Ko@2! Official Royal Rumble Prediction Results

Posted: January 30, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in PPV Predictions, Special Features

Not an awful showing from the WWE, honestly.  I (Shane) can’t say that I enjoyed seeing all of the announcers in the Rumble, but what can you do?  WWE threw in two unannounced matches again, so our Predictions won’t follow the full card, but let’s see how we did.

Shane – 2/2

Robbie – 2/2

Derick – 2/2

Now, that’s interesting.  Of course, we all picked the same winners except for the Rumble, where we were all three wrong, but to leave the first PPV of the new year on a tie…going to be an interesting run this year if that’s any indication.

See you all back in February for the Elimination Chamber!

**THE DARK MATCH – (Kick Out at 2! Bonus Feature)**


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