Ko@2 Official Royal Rumble Predictions!

Posted: January 27, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in PPV Predictions, Special Features
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This is a very short card but I’m sure The Rumble will be about an hour long. Also I see the Title matches getting a good amount of time based on who is involved in them; expecially The WWE Title match. You guys know the format so here we go…

John Cena vs Kane

Robbie’s Pick – Kane. I see this being what finally pushes Cena and causes him to get a fire lit under his ass. He’s gonna need something more than your plain vanilla good guy attitude going up against The Rock. Unless Cena gets a little passion behind him The Rock is gonna eat him alive, even more so than he already has.

Shane’s Pick –  Kane.  By DQ.  I see Cena actually showing a bit of agression here and giving into the hate a bit, maybe taking a chair to Kane or something like that and costing himself the match so that we can carry this into Elimination Chamber.

Derick’s Pick – Kane.

Steel Cage Match for The World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show vs Mark Henry

Robbie’s Pick – Daniel Bryan. I just don’t see him dropping the title so soon. Dude is an amazing wrestler and seeing him in a Main Event at Wrestlemania will be awesome!

Shane’s Pick – Daniel Bryan.  Henry’s still hurt, so I expect Bryan and Show to do the most in this match, and Show has Shaq coming up at Mania by all accounts, so Bryan isn’t going to lose this one.

Derick’s Pick – Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler (Special Guest Referee John Laurinaitis)

Robbie’s Pick – CM Punk. Punk should keep it here. Just like Daniel Bryan I look for him to walk into Wrestlemania as Champion.

Shane’s Pick – CM Punk.  I almost erased this and put Ziggler, but with Mania just two months away, I don’t think so.

Derick’s Pick – CM Punk

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Robbie’s Pick – Chris Jerichio. I want to see Y2J vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania for The WWE Championship so bad it’s unbelievable. I’m going with Chris Jericho as my official pick. Wild Card Scenario: CM Punk or Daniel Bryan. One of these men win The Rumble and challenges the other to a title unification match at Wrestlemania. 60-Min Iron Man Title Unification Match anyone? 🙂

Shane’s Pick – Chris Jericho.  Part of me really thinks he’s going to be #30, and with #29 and whoever else is in the ring at the time eliminating each other, so that #30 will automatically win the Rumble.  It would keep with Jericho doing nothing lately, and winning the Rumble by default would be the ultimate troll!  Wild Card Scenario: Ziggler pulls double duty again and he faces Punk at Mania while Jericho goes on to wrestle Taker.

Derick’s Pick – Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler looses his match and goes on to win the Rumble to secure he headlines Wrestlemania. Wild Card Scenario: Y2J eliminates himself doing his normal “trolling” as we watch Brodus Clay Win The Rumble. “Somebody Call My Momma! NEW FAVORITE WRESTLER EVER, NEW FAVORITE WRESTLER EVER, NEW FAVORITE WRESTLER EVER!Sorry didnt mean to “JR – Stone Cold!” that.

It’s a new year, new standings.  If you want to have your picks counted as well, give us a shout either in the comments section, or at kickoutat2@gmail.com (subject: Rumble Predictions) and we’ll include you in the running tally of Pick ‘Em results on the site.  Good way to make Ko@2 interactive!

  1. Imagine… Jericho is, say, #28 or #29, clears out the ring, and eliminates himself before #30 even comes out.

    Brodus comes out and is announced the winner.
    MY BAD! Dance party.

    Works for me…

  2. Also I like shane’s idea of a 28/29 double elimination letting Jericho win it without even touching them. If they do this, though, he never should have spoke on Raw, to be honest.

  3. Wait, wait. “New year, new standings”?!?! I thought they carried over!!! Somebody’s gonna get their wig split because they called my Momma!

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