Squash Match! Why don’t champions enter last?

Posted: January 26, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D, Squash Match!
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For the most part, I don’t have too many bones to pick with wrestling…WWE in particluar.  As long as it isn’t too ridiculous or they don’t do too many things that insult my intelligence, I can say that I honestly enjoy the TV shows and PPV events that it presents.  That being said, I’m one of those fans that as long as it says “WRESTLING” on the marquee, I’m probably going to be down for it.  However, there are things that do bother me a bit, and one of the big ones recently is the fact that WWE doesn’t seem to remember that the Champion is supposed to enter last.

I’ve always seen the Champion entering last as a way of setting them apart from the challenger.  They’re the one you should anticipate seeing.  They’re the more important person in the story because they’re the one that is being chased.  They’re the one that has to be toppled.  Even in an instance where you’re trying to make someone seem important, or that you’re using the championship to elevate that performer,  the Champion should still be portrayed as the most important person in the match…at least until the end.

I see WWE offering the last entrance slot more often than not to the “most poplar” person in the match, meaning that John Cena is almost always the last one to enter.  Sure, his pop is the one that’s always going to be loudest, and he’s the most popular person in the match, but when they put the challenger in the final slot, it always seems, to me, that they’re putting them as more important than the Championship.

I may be alone in this, or at least alone in my thinking about it, but the Champion entering last was always one of those things that I liked.  It did, in my mind, always make the Champion more important.  I’d love to see this come back as a hard rule in wrestling, not just in title matches, but any match that a champion is involved in.  If we have a six man tag match and the WWE Champion is in the match, he should be the one that walks out last.  Heck, I see them use the tag rops in every tag team match, and no one’s even pointed out the rule as it pertains to tag ropes in like twenty years.  If we can uphold that rule, why can’t we uphold the entrance order?


  1. Christine says:

    I love that you’re citing Wikipedia!

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