Leeeeeet’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Posted: January 10, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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First off I’m going to start this post off by saying following Twitter while watching RAW was some of the funniest stuff that I have been a part of in months. Seeing some of the comments by; @femininesmark, @tholzerman, @DerickBody & @RudoReels had me rolling, there were times in the show that I found myself not being able to follow the show as close as I should have due to the shenanigans taking place on Twitter. I think what cracked me up the most was Shane when he realized I was on the Kick Out at 2 account while watching RAW live on TV. That experience made me remember why its fun to be a wrestling fan. Everything in the world of wrestling doesn’t always have to be serious all the time.

This thought process lead me to “Ready to Rumble”; regarded by many as a terrible movie but I will be the first to admit it has become a guilty pleasure. For some reason I just find this flick absolutely hilarious. Maybe because I can honestly see myself in this film as one of the two crazy fans and that’s not a bad thing…. It’s a good thing! *(insert goofy DDP grin here)* – I remember seeing this move in “Movie Starz” here in Pearisburg and rented it watching it with my friend John at my cousin Angie’s house.  Now keep in mind I watched this movie as a core WWF Fan so maybe that’s why I’m not as jaded towards the film as most wrestling fans are.  However I do remember flipping on WCW and watching Nitro the night David Arquette won the WCW Championship and asking myself “Is he really the Champion or is this an angle to promote that movie?” I remember thinking it was weird seeing the guy from Scream holding the belt so I did what most people did… checked to see what The Rock was upto on RAW.

Yes it was a bad idea to try to incorporate the movie back into WCW Nitro, but as movie itself it really is not that bad. Most of the friends that I have acquired over the last 10 years or so are wrestling fans in some form or fashion. I showed my buddy Jeremiah, who’s sole purpose in life was to defeat me in Smackdown vs Raw 2006, the movie and he fell in love with it asking me “Where did you find this?” I found it funny he had never heard of it and was actually enjoying it. My friend Cindy who happens to be the only other person I know to own the DVD can be heard cracking up every time I quote a line from the movie and good old Phil well I can’t count how many times we watched this after playing RAW on XBOX or Wrestlemania x8 on Gamecube.

It’s just a good movie that makes me remember wrestling can be lighthearted and funny as heck, not to mention when you got good friends and company to share it with it always makes it better. There are times when we want serious action and times when we want to see a little comedy. I guess that’s what makes me the style of wrestling fan that I have become.  If you havnt seen this movie and need a good laugh do yourself a favor and check it out. If you can survive the train wreck that is Michael Cole on a weekly basis, you will have no problem enjoying this movie.


**THE DARK MATCH – (Kick Out at 2! Bonus Feature)**

This is for anyone who has issues with David Arquette being WCW Champion, it was all an angle that came to an end on Lopez 🙂

  1. RudoReels says:

    I love this movie. And I have total respect for David Arquette.

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