Rise Above Redundancy

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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A year ago I was just as excited as any wrestling fan out there when it was confirmed that The Rock would be returning to the ring for a match against John Cena at this years Wrestlemania. I’m still looking forward to that match but at the same time John Cena has shocked me by not changing at all. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Cena is spewing the same ol’ stuff day in and day out.

It seems like for a year now the only thing we hear from Cena is his constant crying of “The Rock left us, I’m here all the time…. blah, blah …You Can’t See Me… blah, blah…”, Now I’m one of the biggest Rock fans out there, hell he was the reason I stayed a wrestling fan after HBK left after his injury but I understand The Rock is not a full time wrestler anymore. When The Rock came back and said he “was never leaving again” I like most people took that as a legends deal meaning we would see him from time to time as needed like HBK and Stone Cold.

It seems like Cena’s only complaint is The Rock doesn’t work every show and maintain the traveling schedule the WWE Superstars go through on a weekly basis. Honestly though why should he? The Rock has nothing left to prove and every appearance we see of him is a bonus at this point. All 9 of his World Championships were earned and not given to him in a game of “hot potato” like Cena’s. He along with Stone Cold, Triple H and The Undertaker carried RAW through the Monday Night Wars (WCW Nitro would have ate the John Cena character alive …think about it.)

This would almost be as ridiculous as Cena saying The Undertaker isn’t a huge staple and contributing factor in the WWE because he only works a very limited schedule or that Triple H is selling out by taking over the operations of The WWE instead of working every match.. in every arena… on every night of the week possible.

The Rock’s appearances being few and far between in WWE are what makes them special. He isn’t shoved in our faces every week in a different colored t-shirt while the people in the back hope this is the week he isn’t booed out of the building.  Honestly Cena should take a page out of The Rock’s book and disappear from time to time, like the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Maybe just maybe if Cena wasn’t on TV all the time with the same arguments or matches over and over again, other people would have a chance to shine and Cena would actually be appreciated when he was needed.

The Rock is what he is – a cultural icon, you can see him in WWE, Movies, TV shows… basically you can’t find any form of entertainment that doesn’t know or respect The Rock and his career. So Cena can be mad at The Rock for bettering himself by becoming a mega-star in and out of the ring. If Cena says his prayers, eats his vitamins and practices his 6 moves of doom really, really hard as he waits for The Marine 3 to debut straight to DVD maybe just maybe Cena will be in the same league as The Rock…

  1. Thor says:

    Rob – I understand how you feel about Cena and the Rock. I feel that at Mania the Rock will win, and I hope that makes everybody happy. If I had my way HBK would show up and deliver “Sweet Chin Music” to both of them, but I don’t think that will happen, so I will be happy as long as Santino wins whatever match he is in.

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