.  They make it to their feet and Dean hits a beautiful bridging German suplex.  Dean goes for a dropkick to Sting as he rebounds from an Irish whip, but Sting grabs the top rope, stopping himself as Dean falls to the mat.  Dean goes up top for a missile dropkick.  He tries to follow up with a Texas Cloverleaf but Sting rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Sting

Nitro goes to commercial and comes back as the announcers go over the Sting/Hogan situation again.  We go to the ring where Mean Gene is with Sting.  Gene mentions Hogan and brings up the Luger thing from last week.  He pitches the match next week and asks Sting what’s up.  Sting says there are no issues with Hogan.  He says he could let it slide when Hogan called him a little dog waiting on the porch.  In WCW, he’s a big dog and he’s got a long list of people he’s put down.  He’s looking forward to the match.

The announcers do a final pitch for Nitro next week and take us off the air.


This was, without a doubt, the best Nitro since I started.  The Sasaki/Benoit, Eddie/JBB and Sting/Malenko matches were all great.  The Sasaki match shows us that we’re going to get a lot more NJPW involvement, which is great.  JBB and Eddie sets up for what could be an amazing match at World War 3 if they follow up on it.  I really hope it’s at the PPV and not on a random Saturday Night that I can’t watch.  That would make me unhappy.  I’m excited about Sting vs Hogan next week, too.  Sting has been playing too much of a second tier role in WCW behind Hogan and even Savage, so I’m happy to see Sting brought back up into the main event and not against Flair.  That being said, Sting has a lot on his plate right now.  We’ve got issues with the new Horsemen, with Hogan, and with Luger, so Sting is in the middle of some stuff right now.  I’m interested to see where he goes.

Can’t wait to see you all here again next week!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2

(Raw 5, Nitro 3 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Hate to see Nitro lose this week.  This was an amazing show, so I really wish it would have gotten it’s due.  Oh well.


WWF Raw results from this week

Henry O. Godwinn vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley ended in a no contest

Ahmed Johnson defeated Jake Steele

King Mabel (w/ Sir Mo) defeated Roy Raymond

Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase) defeated Razor Ramon (with The 1-2-3 Kid as Special guest referee)


This beat this particular episode of Nitro?!  I know that I don’t really do this fairly because I actually watch Nitro and I just weigh Raw on paper, but really?!  Two job matches beat this great show?

KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to one of the Internet’s top WCW loving websites!   It’s kind of odd to me that a website that we started because we had a ton to say about wrestling and needed an outlet for it has become primarily a ground for me to relive my childhood, but honestly I feel that says a lot about how we here at Ko@2 are feeling about today’s product…I don’t watch Raw anymore, but Nitro is a weekly staple in my house.

But, enough about that…I don’t want to start out on a down note…that’s a whole blog post in and of itself that I kind of want to do at a later date with all three of us here at Ko@2…today, though…today, we’re going to talk about Nitro!

And what a Nitro it is.  Even my wife, who has been watching all of this over my shoulder over the last few months and never saw any of it live, thought it was a good show.  Nitro comes to us this week from the Veterans Memorial Colosseum in Jacksonville, FL.  I thought this was pretty cool because I was just in this arena about three weeks ago for a Garth Brooks concert, so to see it show up on TV on my Nitro journey so soon was pretty interesting.  Tonight is going to be a pretty big night.  Of course, we haven’t yet approached “the greatest night in the history of our business” levels of hype yet (rest assured, those days are coming), but still an interesting and novel night.  Tonight, the fans will chose the main event!

We open on our announce team, with Pepe dressed as a clown this week.  Mongo says that “we got a lotta clowns in this league, and I’m talking about one Jimmy Hart, and this is in honor of him.”  Eric Bischoff runs down the way that the main event is going to work.  Basically, you can call a telephone # and vote.  I’m not certain whether it’s the normal WCW hotline # as the WWE Network’s feed had the number blacked out.  Anyway, call the #, 99 cents a minute, and vote for a wrestler from the red locker room and a wrestler from the blue locker room.

In the red locker room we have Ric Flair, Meng, Diamond Dallas Page, The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal and Earl Bobby Eaton), Big Bubba, Shark and Scott Norton.

In the blue locker room we have Sting, Johnny B Badd, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dave Sullivan, Alex Wright, The Nasty Boys and JL.

We go to a replay of last week’s Halloween Havoc, showing Lex Luger torture racking Randy Savage.  We get word that Savage is injured, but he’s in the building.  Doctors however won’t allow him to wrestle, so he’s in the back flipping out and throwing things…so par for the course with Macho Man.

Bobby Heenan lets us know that the match he wants to see is Gene Okerlund vs Tony Schiavone.  With that, we go to the ring for…

Match #1: Cobra vs The Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart)

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00002Someone messed up on the music during these intros.  Cobra’s music is just Morse Code, but they had the Dungeon of Doom music playing under it the entire time.  That only marginally improved Cobra’s music.  Seriously, it’s JUST Morse Code.  That’s it.  I don’t ever want to hear about Cesaro’s siren music again…THIS is bad music.  The Morse Code came across way weird on my TV, too.  I thought it was an audio issue for a good while until I figured out what was happening.

Heenan tells us that backstage Arn Anderson has been ripping phones off of the walls so that fans couldn’t vote for Sting vs Flair.  Keep track, kids…they’re going to try their damnedest to steer us down this Sting/Flair road all night.

The Giant makes his entrance still wearing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt.  When he gets to the ring, Giant picks up ring announcer David Penzer with both hands and says something to him, resulting in Penzer announcing that this match is for the Championship.  Looks like Giant was true to his word last week and he will be a fighting champion.  Of course, Cobra is getting a title match?!  I thought we were three years away from guys like this getting title shots.  Was “Thunderfoot” Jerry Flynn busy tonight?

If that name doesn’t sound familiar…stick around…you’ll be seeing a few title shots in his future down the road.

The Giant grabs Cobra, chokeslam, pin.

Winner: The Giant

Bobby is straight marking out for this quick win.  Mongo says that Bobby probably hasn’t seen anything that quick since his honeymoon.

We go to Mean Gene in the red locker room, which despite getting a full run down of who all was in it at the top of the show, took me to the moment they showed it for me to realize that it was full of heels.  Norton and Shark are standing right beside each other as Gene is putting over the gimmick for the main event, leading me to wonder why, after last week, these two weren’t kicking the living crap out of one another.  Of course, I didn’t have to wait long because the moment I typed that note down they started shoving one another.  Gene makes the heels part and we see that the Blue Bloods are sitting in the back having tea and reading a book.  Gene acts like reading is the worst thing they could do.  Honestly, he comes across like he has some serious venom for the books.  It’s odd.

Gene kicks it over to Schiavone in the blue locker room which is full of babyfaces.  Everyone is talking over everyone else, screaming at the camera while Tony is trying to talk.  They’re drowning him out and you can’t hear a word he’s saying.  This got pretty annoying, I’m not going to lie.  It was only saved by the fact that Hacksaw is walking around in the foreground throwing crap across the room.  He throws his 2×4, he throws a chair…he does this probably three or four times.  Hacksaw really comes across as a legit crazy person in this skit.

We get a commercial break hyping World War 3 in three weeks.

We come back from commercial to a video package about Hulk Hogan while he’s off in Venice Beach, CA.  He’s gone back to his roots, Bischoff informs us.  He’s hanging out with Macho Man, who is also now dressed all in black.  Hogan says that Jimmy betrayed him, but they’ve found a new manager, and it’s this crazy homeless guy who just seems to spout off random crap.  In the background there’s also this weird guy playing this odd Hogan song on a guitar.  Hogan tells us that now Macho knows that the prayers, vitamins and commandments are the important thing.  Way to go “dark,” guys.  Savage starts talking about how Hulk Hogan can sit here and take the low road, but he’s going to go back to WCW and take the high road.  He’s going to go back and find out who is really friend or foe to Hogan.  Honestly, this would have been a pretty cool promo if it wasn’t for random Homeless Jimmy hanging out in the midst.  Although, at one point, Savage mentions that Sullivan stole Hogan’s mustache.  This baffles me.  Yes, Sullivan shaved it off…but it’s not like it was a THING that he’s holding hostage.  Hogan can just grow another damn mustache.  This happened over a month ago…unless Hogan’s follicles are now afraid of the Dungeon of Doom, he should have had a new one by Havoc.  Who knows…maybe Jimmy wasn’t the only one to betray Hogan…maybe his facial hair follicles betrayed him to and jumped ship to the Dungeon of Doom.

Speaking of the DoD, we head back to the ring where their music is playing.  Bischoff lets us know that he thinks he heard a little Jimi Henderson playing in the background.

No, I didn’t mistype that.  That’s what Bischoff said.  WTF?!

Match #2: “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs Renegade

Renegade makes me feel bad.  I always want to rip on him for being Warrior Lite or Not-Warrior, but every time I think about it, I remember that he committed suicide and I then refuse to make fun of him.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00006Renegade hits the ring all fired up and hits four straight clotheslines to Sullivan, the fourth knocking him to the floor.  On the floor, Jimmy Hart distracts Renegade, allowing Sullivan to attack him from the back and get the upper hand.  He picks Renegade up and crotches him on the steel barricade and then clotheslines him off.  He slams his head into the steps, then back into the ring to jump on the second rope and double stomp him in the gut.  Isn’t that Sullivan’s finish?  Why not pin him there?

Heenan takes this opportunity to start talking about the plight of Japanese wrestlers in WCW and how they’re not represented well in the organization.  He’s going to change that, though, as he’s just brokered a deal with Sonny Onoo and we’re going to get a half an hour of Japanese wrestling on Saturday mornings.  Wow…WCW’s second most useless show…right behind Sunday’s Main Event show.  Nice.

Speaking of Japanese wrestlers in WCW, Renegade gets the upper hand by hitting The Great Muta’s handspring elbow in the corner.  He goes for a running kick in the corner but misses when Sullivan moves, which ties him up in the Tree of Woe.  Sullivan gives him the knee to the gut and hits a second double stomp (to the “belly welly” as Dusty would say) for the win.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan

After the match we see Jimmy Hart with a red solo cup and a towel.  He throws the contents of the cup into Renegade’s face then wipes away the paint with the towel, talking crap to him the whole time.  He tells him that he’s not the Renegade, he’s “just plain old Rick,” taking some extra time to run down Hogan as well.

We go to the back with Mean Gene in the red locker room again.  Shark and Norton are back in each other’s face then start shoving each other, fighting out of the frame eventually.  The lights randomly go off and are off for a few moments while Ric Flair is cutting a promo on Sting.  He says the lights go off and on at his command, just as the lights come back on.  He says he told Sting that if he didn’t like it to do something about it and tonight all eyes are on them and he’s stylin’ and profilin’.  Yep…WCW’s really pushing for this to be the match we get tonight.

Commercial break and we get the Up Next graphic showing us Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

We come back to a promo for WCW Saturday Night (6:05 Eastern on Superstation TBS!), where we’ll see Arn Anderson vs Kurasawa, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the debut of Disco Inferno’s music video!

Match #3: Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

I am very happy that this seems to be a rivalry that’s building in WCW.  These two, with Dean Malenko in the mix, is nothing but smiles for me.

Bischoff tells us that the video we saw earlier of Hogan, Savage and Homeless Jimmy was recorded earlier today and that Savage then jumped a plane and headed to Florida to beat down Luger but that the docs aren’t letting that happen.

I always liked Benoit’s music.  My favorite part is always right as he gets into the ring…the beat drops and the song goes silent for just a few seconds, then picks back up.  Always liked that!

Eddie’s in my favorite black tights tonight.  Benoit is in garbage yellow ones.  I cannot wait for him to join the Horsemen and get better tights.  Heenan puts the match over, telling us to call our friends because we’re about to see one of the best scientific matches we’ve ever seen.

Benoit starts off strong, clotheslining the crap out of Eddie and then nailing him with that snap suplex.  Bischoff says that these two are wrestling for the benefit of promoters worldwide, which doesn’t quite makes sense to me since they’re already signed by WCW…but Bischoff explains that they’re still nailing down exactly where they’re holding the matches for the new Cruiserweight Championship, so it makes a little more sense.  Benoit hits a nice spinebuster and then locks up Eddie in the Liontamer.  I remember this being used by Benoit a few times.  Heck, I know that at Fall Brawl in 1996 he uses it against Jericho before Jericho starts using it as his own finisher.

We cut to a table and we see Sonny Onoo eating sushi with some wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling.  We can clearly see Masahiro Chono, Kensuke Sasaki and Jushin Lyger sitting there.

Eddie takes over as the pace quickens.  Benoit goes to the floor and walks off but Eddie dives off of the top and takes him out.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00008Bischoff talks a little about Homeless Jimmy and Mongo says he’s a reject from Haight-Ashbury, showing us that Mongo was a square during the 60′s, man.

Eddie hits a beautiful jumping brainbuster and then goes up top, presumably for the frog splash, but Benoit climbs up too and hits a hell of a superplex for a two count.  He then hits Eddie with that devestating snap powerbomb for two.  Man, I will never NOT mark out for that move.  It’s so nasty looking.  Short arm clothesline to Eddie for good measure.  It’s hard not to gush over Benoit, honestly.  I talked about the whole situation a few weeks back, but man…I’m remembering why I became a fan of his.  Everything he does is so explosive.  Eddie wraps Benoit up for a 2 count off of an Irish whip.  Irish whip again and Benoit hits him in the gut with the knee but Eddie rolls through for another two count.  Benoit hits a bridging German suplex for two, rolls through for the second one but Eddie blocks it and goes for a clothesline, which Benoit ducks and rolls into a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

At this point, Bischoff pitches the phone # gimmick again and really talks up Sting vs Flair, showing us yet again that WCW is going to make this match happen whether the fans vote for it or not.  Of course, it’s totally rigged for that to happen.  I’m certain they didn’t even have to make up the votes.

Back in the ring, Eddie is on the apron, Benoit in the ring and the two start punching the everloving crap out of each other.  Benoit goes for a back suplex into the ring, Eddie rolls in mid air, comes down in a cover and gets a three count despite Benoit’s feet being all over the ropes.  Benoit is pissed as he argues with the ref and Bobby Heenan is livid at the end of the match.  Sure, it was an odd finish, but I’m all for it if it gets me more of these matches.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

We go to Tony in the babyface locker room and Hacksaw is still throwing crap around in the background.  Tony interviews Sting, talking about him getting beat down by Flair at Havoc.  Sting tells Flair that he doesn’t like him, he hates him and he’s going to leave him for dead due to Flair double crossing him and using the Little Stingers as bait to lure him in.

Okay, guys, we get it…you want for us to vote for Flair vs Sting.  Seriously, they’re the only two you’ve mentioned…and really the only two that have any beef with each other besides DDP and JBB.

Bischoff tells us that the VHS of Fall Brawl 1995 will be in video stores tomorrow!  Man, a video release only two months past the event?  I didn’t think VHS happened that quickly.  I really feel old now.

We go back to that and Eric Bischoff informs us that after the fan vote, the main event is going to be Diamond Dallas Page vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan!!!!!

Just kidding…it’s Sting and Flair.  The announcers put the match over while Heenan is sipping sake.  Man, now I really want some sushi and sake.

Match #4: Special Interactive Main Event – Sting vs Ric Flair

Penzer makes me happy by giving me the “This…is…STING” line as part of Sting’s entrance.  I can’t get enough of that.  It really does show how much they put into Sting since he’s the only one who gets a special announcement like that.

Being this far removed from WCW and after so many years in the WWE, it’s odd hearing Flair’s music without the “Wooooooo” in front of it.  Flair comes out without his trademark robe as well.  At least he’s not wearing that cashmere sweater he was rocking in the red locker room.  As Flair gets near the ring, Sting is chomping at the bit to get at him.  Flair grabs a girl in a Nitro shirt and bright orange Hooter’s shorts and cowers behind her.  When he gets in the ring, Sting goes off.  He takes Flair to the ground, pummels him then picks him up for the gorilla press slam.  We get the 10 punch in the corner, leading to a whip to the opposite corner where Flair gives us his famous flip over the turnbuckle and is met with a clothesline off of the ring apron, just like every other time Ric Flair has been whipped to the corner.  Now we’re fighting on the floor.  Flair chops Sting a few times but Sting sells none of it, causing Flair to beg off.  Sting gives him no mercy and starts punching him again, but Flair pokes him in the eye and suplexes Sting on the floor.  Flair backs up and leans against the guardrail to catch his breath and we see him begging off as Sting flies in with a Stinger Splash, but Flair moves and Sting eats guardrail as we go to commercial break.

We get another commercial for WW3.  With everyone in the battle royal, who is going to wrestle in matches on the PPV?  It’s two weeks away and I really don’t feel that anything has been built up.

November_6,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00012We come back and Flair is in control.  Bischoff tells us that during the break, Flair hit a kick that Bischoff is glad he didn’t have to apologize for since it happened off the air.  Mongo just tells us it was a low blow and moves on with his day.  Flair puts Sting in the Figure 4, grabbing the ropes for leverage when the ref isn’t watching.  Sting goes down to the mat a few times, causing the ref to count.  I always hated the count during the Figure 4.  I know that basically he’s controlling the move at that point and if the guy’s shoulders are down, they’re down, but it’s not a pin…it’s a submission hold.  I know that sometime next summer he beats either Konnan or Eddie Guerrero with a pin out of the Figure 4, which was my first real “that doesn’t make sense” moment as a wrestling fan, so I’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice.  Sting stops selling the Figure 4 after a while, rolls over and Flair bails out of that move faster than I think I’ve ever seen.  Mongo says he’s never seen anyone get out of the Figure 4 like that, showing us that he’s never seen anyone put in the figure four before, because I’m pretty certain that any Figure 4 not resulting in a submission has ended with the opponent rolling to reverse the pressure.  Flair chops, Sting no sells and looks at Flair like he’s stupid.  Flair tees off again to the same effect.  I’ve always loved it when Sting would no sell.  Irish whip, gorilla slam, whip to the corner, hiptoss and a thumb to the stops Sting’s momentum.

We’re told that Flair is an 11 time champion at this point.  So, he wins the title 5 more times within the next 5 1/2 years?  Have I talked about this before?  I feel like I have.

The two men brawl to the outside where Flair eye rakes Sting all the way to the barricade.  He runs across the ring to get a steel chair and then takes off running at Sting, only to have referee Randy Anderson take the chair from him at the last minute.  Flair gets in Anderson’s face and receives a chop for his troubles.  Bischoff says that going after the ref will cost him money and Heenan says that Flair doesn’t care, he has the money.  I like that.  I like the idea that Flair is so crazy with his money that it’s nothing to smack a ref around…he’ll just pay it.

We’re told that there is a big announcement after this match.  Flair tries to get a few pins using the ropes but nogo.  Heenan guesses that the announcement will be Hogan’s retirement but Bichoff says no, stop speculating.  Sting powers back, goes for a backslide and gets a 2 count, just like 99.99% of every other backslide in existence.

Flair goes up to the top rope and Sting tosses him off.  How does Flair not just destroy his hip over the years taking bumps on it.  He’s said that after his back was broken he just never felt comfortable taking flat back bumps, so every bump he takes is on his side/hip.  It seems like that would be WAY worse than a back bump, so I’m shocked that Flair’s hip isn’t just mush at this point.  Sting punches Flair in the corner and the ref gets between them.  In a cool spot, Sting picks Anderson up and walks him across the ring, sitting him on top of the turnbuckle before going back to take out Flair.  While this was happening, though, Flair slipped on some brass knucks.  He pops Sting with them and covers.

For a two count!

We get the chop, nosell, gorilla press slam spot for the third time in this match, but this one leads to him putting Flair on the top turnbuckle and hitting a nice standing superplex off of it.  Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock, walks to the center of the ring, and Flair gives up.

Winner: Sting

After the match, though, Sting refuses to let go of the move.  The referee calls out other referees and we’re told that Lex Luger comes out but we don’t see him.  We do see Eddie Guerrero and JL, however, and they come down and try to talk Sting into letting go.  Out comes Dave Sullivan as well.  Bobby and Bischoff tell us that Luger was stopped by WCW officials, that’s why we don’t see him.  Hacksaw and Johnny B Badd come out as well and they forcefully pull Sting off of Flair.  Out comes Doug Dillinger and he and the babyfaces escort Sting from the ring.  It’s at this point that I really notice that Sting has stopped dying his hair.  His roots are really coming in dark.

Sting runs back into the ring and puts Flair back into the Deathlock, bringing out Lex Luger finally.  I really think that the announcers missed Luger’s cue and he wasn’t ever supposed to come out until this point, so they had to make up the whole “officials stopped him” line to explain why he wasn’t out there.  Luger gets in the ring, wearing some ugly ass stripped pants, and gets in Sting’s face, saying something to him.  Sting finally breaks the hold and leave the ring with Luger as the babyfaces as well as Eric Bischoff are left to speculate and be confused.

We go to one last commercial break before coming back the ring with Mene Gene, The Giant, Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan.  The Giant is still wearing the title belt.  Gene says that’s not right, Giant isn’t champ.  Jimmy (not the Homeless version, thankfully) tells us he’s going to let us in on how stupid Hulk Hogan is.  While Hogan was in Hollywood making his B-grade, straight to VHS movies (his words, not mine), Jimmy had his power of attorney in WCW and he was here doing business.  While Hogan was doing charity work all across the world with Randy Savage, Jimmy was here making deals.  He was the one who signed the contract for the match with the Giant because of that power of attorney.  Jimmy says that Hogan didn’t realize that when he signed the contract he added a stipulation saying if Hogan were disqualified, he would lose the title.  This means that the contract is legal and binding and that The Giant is our current WCW World Heavyweight Champion!  Sullivan says he signed the contract with The Giant and it isn’t their fault Hogan got himself disqualified.

Okerlund calls out WCW lawyer Nick Lambrose and asks him about the contract.  He says that Jimmy is partially correct.  He did have power of attorney, but Lambrose has been on the phone all day with WCW commissioner Nick Bockwinkle.  He says Bockwinkle knows about all of this, but due to the dubious nature in which Hogan was disqualified, the WCW Championship is being held up and will be awarded to the winner of the 60 man battle royal at World War 3!

Mean Gene tries to take the title from The Giant but he refuses.  Sullivan says this is just another part of Hogan and WCW’s agenda.  He says they can take the belt but at World War 3, no one will beat The Giant.  Sullivan gives Lambrose the belt.  He says when The Giant wins it back, the lawyer will crawl on his belly like the snake he is to give it back to him.  This Lambrose guy isn’t selling any of this, either, which makes that look really cheesy.

We go off the air with the announcers pitching World War 3 and the Jacksonville crowd chanting for Hogan.  We have no WCW Champion!  Heenan says this makes the battle royal even more dangerous because people were just going for a title shot…now they’re going for the title!  Someone will get hurt and go to the hospital!

We get a quick “Next Week” graphic showing us we’ll get Savage vs Meng, Johnny B Badd vs Eddie Guerrero for the Television Championship and Sting vs Dean Malenko.  Nitro next weeks is sounding pretty damn good!


All in all, this was a pretty good show.  It was kind of hamfisted getting the idea of Sting vs Flair shoved down our throats, but it wasn’t too bad since that was really the best match they could make and the only real one they could pull off that would come off like a main event.  Really, DDP vs Bobby Eaton is gonna main event?  The Benoit/Eddie match was the best of the night, but I’m pretty sure that on almost every card that match could be on, it’ll be match of the night.

Sting vs Flair was really good.  They really got across that Sting is pissed about being betrayed for the milliondyth time.  I like the whole angle with Luger being the only one that can talk him down, too.  That was neat.

Until next week, WCW fans!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.0

(Raw 4, Nitro 3) (Tie Weeks – 2 )

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Hate seeing WCW lost this round with such a great show and good main event.


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Marty Jannetty

Henry O. Godwinn vs. Terry Richards ended in a no contest

Kama (w/ Ted DiBiase) defeated Tony Roy

Isaac Yankem DDS & Jerry Lawler defeated Bret Hart & Hakushi (w/ Barry Horowitz) by DQ


Another bad-on-paper Raw.  Two matches against jobbers.  Hart & Hakushi as a team sounds cool, but you have Isaac Yankem on the other side just throwing all that in the garbage.

KoaNitro copyHello ladies and gentlemen!  We’re one night removed from WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 and we’re heading into the stretch leading us to the first ever World War 3 coming up at the end of November.  WCW Monday Nitro comes to us tonight from Dayton, OH, and we’re back to our normal Nitro announce team of Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan and Steve “Mongo” McMichael.  We kick off with Bischoff telling us that the footage from last night is arriving later in the night.  I’m not sure why the production truck wasn’t able to bring something shot on video just last night…in that same production truck…along with them.  Hell, if someone had watched it on PPV and video taped it, they could have the footage quicker than it’s going to show up at this major television show.  Seriously, just one of those little things they do to build suspense that made no sense to me.  They could have just as easily said that they would show it to us later and not had to build up this whole “it hasn’t arrived yet” thing.  Bobby Heenan said that he hasn’t been to sleep yet, which is nuts.  Maybe he was up all night celebrating Hogan getting his ass whipped.  We also see Pepe dressed up as a witch bat…

We get some information that Randy Savage is out tonight and therefore won’t be able to wrestle Craig Pittman.  Instead, Eddie Guerrero will be taking his place, which leads us to…

Match #1: Sgt. Craig “Pitbull” Pittman vs Eddie Guerrero

Pittman had to wrestle Mr. Wallstreet to get a shot at this match, we find out.  Not sure why.  Both men have wrestled on Nitro before, so why is that a big prize to wrestle for?

Eddie is in his black tights, so I’m happy.  I just like them way more than the white ones.

October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00002This match was honestly way better than I thought it had any reason to be.  Pittman took it to Eddie, making him work a ground game instead of letting him fly.  Pittman took Eddie down quite a few times pretty handily but Eddie returns the favor with a pretty nice slam.  Off of an Eddie Guerrero two count Eric tells us that Eddie almost got the upset victory there.  How sad is that crap?  Eddie Guerrero, one of the best wrestlers ever, almost got an upset victory over Craig Pittman.  Wow.

We get a pitch for World War 3 and Bobby Heenan asks if Bill and Hillary know about WW3.  Bischoff says that the rumor is that they watched Halloween Havoc, so he’s pretty sure they do.  Really…?

Pittman is controlling this match and working on Eddie’s arm so that he can set up for the Code Red.  Pittman is nailing some great throws and suplexes here.  Eddie gets a quick roll up and almost gets three, but Pittman answers with another suplex as Bischoff lets us know that they just got word that the footage is on its way.  So…nothing new?  Pittman Irish whips Eddie, who quickly rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

We go to commercial with a graphic saying that we have Scott Norton vs The Shark up next.

We come back to a replay of the 9/11 Nitro match between Norton and Randy Savage.  We see how The Shark’s interference cost Norton the match.  We then get a replay from last week on Nitro when the two got in each other’s faces backstage, setting up our match tonight.  We also get info from Bischoff telling us that during the break, Bobby Heenan left the announce booth.

October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00006Match #2: Scott Norton vs The Shark

Wow, this is Norton’s first match on Nitro since that Savage match.  The two lock up “like two mooses in rutting season.”  We’ve got a full on hoss fight on our hands here as the two basically beat each other around the ring.  Not much technical wrestling going on here, that’s for sure.  Norton hits a nice flying shoulder block off of the top rope and a body slam, leading us to a double clothesline spot that looked pretty rough.

We cut to where Bobby Heenan has been sitting all this time.  He’s eating sushi with…wait for it…Sonny Onoo!  Called that crap, didn’t I?!

Norton and Shark brawl to the floor and continue to brawl at the ringside area, causing the referee to call for the bell due to count out.  They continue to brawl up the ramp, taking a moment to slam each other’s heads into the giant steel WCW letters and then brawl backstage.

Winner:  Double count out

October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00008We get a tight shot on Bobby and Sonny and we can overhear Bobby basically running down WCW’s programming schedule, then accepting an envelope from Onoo.

We go to commercial break and come back to Tony Schiavone in the ring.  If I’m not mistaken, this is his first Nitro appearance.  He shows us pics from the PPV last night, courtesy of WCW Magazine.  I guess the film guy got there quicker than the video guy.  He runs down the Anderson/Pillman vs Sting/Flair match from last night and then welcomes out the Horsemen.  There’s a funny moment as Ric Flair grabs one of those foam Hulk Hogan signs from a fan and carries it into the ring.  I always kind of feel bad for the people who get their crap stolen.  Those foam Hogans definitely cost money.  Same thing with that guy who got his hat stolen a few weeks back by Disco Inferno.  Terrible thieving wrestlers.  Pillman tells us that last night brought us one step closer to the reformation of the Horsemen.  Anderson tells us that for two years people have asked him to bring back the Horsemen.  Be careful what you wish for…because now you have it.  Seriously…I love Arn Anderson, but is this the only promo he cuts from 1995 onwards?  He cuts this same promo in September of 1998 as well.  Flair tells us that whether we like it or don’t like it, we need to learn to love it because they’re the best thing going today.  He says Sting is like the women they deal with.  THey tell him what he wants to hear and then they do what they want to do.  He challenges Sting next week.

October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00010We go to break finding out we have Sabu vs Disco Inferno up next.  Coming up on Saturday Night we have Alex Wright vs Chris Benoit, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Renegade and Cobra, and Harlem Heat, who are now the WCW Tag Team Champions, apparently, vs The Blue Bloods (Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton).  It looks like Harlem Heat won the tag belts back on the Saturday Night episode that aired on 10/28, according to Wikipedia.

We come back from commercial to:

Match #3: Sabu vs Disco Inferno

Bischoff gives us another useless footage update.  We get it, Bisch…just tell us when the damn tape arrives and quit giving us non-updates.

We are also told during the wrestler entrances that next Monday’s Nitro will be fan interactive.  The fans will get to control which matches happen.  So, Taboo Tuesday or Cyber Sunday almost ten years early?  Bischoff runs down two lists of wrestlers, from blue and red locker rooms, and tells us we’ll get to choose which wrestlers face each other.

The match starts out with Disco dancing and Sabu unceremoniously punching him in the mouth for it.

Heenan’s back, so they ask him about the meeting.  Heenan says it’s just a friend in town and he’s showing a little hospitality.  Nothing they need to worry themselves over.

Disco is showing a bit of a mean streak in this match as he grabs Sabu’s hair and whips him across the ring a few times.  It’s not Bull Nakano levels, though.  Man, that should start happening soon.  After years of garbage WWE Divas matches, some Madusa vs Bull Nakano matches sound pretty good.  Maybe some Akira Hokuto thrown in there as well.

Disco is pretty much running this match, which is odd on both the standpoints of it being a Disco Inferno match and he usually never runs it as well as Sabu not just destroying his opponent.  Disco’s Achilles heel, though, is that after ever little bit of offense, he dances.  It costs him momentum.  I do like that they’re keeping that little bit of character with him.  He does well through the match but his dancing hubris always seems to cost him.  The crowd starts getting behind Sabu, though, and chanting his name.  Dancing costs Disco hitting a splash in the corner.  The recoil from hitting the corner sends Disco to the mat where he’s hit with Sabu’s flipping leg drop.

Winner: Sabu

Sabu’s normal post match beat down starts at this point.  Sabu hits a flip to the outside, taking Disco out, but after getting up all Disco is really worried about is his hair.  Sabu has taken the time to go to the end of the ramp and retrieve a table, which he hits Disco with and then puts him up on.  He goes for the flipping dive over the top rope but Disco moves and Sabu takes the table back first and it doesn’t break.  Looked like a pretty rough landing.  Disco high tails it out of the ringside area as Sabu flips out and starts throwing stuff, starting with the ring steps.

We go to commercial break again and come back to…

Match #4: Lex Luger and Meng (w/ Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan) vs The American Males

We get a quick update that the footage is finally here.  Thank Heavens!

The Males are getting full babyface cheers.  I know that Meng and Luger are pretty hated right now, but last time we saw the Males I didn’t think that they were really that over.  Heenan says that Luger and Meng are full-time wrestlers and that the Males have another day job where they work at the mall and spray cologne on people.  That cracked me up.

Pretty much right as the match starts, we go to commercial.  Only one interruption tonight, though, which is good.  Not like that one Nitro where they went to commercial in every match!  Does a WCW match ever end on commercial break?  It almost seems like I remember that happening once.October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00017We come back to the Males controlling Luger, surprisingly.  Granted, until Saturday the Males were Tag Team Champions, but still, this is Lex Luger we’re talking about.  And a newly heel Luger at that!  I wouldn’t imagine the American Males would be leading the match.  Even Mongo is shocked that this is happening.  He says that they’re kicking the “shag” out of Luger and Bischoff almost has a heart attack at the word that Mongo could have used.  Heenan applies a little logic to it saying that the Males are a full-time tag team whereas Luger and Meng have only been together since last night.  Both Bischoff and Mongo comment that they’ve been together way longer than last night, hinting that the Luger/Dungeon of Doom alliance has been going on a good while.  Even if that is the case, one would have to assume that the connection has been between Luger and Sullivan and that Meng had no part of it, especially since Meng seemed awfully pissed and shocked last night when Sullivan cost him that match.  Luger takes a terrible looking backdrop that the announcers put over like a million bucks, with it eliciting a “nice!” from Bischoff twice and a “very nice” from Heenan.  Meng and Luger get an opportunity and almost take Scotty Rigg’s head off and regain control of the match.

When does the Barbarian show up?  I liked the Faces of Fear.

Meng’s hair is really fluffy today.  Not that I would ever tell him that.  I’m legit scared of Meng.

Bischoff says that Hulk Hogan hasn’t spoken to anyone since last night.  Well, I guess he really doesn’t have any friends left at this point, since Savage is out and Jimmy Hart turned on him.

Why hasn’t Bobby Heenan told us what happened to the Giant last night between his fall off of the Cobo Arena and him coming out to for the World Championship match?  He promised!

Riggs gets the hot tag to Bagwell who comes in and cleans Luger’s clock with a few clotheslines.  Jimmy Hart distracts the referee during some American Males double-teaming, which is only lightly less homoerotic than it sounds, allowing Meng time to come in and superkick the crap out of everyone.  Torture Rack to Bagwell for the win.

Winners: Meng and Lex Luger

We head to commercial with promises of the footage from last night when we return.

We come back and head to our announce booth where Bobby Heenan is still sipping champagne from his earlier sushi dinner with Sonny Onoo.  Man, that makes me really want sushi right now.  Haven’t had any in a while!  Mongo decides to trick ‘r treat for Pepe, holding out his bag, into which Eric deposits the fabled full Snickers bar.  He says it’s because they’re a sponsor, but I think it’s because Eric has the money on the block and is handing out the good candy.  I know at one point Jimmy Yang went to Bischoff’s house dressed as Sting and has a cool pic of him ready to hit him with the Scorpion Death Drop…I remember seeing that in WCW Magazine.  Anyway, Mongo offers the bag to Heenan, who no-sells it, and gets covered in silly string as a result.  I love how they play up the fact that Heenan hates Mongo.  That being said, I wonder how much “playing” is involved.

We finally get our damn footage from last night, showing us everything that happened from the Hogan leg drop on.  Since I can’t replay the footage, I’ll replay yesterday’s post so you can see what happened.  See…I can play this game too…but I didn’t spend all post baiting you and telling you that “I’m about to copy and paste from last night, folks!”

19951029_gianthogancroppedHogan Hulks up again, big boot, hits the leg drop and suddenly the ref hits the floor.  Hogan has the match won, but the ref is out.  Hogan and Jimmy Hart talk a bit; Hogan lifts the ref up and hands him to Hart to get him ready to make the count.  Hogan turns his back; Hart shoves the ref and nails Hogan with the WCW Championship.  Hogan no-sells it, turns on Hart and goes to beat him when the Giant gets up and we’re back to the bear hug.

What was funny is that during the whole Hogan/Hart/ref gimmick, The Giant would randomly look up and around, and then drop his head down.  I don’t know if this was inexperience on The Giant’s part, or if he was playing possum knowing what was coming.  It just cracked me up.

Kevin Sullivan attacks at this point, making Jimmy Hart motion to the entrance, presumably for the rest of the Dungeon of Doom.  What he gets, however, is Luger and Savage.  They hit the ring and Savage goes to help Hogan, which brings out the Yeti.  As soon as the Yeti hits the ring, though, Luger turns on Savage.  The Yeti joins the Giant in bear hugging Hogan, but it looks like the most useless, stupidest thing ever.  The Giant has a legit bear hug, but the Yeti, who is a good four or five inches taller than The Giant, just puts his arms around the two of them and looks to apply no pressure.  Luger puts Hogan in the Torture Rack while the Giant and Yeti go to hug on Randy Savage for a while.  Luger drops Hogan and then racks Savage for good measure.

October_30,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00021We come out of the replay to Tony Schiavone back in the ring with Lex, The Giant, Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  I guess Mene Gene had the night off because he’s usually the one involved in all of these segments. The Giant still has the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist, despite not winning the title legit last night.  Tony tells him that he’s not the champ and he asks Jimmy Hart about last night.  Jimmy tells us that maybe he’ll put everything in the book he’s writing…or maybe he’ll tell us next week on Monday Nitro.  He says that Kevin Sullivan told Hogan that there was evil in his house…and he was talking about Hart!  He then tells us that he was the only manager Kevin Sullivan has ever had.  That was his past and the Giant and Lex Luger are his future.  So, it seems instead of waiting for his book or for next week, he’ll just tell us now.  Lex cuts generic wrestling promo #255 and I honestly remember nothing from it.  Giant says he’ll defend the title next week on Nitro.  Tony then closes out the show pitching next week’s show from Jacksonville, FL.


The thing that struck me most about this show is something that I think WWE could learn from.  Not just this show, but Nitro in general over the last few weeks.  Think of WCW’s main stars at this point.  Flair, Sting, Luger, Hogan, Savage…Hogan and Sting definitely tying for the John Cena spot…and they’re not on the show at all.  This show didn’t feature a match from any of the top five or six stars.  We got two very quick interview segments from Luger and Flair…both of them being multiple man interview spots…and that’s it.  And the show didn’t really suffer for it.  We got some pretty good matches, we moved some story along and we didn’t need the major guys along for the ride.  Now, I know that Saturday Night is still up there as a main show for them.  At two hours and as their longest running show, Saturday Night could still be considered their top show if you really wanted to argue it, so maybe that’s why we don’t always get the main stars here.  Thing is, it makes the main stars more of an attraction when they do show up.  Sure, I missed Sting, but it’ll make it more exciting when he shows up next week.  Of course, Nitro at this point is still only an hour, so that’s why they can get away with it.  I don’t think that would fly on a two hour show.

I’m interested to see where the World Title picture goes.  Of course, I’m saying that knowing full well where it goes, but it’ll be cool to be along for the ride.

This takes us out of October and through our second full month of Nitro and WCW PPV recollection.  I’m having a pretty good time, honestly.  I don’t watch Raw anymore.  Truthfully, WCW is the only wrestling I really watch right now, outside of catching the PPVs on the Network.  I’ve kind of come full circle I guess, as at this time in real time, I didn’t watch WWF, only WCW.  At least this time I’m getting to watch the PPVs.  I didn’t get to order a PPV until Road Wild 1996, so this stuff is all new to me.  I’ve seen pretty much all of these Nitros back during original airing, but the PPVs are all brand new stuff, so that’s super exciting.  How is everyone out there enjoying the journey so far?  Feel free to leave comments and let me know how I’m doing.

Until next week!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.1

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.3

(Raw 3, Nitro 3) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2 weeks

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2 weeks

Nitro’s first winning streak!  Two weeks in a row!


WWF Raw results from this week

Goldust defeated Savio Vega (5:46)

Marty Jannetty defeated Joe Dorgan (2:44)

The Smoking Gunns (Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn) (c) defeated John Rechner & Phil Apollo to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship (2:51)

Razor Ramon (c) defeated Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) by disqualification to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (10:16)

Razor and Owen looks like a good match, especially at 10 minutes.  Savio and Goldust doesn’t sound bad either.  Janetty and the Smoking Gunns in squash matches sounds like garbage, though.  That’s one thing I can say for Nitro up to this point…no real squash matches.  They’ll have quick matches, but no jobbers that I’ve seen thus far.  Definitely makes for a better show in my opinion.

KoaNitro PPVIt’s time once again along our WCW journey to plunk down our $29.99 and watch a WCW Pay Per View!  WCW has been building up to this one for six weeks of Nitro and this is where we find out if it was all worth it.  My first impression, right off the bat…I like that they had six weeks of buildup.  Fall Brawl came just two Nitros into the journey, so it seemed like I missed everything leading up to it…because I did.  This one, however, we got a good amount of time for things to build.  As stupid as the Hogan/Giant stuff has been, we got enough time for us to really understand where the story is and why we’re going that way.  Same with the Flair/Sting vs Pillman/Anderson story.  In a world now where it feels like WWE is throwing us a PPV ever three weeks, having a month and a half to get to this point was pretty cool.  It really has me wondering how next year is going at points since WCW still only runs 10 PPVs a year at this point.  They won’t get to 12 until 1997.

Of course, the big build up to this PPV has been Hulk Hogan and the Giant.  We have seen the replays multiple times by now, starting back in the summer when the Giant arrived and threw his Andre the Giant shirt in Hogan’s face.  From there we go to Fall Brawl where the Giant runs over Hogan’s brand new Harley Davidson then later that night snaps his neck.  A month and a half later we’ve gotten one more neck snap and a Hogan that now dresses in black (but isn’t nWo quite yet) and works without a mustache.  Our main events are going to be Hogan vs the Giant in a Monster Truck Sumo Match, followed by the two going at it in the ring for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  Tied for second on our big story list is the Flair/Anderson/Pillman/Sting angle and the Luger/Savage angle.  I’m digging both of these and I feel that both come out in pretty interesting and satisfying ways by the end of the night.

Our show starts with a quick promo video of the Giant/Hogan feud which ends with a picture of the two of them head to head.  Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that Hogan is eye-to-eye with the Giant in this one.  Really…Hogan’s ego can’t allow him to be a head shorter than a man who is actually a head taller than him in real life?  We go to our announce team which is Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.  Looks like this is our PPV team at this point as this was our team for Fall Brawl as well.  I know that eventually Tony ends up on Nitro as well, but that may not happen until a year or so from now when Nitro goes two hours.  I can’t really remember, honestly.  We cut to Hogan and Giant grab assing on the rooftop of Cobo Hall, which is next door to the Joe Louis Arena where our PPV is taking place.  Back to our announcers, we find out that Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman attacked Ric Flair earlier tonight.  Sting isn’t at the building yet so he doesn’t know and this may put the match in jeopardy.  Heenan laughs and says that this is what Flair gets…he’s not playing around with friends from Friends, which dates us right smack dab in the 90′s.  We also see Heenan randomly eating at this nice table where Schiavone tells us he’s been having sushi all night.

Video CoverWe go to a replay of the 9/30 WCW Saturday Night, which if you’ll remember is where Johnny B Badd was supposed to cash in his WCW United States Championship shot that he won at Fall Brawl against Brian Pillman.  Sting is in the ring, ready to go, but no JBB.  They postpone the match until later that night, but the same thing happens.  Due to two no shows, Pillman gets a title shot instead.  Later that night, apparently, JBB arrived; dirty, saying he had a flat tire and couldn’t get here.  He had no phone so he couldn’t call in either.  Wow, this is an angle that couldn’t be run today.  Diamond Dallas Page interrupts this interview, saying JBB is stupid for missing his title shot and that it should have went to him.  Max Muscle says it’s hard getting here with four flat tires, to which DDP tries to shut him up, but JBB reacts saying he only said he had “a” flat tire, how did Max know he had 4!?  He punches DDP, which set us up for Nitro a few weeks ago where DDP jumped JBB from behind before the match and stole his glitter gun.

Match #1: WCW Television Championship Match: Johnny B Badd vs Diamond Dallas Page (C) w/ Max Muscle and the Diamond Doll

As they make their entrances we see that DDP still has Johnny’s glitter gun and we see that Kimberly is not happy to be a part of this team.  We’ve been seeing Kim get more and more disgusted with DDP over the last few weeks, and I know that she eventually leaves DDP for JBB (and then for The Booty Man), so you can definitely tell that is coming.

We get an update on Flair, saying he does have an injury but we have no information on the severity yet.  Also, Sting still isn’t at the arena yet so he has no idea.  Heenan tells us that this is proof that Sting and Flair don’t gel as a team because they aren’t even in the arena at the same time.

Page is in the ring waiting as Johnny B Badd makes his entrance.  He comes out facing away from the camera so we can all read the back of his cape…but no, it’s a decoy JBB!  The real Johnny B Badd makes his way through the crowd and pays DDP back for his Nitro waylay.

All through this match there is a running commentary and speculation on DDP winning 13.7 million dollars recently.  I didn’t really start following DDP until after the whole “benefactor” angle that’s coming up through the first half of 1996, but I do remember there being a time when the angle was that he was poor as all get out, so that ties in pretty well to the next speculation point which is that the rumor is that the Diamond Doll actually won the money and that DDP is just along for the ride.

We get a pretty funny spot in this match when JBB pulls DDP’s hair while he’s in an armbar.  DDP complains to the ref and the ref questions JBB about the hair pull, to which he replies “Yeah, I pulled his hair!  Like this!” as he pulls it again.  I thought that was pretty funny and really showed that JBB was out for payback instead of just winning a match or the title.

Heenan tells us another story about a pilot leaving the cockpit to ask him questions about what was going on in WCW, leaving him to reply “Who’s flying this bird?”  I like to see it not as a joke being used twice, but that pilots all around the world want the scoop from Heenan and he’s getting annoyed and worried for his safety!  Pilots should pay attention to their planes and get their scoops by calling 1-900-909-9900 instead.

We find out that the Sheik will be here with Sabu later tonight.

Two things really run through this match as we go along.  One is that the announcers are constantly putting over the changes in DDP since he “won” the money.  The second is that as this match goes on, Kim becomes more and more disgusted with DDP.  She moves pretty much from distraught at the match to plain out pissed off with Page.  This really takes off when DDP unwraps his wrist tape and uses it to choke JBB.

JBB comes back though, giving Page a duo of atomic drops, moving to punches and then rocking him with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  We get a double axe handle from the top rope by JBB that Kim scores a 10.  She’s moved on from upset with DDP to actively cheering JBB.  JBB gives us an ugly sit out powerbomb for a two count.  DDP goes for the Diamond Dream (which is apparently a DDT out of a hip toss, which is odd having signature move that depends on someone else hitting you with an offensive maneuver, but whatever).  DDP goes for a Diamond Cutter, but JBB blocks it by using the top rope to hold himself up, and then covers DDP for a two count for no apparent reason.  That’s one of the logic flaws in the Diamond Cutter.  I’ve always liked the move…but you do as much harm to yourself as the opponent when you hit it.  When Page missed it, technically he did just as much to himself as he would have if he had actually hit the move, so JBB covering him for a two kind of shines a light on that.

Havoc_19951029_0004bMax Muscle grabs JBB from behind and DDP goes for a clothesline, but JBB moves.  Thankfully DDP stops short from hitting Max, but then JBB dropkicks DDP from behind and the two collide.  JBB picks up the win when Max Muscle accidentally clotheslines DDP.

Winner and new WCW Television Champion, Johnny B Badd!

We cut really quickly back to our announcers to find out that this is the first time that we’ll see The Giant in an actual match.  Sure, he’s been choke slamming folks and snapping necks for a few weeks now, but tonight will be his first official match.  Heenan tells us that they may not get to it as they may both end up going off the roof in the Monster Truck match, though.

Match #2: Zodiac vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Yep, I was as confused as you when Zodiac came out to the ring…and for the same two reasons.  1) Why is it Zodiac and not Kamala, as we were told it would be for the last few weeks?  2) Why is Zodiac employed?

Zodiac, however, apparently comes out to what will become Rey Mysterio Jr.’s entrance music.  It’s always odd to me to see entrance music get recycled.  It’s like when I realized Kurt Angle came out to The Patriot’s music and my mind exploded.

Randy makes his way to the ring and stops to kiss some random woman.  It looked like it made both of their days, so all is well, I suppose.

Savage’s arm is taped up, still selling his match against Kurasawa from the previous Nitro.

At the start of the match a fan jumps into the ring only to be wrangled by Randy Anderson.  For the most part, Savage and Zodiac ignore him, which is probably a good thing.  I think out of all of the wrestlers you could randomly jump, Randy Savage would be near the top of the list of the ones most likely to seriously injure you.

Heenan says that Kamala said he was afraid of Savage, so Kevin Sullivan beat him and sent him back to Uganda.  Guess this is cover up for Kamala leaving the company, kind of like Vader going AWOL before Fall Brawl.  Seriously, WCW, you have two guys leave the company after building them into PPV matches…gotta keep a better watch on that stuff.

Savage wins with the top rope elbow at the end of a very quick match.  Now, as long as Lex Luger wins his match, Savage and Luger will happen later on tonight.

Winner: Randy Savage

We go to the back where Mean Gene is standing by with Johnny B Badd.  We get a quick Hotline plug from Gene in which he tells us that Jimmy Hart has been talking with a man he used to manage in “another federation.”  Johnny arrives to tell us that there’ll be a celebration in Detroit tonight and that dreams do come true.  Gene talks him into taking him out for some Greek food later.

Match #3: Kurasawa (w/ Col. Robert Parker) vs Road Warrior Hawk

This is a Revenge Match coming from Clash of the Champions in Daytona Beach earlier this year.  In that match, Kurasawa broke Hawk’s arm, which we’ve heard a lot about over the last few weeks.

Where is Animal at this point?  We’ve seen Hawk a few times, but is he the only one in WCW at this point?

Early in the match Hawk hits his shoulder on the ring post and Kurasawa goes straight for his arm.  Nice to see WCW playing up continuity here.  Hawk shoves Kurasawa off, though.

We see a “Bobby for Mayor” sign that Schiavone points out, leaving Bobby to respond with “That’s just what I need…to take a pay cut and live in a bad neighborhood.”  Nice to see Bobby get a dig at Detroit in.

Kurasawa hits a Samoan drop, puts his legs on the ropes (which Parker holds) and gets the win.

Winner: Kurasawa with a dirty pin and assistance from Col. Parker.

We go backstage with Mean Gene again, this time with Randy Savage pacing the floor in front of him.  He said he heard what Hogan said and he didn’t like it.  He doesn’t think Hogan can separate business and pleasure.  He’s Hogan’s friend…but when they meet together in the ring, he’s going to win.

He tells Gene that his mustache is crooked; causing Gene to fire back that Savage’s beard is sideways.  Savage shakes it off with a “that’s alright.”  Savage says he’s going to make sure Luger wins his match.

Match #4: JL vs Sabu (w/ the original Sheik)

For some reason, JL has been demoted from Mr. JL to just JL over the course of the last few weeks.  Sabu comes out to what will eventually be La Parka’s music, giving us our random music shift #2 for the evening.  Instead of a chair like La Parka, though, the Sheik comes to the ring with a damn sword!

Sabu hits an asai moonsault that takes out both JL and the Sheik.  I’d watch it a little more closely if I were Sabu, though, with Sheik wielding a damn sword out there.  Sabu also continues to prove he doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s safety as he goes for a flipping leg drop from the apron to the ring that lands his ass straight onto JL’s face.  Sabu wins with the Arabian press.  Afterwards, however, Sheik throws a fireball in JL’s face for no reason other than to do it.

Winner: Sabu

Very quick matches tonight, honestly.  We must be making sure that Hogan gets as much time as he wants later tonight.  And trust me…he’s all over the last hour of this show.

We get a quick rundown video of the history of the Giant in WCW, followed by Kevin Sullivan and The Master in the entrance way.  The Master decides that despite Sullivan being right beside him, he’s going to yell at him like he’s across the room.  Also, I still don’t know why The Master refers to him as “Sullivan” every time he addresses him.  It’s his father, apparently…just call him Kevin or “son,” for goodness sake.  Maybe that’s why Sullivan is evil as all hell…his father is just a loud, impersonal jerk.  Despite getting yelled at directly into his ear, Sullivan spends this entire segment looking bored as crap.

Sullivan is also in his gear…for no reason.  He has no match tonight.  The Master says that Sullivan, The Giant and the Yeti (pronounced throughout this pay per view as “Yeh-Tay”) will destroy Hulkamania.  Sullivan says that Hogan’s evil is out of control.  He says Hogan has no friends and that Sting, Luger and Savage are just vultures at his heels.  He makes a good point here, finally.  He’s way off the mark with his “Hogan is evil now” shtick, but this whole thing about his friends all wanting the gold and not caring about him is pretty accurate.  This is what should have been played up more.  It’s been mentioned once or twice, but this should have been part of Hogan turning “evil.”  He should have felt alienated.  Have his friends be more vocal to him about wanting the title, not just to each other.  Then, Hogan would feel like he was backed into a corner and had no one to rely on.  I think that would have been a lot more compelling story than “Hogan is evil now!” when he really hasn’t done a single evil thing.  The most he’s done is tell a couple people to keep their mouths shut.

We go backstage again with Mean Gene along with Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and the winners of the Hulkamania Harley Davidson giveaway.  Front and center is this scared girl who looks about 12 years old but we find out that she’s the winner’s fiancée!  Of course, they are from Alabama, so the fact that there seems to be about a fifteen year age difference between the two of them and that she doesn’t look more than 15 maybe isn’t so out of the ordinary.  I apologize to anyone reading this from Alabama…but my blue and orange Florida blood couldn’t help but take a dig at you.  Hogan is putting over the winner and the bike and tells Gene “that he’s already told me how he’s getting it back to Alabama, dude, but you can ask him about that later.”  Way to keep us in suspense, Hulkster.  I’d imagine he’s going to ride the damn thing.  Either that or tow it.  Now, I’m hoping he’ll surprise me and tell me that he’s going to fly the thing home.  That would be a real shocker.  Mike, the winner, wins even more stuff, including some shirts and a new exhaust that he has to go pick up at the shop.  Gene says that he could use an extra exhaust pipe.  55682828Hogan spoils the surprise by telling us Mike is going to ride the bike back to Alabama, but Mean Gene asks him anyway, prompting Mike to tell us that he and the fiancée are going to “straddle it and ride home.”

We get an ad for World War 3 on November 26th.  This is actually the first WW3 PPV, so that’s exciting.  The main event will be a 3 ring battle royal, 20 mean in each ring, and a giant in each ring!  The winner will get a title shot.

We cut back to our commentators and Bobby gives us another zinger by saying that Mike’s new bike will look nice in his trailer park, beside all of the other cars up on blocks and the small $4 swimming pool.  The only thing that kept it from being as sharp as it could have been was the fact that it took Heenan roughly a minute to come up with the words “swimming pool,” leaving him to just try to make a circle his hands in the most terrible game of charades ever.  After the segment, Tony mocks him by making the circle with his hands.  I wonder if these two actually like each other.  There’s gotta be something somewhere that has some candid info on this relationship.

Match #5: Meng vs Lex Luger

As Luger comes out, we get a quick glimpse of a tombstone that’s part of the entryway set with the name Crockett.  Gotta believe that’s a shout-out to Jim Crockett, the man you used to run Mid-Atlantic before it became WCW.

We find out that on Saturday Night, Meng kicked The Shark in the back of the head so that Luger would win the match.  Kevin Sullivan apparently then told Luger that he would “see him tomorrow,” building up more of the is he/isn’t he between Lex and the Dungeon of Doom.

We get info that Ric Flair has been attended to and that Sting is finally in the building.  Way to wait until the very last moment to get here, Sting.  For a guy that’s supposed to be “the franchise,” getting here 2/3 of the way through the PPV is a little lame.  Whatever happened to being the guy who was the “first to arrive, last to leave?”

Havoc_19951029_0001bWe get a nice shoulder breaker from Meng to Luger and referee Nick Patrick asks Luger if he wants to stop, despite him not being in a submission hold currently.  I always thought that was more of a trope when Patrick turned heel and went with the nWo…asking WCW wrestlers if they wanted to stop the match despite not being in a predicament where they might need to, but apparently it’s just how Patrick rolls.  Rewatching this stuff really does show me that he was a terrible referee way before the nWo stuff.  Meng follows his shoulder breaker with a nice old-school piledriver as Heenan gets worried that the Yeti may be in the building.  The Master told us that he was here, but Heenan took that to mean that he was “here” in a spiritual sense alongside the Dungeon of Doom.  He didn’t realize that he was physically in the building.

We’re told that this match is full of “close physical contact…man on man competition.”  Reuse the Mean Gene meme from earlier and apply it to Schiavone if you don’t mind.

Luger is in this match way longer than Randy was in his so there is the question of what sort of toll will that take out on Lex.  Sullivan also keeps talking to Luger randomly through the match and Heenan makes a point that Sullivan isn’t attacking Lex at all despite there being multiple opportunities.  Anyone else turns their back on Sullivan and he’s going to destroy them, but Lex is basically allowed to have a clean match with Meng.  He’s not really out there directing Meng to attack Luger or anything like that, truthfully.  He’s just out there observing more than anything.

Heenan is asked about the man he was having sushi with earlier and Heenan says that’s just one of his Japanese business associates and that it has nothing to do with WCW.  Is Sonny Onoo around at this point?  Didn’t he and Heenan have a kayfabe partnership?  This may be how they bring him in, especially since we’re seeing more Japanese stars show up.  Or, at least wrestlers who were stars in Japan like Benoit, Malenko and Guerrero.  We’ve also got the Cruiserweight division coming up, so that would be a good time to bring all of this together, if it actually has a purpose and isn’t just something they’ll drop.

Luger starts hitting clotheslines like they’re going out of style and Heenan puts over the fact that there’s a steel plate in Luger’s arm due to a motorcycle accident.  This may be the first time this run that they’ve mentioned the Bionic Forearm.

Meng hits Luger with the golden spike and pins Luger, but Sullivan jumps in and kicks Luger, causing him to win via DQ.  Meng isn’t happy about this.

Winner: Lex Luger via Disqualification

We cut to Mean Gene again who is with The Giant in a racing flame suit, but nothing of importance is said, honestly.  He’ll destroy Hogan, etc.

Match #6: Arn Anderson and Flyin’ Brian vs Ric Flair and Sting

Havoc_19951029_0005bAfter the 2 Horsemen enter, Sting enters alone.  They announce him and Flair together, but no Flair.  This does bring me back to something I always liked with WCW.  If the team is two singles stars together, they’ll usually still come out together.  I liked that.

The crowd chants “We Want Flair” a lot but we still get Sting starting off strong and cleaning house through most of the early parts of this match, including one moment at makes him look like a total badass.  Pillman tries to bait Sting in with a handshake, but Sting kicks him in the gut for good measure then picks him up in a gorilla press slam.  He drops Pillman nonchalantly and as he’s falling beckons Arn into the ring.

We get some old Anderson tactics later as Arn rams Sting’s head into an unsuspecting Pillman’s head.  Tony lets us know that Gene and Ole Anderson would sacrifice their own bodies as long as it hurt their opponents, so this is just Arn calling back to that.  The match then swings to the Horsemen controlling Sting.  After a few moments, though, the crowd explodes as Ric Flair makes his way out, in slacks and with a big Havoc_19951029_0003bbandage on his head.  He hits the ring and tries to attack but the ref moves him back to his corner.  The rest of the match runs with Sting taking a beating from Anderson and Pillman and Arn doing a great job of keeping Sting from being able to reach the corner and tag out.  Sting is finally able to tag out; Flair hits the ring, hits the ropes, and punches Sting in the face.  From then on it’s a 3 on 1 beat down on Sting.  Flair pulls off his bandage, revealing that there’s no injury underneath.  They beat Sting down and then head out to meet Mean Gene at the top of the ramp.

Flair is happy and says that “now we go to school!”  Double A tells us to be careful what we wish for.  A lot of bloodthirsty fans asked for it and now they have it.

Winners: Sting and Ric Flair via DQ

We go back to Mike Tenay in the back with Lex Luger.  He asks about Kevin Sullivan’s interference.  Lex says that ever since he came here to “the W…” and you can tell he ALMOST says WWF, but catches it later.  He says that more than one person out there seems to want the Luger/Savage match, so maybe that’s why Sullivan helped him.

We go to our announcers and Heenan goes on a tirade against Hulk Hogan.  He says that Hogan doesn’t deserve to be the champion.  He’s desecrating something that Bobby believes in and does, that being WCW.

We get a recap of the feud yet again, leading us to:

Match #7: Monster Truck Sumo Match – Hulk Hogan vs The Giant

We come back and Schiavone is gone and replaced by Eric Bischoff and Bob Chandler, the builder of both Monster Trucks.  Chandler runs down the specs of both trucks, letting us know how powerful they are.  We then go to the roof for the official rules.

Monster TrucksOn the roof, Hogan and the Giant are in each other’s faces as they get the rules explained.  The two trucks will be welded together and will have to push each other around the circle until one of the trucks is completely out of the circle.  There are also two random explosive charges that could potentially disable the trucks.  We see the trucks get welded together, but I seriously doubt that is happening.  I’m no welder, but I’d imagine welding two giant monster trucks together would take longer than a few seconds to do.

Heenan grabs a quick jab at Hogan with “We always expect Hogan to be slow and he never lets us down.”

The match starts and is basically just ten minutes of the two trucks pushing each other around with quick cuts inside of the cabins so we see both men driving the trucks.  They hit one of the explosive charges but the truck no-sells it, leading to what could have been a really cool wrinkle in the match being a useless throwaway firework.  Eventually Hogan wins.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

After the match, The Giant exits his truck and goes after Hogan.  He charges Hogan and he moves out of the way like he’s Batman fighting Bane in one of the Arkham games, but Giant grabs him by the throat and lifts him up onto the ledge, then follows him up.  Hogan is being choked but he throws his arms up and breaks the choke, causing Giant to lose balance and fall off the roof back first.  Hogan leaps for the ledge, looks down and then yells “Oh no!  Help!  Help!”

From there we cut back to the announcers who are freaking out.

Match #8: Lex Luger vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage

We start the match among Tony and Heenan freaking out about the Giant’s apparent death.  Heenan more so.  Tony tells us that he’ll “be honest with you…we may not have a World Title match.”  Yes, Tony…that’s the important takeaway from this.  Your #1 contender may be dead.  But, the big thing is that the match won’t happen.  Sheesh.

The match starts with Luger trying to make peace, but Savage booting him in the guts and starting the match.

We get info from Heenan telling us that they’re not allowing cameras outside so that’s obviously bad news.

Jimmy Hart makes his way to ringside for no reason.  He’s still wearing his black outfit, but he’s just standing outside of the ring on the floor.

Heenan tells us that Eric Bischoff has left the building with Mean Gene.

In the match the ref tries to stop Randy at one point and Randy takes a swing at him.

Heenan goes apeshit about not getting info about The Giant.  He raises his voice and starts yelling at some off air assistant or camera woman and asks how they can’t just go get info for him.

The fans in the match are booing Lex Luger all while Heenan is doing a great job at selling the Giant’s “death.”  He comes across as genuinely troubled, which is cool.  Savage starts gaining momentum in the match and Jimmy Hart jumps up on the apron and distracts the ref, costing Lex a possible win.  Savage Irish whips Lex towards Hart and Patrick.  Patrick moves, his Spidey-Sense tingling apparently, and Luger barrels into Jimmy Hart.  He falls, elbow drop, and gets the win.

Winner: “Macho Man” Randy Savage

We go back to the announcers who are talking about the Giant again and Tony gets info that Michael Buffer is going to the ring.  Heenan explodes again, tells Tony to forget about Buffer and to go find out what is happening outside.  Tony tells Heenan to do it himself, and Heenan throws down his headset and storms off.  He’s only gone a moment, though, as he comes back and says that there are 500 people in the doorway and it would take him two hours to get outside.  Tony looks like he gives absolutely zero #*%#s.  Heenan says that Tony doesn’t understand how serious this is to him.  He doesn’t know how far back he and the Giant’s father go.    We get a quick replay of what went down on the roof and Heenan again asks why we can’t get any information about what happened.  Tony looks at the camera this entire time with a look that says “This crap again?”  I do have to say that I absolutely love how much Heenan is selling all of this, though.  It’s amazing.

We go to the ring where Michael Buffer begins introducing The Giant, but Hogan’s music comes on and he and Jimmy Hart walk out in total seriousness.  Heenan says that Hogan isn’t dressed to wrestle, despite the fact that he’s in his wrestling gear.

Hogan gets in the ring and takes the mic, saying he’s sorry for killing the Giant.

And out walks the Giant.

Seriously, it was meant to be a shock, but it happened so quickly that the shock was kind of lost.  I would have liked to see it drag out a bit, but it didn’t.  Hogan is scared as hell as Giant gets in the ring for his first official match…ever.

Match #9: WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Hulk Hogan (C) w/ Jimmy Hart vs The Giant w/ Kevin Sullivan

Hogan slowly takes off his black bandana, revealing that his forehead is painted up like Kevin Sullivan’s usually is.  This is supposed to show how evil he is, I guess.  If only Hogan had done anything evil for the last month, it would have made sense.  If they had been slowly making Hogan do more evil and devilish stuff, this being the final expression of that anger and evil would have been a really cool idea.  But, he never did anything.  Hell, he gave a guy a motorcycle earlier…how evil can the guy be?

Hogan starts trying to take down the Giant but can’t.  He hits some clotheslines that do nothing to rattle him and then tries to slam him.  The Giant says no and takes over, clubbing Hogan over the back and going on the offense.  Heenan lets us know that tomorrow on Nitro he’ll be able to tell us what happened to The Giant between his fall and he walking to the ring like nothing was bothering him.

Halloween_Havoc_1995_002The Giant controls the match and goes for Hogan’s leg drop, but Hogan moves and you can just imagine him internally monologue “No one steals my move, brother!”  Hogan takes over now as Back-rakeamania returns from Fall Brawl and Hogan rakes Giant’s back over and over.  You could almost argue that Hogan is wrestling like a heel so the evil may have actually taken over…but this is how babyface Hogan wrestles too.  Seriously, watch his matches over…babyface Hogan always did the most heel stuff.  Heenan really did have a point all these years.  In this match, though, Hogan is definitely more of a heel than the Giant, wrestling wise.

Giant locks Hogan in a bear hug and we spend the better part of three weeks here.  Ref checks the arm, we get two drops, then on the third Hogan starts to Hulk up, leading him into a choke slam but a two count.  Of course Hogan is the first man to barely sell the choke slam…the move that everyone has been taken out by.  Hogan Hulks up again, big boot, hits the leg drop and suddenly the ref hits the floor.  Hogan has the match won, but the ref is out.  Hogan and Jimmy Hart talk a bit; Hogan lifts the ref up and hands him to Hart to get him ready to make the count.  Hogan turns his back; Hart shoves the ref and nails Hogan with the WCW Championship.  Hogan no-sells it, turns on Hart and goes to beat him when the Giant gets up and we’re back to the bear hug.

What was funny is that during the whole Hogan/Hart/ref gimmick, The Giant would randomly look up and around, and then drop his head down.  I don’t know if this was inexperience on The Giant’s part, or if he was playing possum knowing what was coming.  It just cracked me up.

19951029_gianthogancroppedKevin Sullivan attacks at this point, making Jimmy Hart motion to the entrance, presumably for the rest of the Dungeon of Doom.  What he gets, however, is Luger and Savage.  They hit the ring and Savage goes to help Hogan, which brings out the Yeti.  As soon as the Yeti hits the ring, though, Luger turns on Savage.  The Yeti joins the Giant in bear hugging Hogan, but it looks like the most useless, stupidest thing ever.  The Giant has a legit bear hug, but the Yeti, who is a good four or five inches taller than The Giant, just puts his arms around the two of them and looks to apply no pressure.  Luger puts Hogan in the Torture Rack while the Giant and Yeti go to hug on Randy Savage for a while.  Luger drops Hogan and then racks Savage for good measure.

Winner: The Giant by DQ (Hulk Hogan still Champion)

The referee hands The Giant the belt, but we get an announcement that the match ended on a DQ and the title didn’t change hands.  Doesn’t faze Giant, though, as he leaves with the belt held high.

We go off the air with Hogan and Savage in the ring after the beat down.  Heenan is happy at this, but at the end of the day, Hogan is still champ.


Wow, three major heel turns on this PPV.  Flair betrayed Sting, but that was inevitable. Flair will always betray Sting.  I have no idea why Sting even bothered with this one.  Luger was pretty expected, but still, a top babyface joining the Dungeon of Doom is pretty out there, so that part is definitely a bit odd.  Jimmy Hart, though…that was pretty major.  Maybe he got really upset that one time Hogan told him to keep his mouth shut and held that grudge.  It’d be funny if the one tiny thing that Hogan did to show his “dark side” was what caused his buddy to turn.  I honestly can’t wait until Nitro to find this out.

All in all, this did what a good PPV should…despite having some garbage matches in it at times.  It ended a feud in Hawk/Kurasawa.  It got us to new or interesting places with a few feuds, like Sting/Flair and DDP/Johnny B Badd as well as how the world title scene being left with a new top heel in Luger.  Plus now Savage has definite beef with Luger, as does Hogan…and presumably as does Sting.  Remember, it was Sting who was the only man vying for Luger this whole time, so now that Luger is a heel, how does that reflect on Sting?  Some pretty good stuff going forward into World War 3.

The bad, though…the monster truck match was awful.  The Yeti is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in wrestling.  Ever.  So this PPV has THAT going for it.

I’m hoping our next PPV has more cruiserweight action, though.  That’s what this one was missing.  Too much slower action and reliance on old WWF star power.  Time to start making those new midcard stars.

Until tomorrow, wrestling fans!



KoaNitro copyHello everyone and welcome back to our weekly look back into the world of 1995 WCW.  Nitro comes to us this week live from Huntsville, Alabama and is the go-home show leading us to Halloween Havoc, WCW’s second biggest PPV of the year.  WCW has always said that Starrcade is their Wrestlemania, but Halloween Havoc has to be right there at the number two slot.  You could probably hold valid arguments for Fall Brawl or Great American Bash, but Halloween Havoc was always setup to have huge matches so I’m putting it at #2.  As we come on the air, Eric Bischoff lets us know that we’re less than six days away from Havoc as Randy Savage’s music starts playing.  This episode of Nitro is getting off to the fastest start we’ve seen yet as the first entrance song plays within seconds of the show’s open.

Match #1: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Kurasawa (w/ Col. Robert Parker)

The match starts off with Randy getting in Col. Parker’s face and shoving him, leaving an opening for Kurasawa to attack.  Bischoff tells us that Randy has injured his arm and then puts over the fact that Kurasawa was the man who put Road Warrior Hawk on the shelf with a broken arm, so we know what Kurasawa’s main form of offense is going to be.  Kurasawa takes it to Randy for most of this match, honestly.  Randy has been getting his ass kicked for a few weeks now, which is very interesting when you view him at this time as arguably the #2 babyface in the company as far as kayfabe goes, but definitely in the top 5 guys in the entire company at this point.  To see him take a beating and fight back from it really makes the guy he’s wrestling look credible.  Put that against Hogan at this point, who is the John Cena of the era and must be protected at all costs.  The Giant has broken his neck twice and other than a visible , Hogan has sold losing his damn mustache more than he has that neck.

Kurasawa sends us to commercial break with an armbreaker over his shoulder, showing us that he’s really going to zero in on that injury of Savage’s.

October_23,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00001Every match on this show gets a commercial break during it.  It’s odd.  Nitro has been really good about not doing that up to this point, then suddenly they do it in every match!  Watching wrestling for over twenty years now, I’m used to them going to commercial, but WCW has really been doing a good job at presenting wrestling as a true sport in a lot of ways; one of those being not going to break in the middle of a “play,” so to speak.  It really stuck out this time because of how rarely they’ve done this thus far.

Through most of the match, the only offense Savage gets off is finding ways for Kurasawa to dump himself out of the ring.  The first time was Savage grabbing the front of Kurasawa’s trunks and pulling him out.  The second being pulling down the top rope and letting him fly out.  Randy leans against the turnbuckle post and Kurasawa goes for a kick, but Savage moves and Kurasawa wraps his leg around the post in a pretty nasty looking kick.  Savage turns this into a small burst of offense and gets the win with the top rope elbow.  He got the win, but Randy is definitely beat down before heading into Halloween Havoc and the announcers put this over.  He’s got Kamala and then Luger at the PPV, so going in at a disadvantage could be costly.

I mentioned Randy’s getting beat down earlier because of how well it worked in this match.  Randy gets the win through creativity and ring awareness as he’s able to basically incapacitate Kurasawa long enough to hit the elbow drop and get the win.  Other than that, though, Randy is definitely on the receiving end of an ass kicking and comes across looking like he won the match by the skin of his teeth and despite the injury.  It built up Kurasawa nicely and really did a good job selling the injury and the potential for the injury to still be there leading into Halloween Havoc.  Everyone looks good coming out of this.  It really makes me look at Randy in another light and shows me just how good he really was.

We cut from the match to our first look at the announcers of the night.  Bischoff tells us that Hogan, the Giant and the Dungeon of Doom are all in the arena tonight and that there are no restraining orders in place, so who knows what’s going to happen!  Bobby puts over the Lex Luger situation in a pretty damn funny story about the captain of the plane he took into town coming out of the cockpit to ask him if he thought Sting could trust Luger.  Bobby told him to get back into the cockpit and worry about flying the plane and not about Sting and Luger!  It was just such an interesting and funny delivery because he totally put over the idea that EVERYONE is wondering about whether people in WCW can trust Lex Luger, but then he swerves the ending out of nowhere and doesn’t give his thoughts.  I know that this isn’t Bobby’s best work but his run in WCW is really making me appreciate him way more now than I did when I was watching it the first time.  He’s hilarious.  I just wish he had someone to actually play off of in WCW.  No one in the current announce team knows how to work with him and it’s quite sad.  He’s awesome in spite of them.

Suddenly, the lights all go out and the announce team sits in darkness for a few moments before Kevin Sullivan’s father appears on a throne high above the crowd and tells us that the insurance policy has been delivered from its place in the ice and snow and mountains.  It’s the Yeti, we’re told.  That’s right…a yeti.  Abominable snow man.  Snow Bigfoot…in WCW.  We were doing so well, WCW…we really were!  We see a giant block of ice standing behind the announcers and apparently this is what Daddy Sullivan is talking to us about.  A weird thing…now, I may have just not caught it, but the only thing that I know this guy as is Kevin Sullivan’s father.  I haven’t heard him given a name other than maybe the “master” of the Dungeon of Doom.  Yet, any time he addresses the Taskmaster, he calls him “Sullivan.”  Not Kevin.  Just Sullivan.  If he’s Sullivan’s father…it would stand to reason that his name is also Sullivan…so…this just struck me as weird.  They’re not calling him Kevin’s figurative father…they’re selling it as that it’s Kevin’s real dad, so this just seemed weird to me.

We cut to Mean Gene with Kevin Sullivan and The Giant.  Gene gets to ask Kevin “What is this iceberg  all about?”  Poor Okerlund.  He gets to deal with all of the crappy “something coming out of some other thing” angles.  First the Gobbedlygooker, now the Yeti…

Anyway, Sullivan tells us that his father has found him a yeti to be his insurance policy.  He tells us that Hogan has surrendered his colors, he’s now all in black and Kevin now believes that the goodness has left Hogan and he’s filled with the evil that Sullivan always knew was there.  Odd that we here at Ko@2 have a habit of calling John Cena “Hulk Hogan, Jr.” and he’s has this same storyline twice in just a few years.  Of course, we didn’t get an all black John Cena…sadly.  Now…Hogan has done nothing but change his clothes over the last few weeks.  He’s acting no differently except for now telling Mean Gene and Jimmy Hart to shut up occasionally.  Is that really all the goodness that was in Hogan?  It’s all gone now because he doesn’t pretend to like people?  He’s not doing heelish things at all.  He’s just Hogan in black.  We’ll see a much worse Hogan in black just nine months from now, so right now, it’s just Hogan in new clothes so it’s really hard for me to buy into the idea that suddenly there’s no good in him anymore.

The Giant and Sullivan start telling us that they’ve “plucked the whiskers of the rare white Bengal tiger” in reference to shaving Hogan.  It was just so random of a quote and they kept repeating it.  Essentially we break down into another installment of Kevin Sullivan spewing random nonsense.

We were doing so well, WCW…

We go to commercial again and come back yet again with Mean Gene who welcomes “The star of Thunder in Paradise!”

Hogan comes down and tries to out nonsense Sullivan.  The best quote he has totally has to be this…

“But even though I walk through the valley of the Dungeon of Doom, brother, I feel no evil, dude!  Because the only thing to fear is evil itself, brother!  And even though I walk through that dark valley, there’s only one set of footprints, brother!  I don’t fear no man because on my back, I carry all of those little Hulkamaniacs that believe in the prayers, the training and the vitamins, brother!”

I crap on Hogan a lot…but that’s some beautiful stuff there.  To take Psalms 23, FDR’s inauguration speech and Footprints and roll them all into one thing about how you’re a Christ-like figure…that’s amazing.  I gotta give it to him…

Hogan says that after all is said and done, he may just keep the black after Halloween Havoc because everyone knows what a man with black gloves and a black rag on his head is capable of.  Um…what?

Gene asks him about Sting, Luger and Savage and Hogan tells us that Sting is now in the Red and Yellow and growing a Fu Manchu.  He’ll be there for all of them once they figure out who the baddest is.

We get a promo for Saturday Night showing us we’ll have the American Males vs Harlem Heat, Luger vs The Shark, and an appearance from Hulk Hogan.  I kind of wish I had access to Saturday Night because I want to see if Hogan is actually showing up to Saturday Night or if it’s just a pre-tape.  I can’t imagine with Nitro on now that Hogan is stooping to Saturday Night’s level all that much.  I definitely don’t remember him on there at all after Nitro started.

We come back from commercial to:

Match #2: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero & Mr. JL (w/ Alex Wright on crutches)

Seeing Benoit and Malenko coming to the ring together gave me glimpses of Horsemen to be.  Can’t wait for 1998-99 to show up so these two can start teaming a lot more as Horsemen as well as members of Revolution.

I also can’t wait for 1997 so Eddie can change his music.  His 1997 music is so good.  This music he comes out to now is so generic.  It’s terrible.

Alex Wright is on crutches and not in this match due to an injury to his knee that we find out later is cartilage related.  Bobby says that AW blew out his knee trying to imitate some of Disco Inferno’s dance moves, though.  Sorry, Brain, but AW’s moves are so much sweeter than Discos’s.

Don’t those two start teaming up in the future at some point?

October_23,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00006The match starts off with Benoit and Eddie in each other’s faces, shoving one another.  They’ve had one match thus far and they’re doing a great job of showing that they didn’t settle everything in the ring that night.  Really good at building up a potential rivalry here.  Eddie and Benoit start off the match and it’s not long before we get into some good double-teaming by Benoit & Malenko.  You can definitely tell that they’ve been working together as a team before (in ECW as two members of Triple Threat) and it again makes me giddy for the days of them tagging as Horsemen.  We get some good flying from Eddie and JL, including one awesome spot where our future Horsemen are on the floor, JL comes running at the ropes and jumps, then Eddie just tosses him over the top towards their opponents.  It was a really innovative spot.  JL does look good in this match, but you can tell that he’s just not there yet as he’s being outclassed by the other three men in the ring.

We cut to split screen to show us a fight in the back.  It’s Shark and Scott Norton.  I’ve been wondering where the hell Norton was!  The commentators say that this altercation is due to Shark costing Norton the match on 9/11 against Savage, showing us that Scott Norton takes his sweet time when it comes to dealing with personal issues.  Piss him off and you’ve got a month to think about what you did before he arrives, apparently!

For the second time tonight we cut to commercial during a match, coming back to Malenko in control and finding out that Benoit has a busted mouth.  I don’t recall seeing any blood so it wasn’t that bad.

Bischoff tells us that Hulk Hogan has changed and that his mind just isn’t right.  Again…Hogan hasn’t done anything differently other than wearing black and telling Jimmy Hart to shut up…

We get the hot tag to Eddie Guerrero and he cleans house, hitting this beautiful move where he has one in a wrist lock, jumps to the top rope, grabs the other with his feet and rolls them over in a combo arm drag/headscissors.  Eddie was just so damn good!  Alex Wright trips Malenko with a crutch and JL gets a roll up win.  This causes Heenan to really doubt the validity of AW’s knee issues.

Eddie and JL make their way to the back when Eddie is jumped by Brian Pillman, who attacks him then flashes the 4H hand sign.  They’re already in the ring, Brian!  Seriously…at this time, a Horsemen consisting of Arn, Pillman, Benoit and Malenko would have been amazing!  I love Flair, but that idea alone makes me wish this group had formed to feud with a babyface Flair and Sting.

We come back from commercial to a shot of the giant iceberg and…

Match #3: Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) vs Sting and Lex Luger

Harlem Heat come out to some weak ass pyro.  Knowing that eventually Booker T will have pyro that will feel warm all of the way across the arena, even in the cheap seats, this was sad.  It was basically some sparklers and a few pops.

We get a pitch for the hotline (1-900-909-9900!  Kids, get your parent’s permission before calling!) and find out we’ll get info about last night’s “In Your Outhouse!”  At this time in WWF, that’s pretty accurate, honestly.  We follow this with six douches in terrible face paint that spell out WCW and TNT.  Seriously, these guys look like assholes.  Not gonna lie.

Bobby says that Sherri has never looked better and Bischoff sells it like he just told him he likes to drink horse urine.  He says Bobby is sick if he believes that Sherri is beautiful.  Wow, Bisch…that’s a little rough, don’t ya think?  Sherri is no Sunny…but still, she’s not in any way a terrible looking woman.

Sting comes out in red and yellow and a goatee, just like Hogan said.  I really like the look on Sting, honestly.  There’s part of me now that wishes instead of the camo, they all came out in red and yellow at Fall Brawl.  I may have to make that happen when WWE 2K15 comes out, now that I think about it.  Yes, all four men from that team are in this year’s game!  Pretty excited about that.

October_23,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00007All four men start the match jaw jacking in each other’s faces.  Sting and Booker get into this hip toss routine that involves Sting hiptossing Booker T over the top rope, which should have been a DQ (as pointed out by Heenan and Mongo, agreeing oddly enough).  Bischoff says that it wasn’t intentional, though, so no DQ…which is crap.  Sting clearly knows how that move is going to turn out if you watch the match.

We go to the commercials again for the third time tonight during a match.  Really hope this doesn’t keep up.  WCW does such a good job scheduling these things after matches and before interview segments, so I don’t want to start seeing matches cut up if they can avoid it.

Stevie Ray is controlling Luger when we comes back.  We cut to Sherri who is looking at random Polaroids of her and Col. Parker together seemingly backstage somewhere.  Really, it’s just her and him standing beside each other against a wall.  Odd.  You would imagine they would be at a romantic dinner or a beautiful view the way she’s looking at them longingly, but they’re totally just a random pic of the two of them backstage.

Booker goes up top and misses a Harlem Hangover, which makes me sad because I love that move.  It was my most used move on the trampoline back in the day.  Lex gets the hot tag to Sting who clears house, getting a tandem of Stinger Splashes and going for the Scorpion Deathlock on Booker T.  Stevie Ray kicks Sting in the head to break it up, though.  Harlem Heat hit a double vertical suplex to Luger while Sting climbs to the top and comes off with a diving clothesline to Booker T for the win.

They don’t get to celebrate, though, as The Giant and Kevin Sullivan hit the ring.  Sullivan chokeslams Luger while Sting rolls to the floor, prompting the announcers to ask why they let Sting go, playing off of the idea that Giant hasn’t chokeslammed Sting yet.  That goes away, though, as the Stinger gets one as he climbs back into the ring.  Savage runs out to make the save, followed by Hogan.  Hogan waves Savage off and then starts punching the Giant, who no sells it.  The whole Dungeon of Doom hits the ring when Hogan finally starts rocking the Giant with punches.  Hogan and Savage clear house and Hogan goes after the Giant, but WCW security headed by Doug Dillinger wielding a damn billy club stop him.

Then, the floor starts shaking (we’re told) and we hear a rumbling as the show ends with the Yeti (actually a damn mummy) bursting free from the iceberg.  Seriously, that’s where the show ends…mid-burst.  I liked how WCW would cut off in the middle of the action sometimes.  Cliff hangers worked in the early days.  It was just that they eventually wore out their welcome when every show ended with “We’re out of time!” though.  We’ve got a few years before that, however.  This is the first show in this run, though, not to end with the announce team wrapping up, so it did feel abrupt and special, which was cool.


This show felt like it was three steps forward, one step back, though.  We set up some good stuff with Benoit, Malenko and Guerrero, as well as Guerrero and Pillman.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a match with them added to Havoc…or at least next week’s Nitro.  The power struggle between the babyfaces at the top of the card had some interest added with Hogan acknowledging that all of his “friends” are now gunning for him.  That was a cool little wrinkle added.  We got that crazy Hogan promo.

But then we got the Yeti…or Yeh-Tay as we keep hearing it pronounced.  First off, anything bursting out of anything else when it comes to wrestling is stupid…unless it involves Dean Ambrose.  Seriously, we’ve kind of moved from being Kick Out at Punk over here to Kick Out at Ambrose, but if an episode of Nitro had Triple H and Steph saying that they had brought in a Yeti as Seth Rollin’s backup plan, and at the end of the show it burst open and out came Ambrose, that would be the greatest thing ever.  But it wasn’t Ambrose.  It wasn’t the Gobbeldygooker.  It wasn’t Mae Young’s hand baby.  No, it was the Yeti.  And I say “THE” Yeti and not “A” Yeti, because it was actually a mummy.  Yep.  Apparently the Dungeon of Doom aren’t big into cryptozoology.  That’d be like bringing out John Tenta as The Shark but he’s dressed like a clown fish.  Wrong look entirely!

This Halloween Havoc match is going to be terrible.  We can all say that we know this.  The monster truck part is going to be stupid.  The match is gonna suck.  Did we have to involve a mummy?  Seriously, everything is firing wonderfully in WCW land right now EXCEPT for the Dungeon of Doom.  They’re terrible.

With that, we’ll leave the normal write-up part of the show and get on to the show info.  See everyone back here on Wednesday for Halloween Havoc, then Thursday for our next installment of Kick Out at Nitro!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.2

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.6

(Raw 3, Nitro 2) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2 weeks

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – N/A


After two weeks of ties and a week of Raw winning with a terrible showing on paper, Nitro pulls it out for this one.  I guess Yeti = ratings!


WWF Raw results from this week

The British Bulldog defeated Razor Ramon via DQ (7:10)

The Smoking Gunns defeated Rad Radford & The Brooklyn Brawler (2:46)

Dr. Issac Yankem defeated Scott Taylor (2:14)

Shawn Michaels (c) defeated Sid (w/ Ted DiBiase) to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (7:21)


Raw looks better this week than it has for a while, honestly.  Bulldog/Razor and Shawn/Sid were probably pretty good matches.  Still, no Yeti…all I’m sayin’…

Join us back here next week, everyone!  Same Nitro time, same Nitro website!