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I’ve been meaning to sit down to write up some reviews for a while now, and after having a quick Twitter conversation last night with @RudoReels, I decided to sit down and finally get through some of the wrestling DVD awesomeness I’ve acquired from him over the last month or so and get to reviewing it.

The first up is The Best of PAC.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love the “Art of Wrestling” podcast with Colt Cabana.  I’m a huge Cabana fan and I love listening to stories from the world of wrestling from wrestlers that I’ve grown to be a fan of.  The other part of Colt’s podcast that I love, though, is the new wrestlers that I’ve learned about through it.  There are quite a few of them, like Willie Mack, Bison Smith, Sammi Calahan, etc, that I had never heard of before, but found myself really interested in their stories on the podcast.  Now, I had heard of PAC before, but only really seeing his name pop up in some online forums and things like that, and honestly, for the first few times I saw it, I actually thought they were talking about Sean Waltman.  Only later did I discover that they were actually talking about someone else.  I always saw praise for his work when I would see his name, and after hearing his podcast episode with Colt, I decided I had $2.99 to burn and headed over to

First off, the video clarity on the DVD itself is nice.  Everything was crystal clear and I really enjoyed the picture quality.  Having been used to getting my puroresu fix from scratchy old VHS tapes for years, I’m always happy to get some clear video for these shows.

The DVD has eight matches:

  • PAC vs. Yamato
  • PAC vs. Naoki Tanizaki
  • PAC & Super Shisa vs. Dragon Kid & Ricochet
  • PAC vs. Ricochet
  • PAC vs. Naruki Doi
  • PAC vs. Dragon Kid
  • PAC & BxB Hulk & Yoshino vs. CIMA, Dragon Kid & Ricochet
  • PAC & Dragon Kid vs. CIMA & Ricochet

The first match, with PAC and Yamato, was a good introduction to PAC as a wrestler, I thought.  It was good, quick paced action and really showcased PAC’s high-flying abilities.  There were some pretty awesome moves through the match, including a spot with PAC side-stepping a charge by Yamato that has him bounce off the ropes chest first into a beautiful snap German suplex from PAC.  The second one that really got me to notice was what I can best explain as Yamato doing an inverted Kryptonite Krunch.  The only real down side I saw to the match was at one point PAC does what is basically a shooting star press into a kick to the back of Yamato’s head that I thought looked kinda stupid, but to each their own.

The second match with Tanizaki was a pretty good  match as well.  There was a pretty awesome spot where Tanazaki teased a superplex to the floor outside but it was blocked and reversed into a super frankensteiner to the floor.  We also saw a cool reversal of Tanazaki’s finish (what I can best describe as a Jig-N-Tonic if you watch any Chikara) into a Ligerbomb as well as said finish off of the second rope.

The third match was what really got me excited, though, as I have also heard a lot about Ricochet and wanted to see him in action, so to get 4 matches on this DVD featuring him was a treat.  I thought the tag match really flowed nicely, with tons of quick action and lots of high-flying.   There were some spots with the wrestlers seemingly pulling off armdrags from every imaginable angle that really made me sit up and get into the match. The ref seemed to lose control a few times as Dragon Kid and Ricochet were given carte blanche to double team Super Shisa during parts of the match, but overall I really enjoyed the match.

After the tag match, I was happy to see a one on one bout with Ricochet and PAC.  Again, more high flying and very quick work from  both, including some nice reversals and chain wrestling.  I thought the match ended a bit abruptly and,  honestly, I don’t care much for PAC’s finish (a 360 shooting star press), so I have to say this one let me down just a bit.

Matches five and six were good singles bouts that, again, showcased the quickness and great high flying that seems to be what’s on the menu at Dragon Gate.

The last two matches, though, were worth the price of admission.  I love Trios matches, and match number seven made me feel quite happy as I sat back and just enjoyed.  Awesome double team and triple team moves from both teams, including an amazing minute or so that seemed to involve almost everyone on the Dragon Gate roster.  Move after awesome move after awesomer move was the name of the game in this one, and it was easily the best match on the DVD.

Match number eight brought things to a close nicely, as it was the fourth meeting of PAC and Ricochet on the DVD, and also included CIMA and Dragon Kid, both of who are showcased on this DVD as well.  The awesome tag wrestling and double teaming carried over from the previous match into this one, including quite a few rapid-fire moments of PAC taking moves that made me sit up, eyes wide, and wonder how he wasn’t dead.  To cap it off, PAC hits a jumping-backwards 450 splash…a move that I imagined about 8 years ago and have since wondered if it could actually be done.  If nothing else, PAC proved that my little dream move (that apparently I wasn’t the only one dreaming of) existed, so he’s got a fan out of me for that.

So, with the end of match number eight, my first foray into the world of PAC, and also into the world of Dragon Gate, was complete, and I feel that I came out a better wrestling fan for spending the two hours to check it out.  PAC has what it takes to be a name in the business.  He really does.  Whether or not he’ll step out of Dragon Gate and start making headway here in the states or not, I don’t know, but I honestly feel he could easily step into an Evan Bourne / Kofi Kingston slot in the WWE and shine.  Sure, he’d be a bit tamer and not as crazy as he is in Dragon Gate (from what I saw on this DVD), but, honestly, I think that would be a good step for him.  I enjoyed watching him wrestle, but I really do feel that he has some things that he could do to tighten up his game.  He’s got some wasted movement, in my opinion.  He’ll flip for no reason at times, seemingly just to prove that he can do it.  Also, I feel he has an over-reliance on the shooting star press.  I know in one match I saw him do at least 4 or 5 different versions of the move.  I love a good SSP, but a little bit can go a long way, especially when your finish is a variation of the move to begin with.

This DVD was an enjoyable two hours of wrestling that introduced me to PAC, as well as Dragon Gate as a whole, including CIMA and Ricochet, both of which I’m almost certain I’ll be tracking down Best Of’s sometime in the future.  The wrestling gives off that awesome feeling that I used to get when I would watch the cruiserweights in WCW, and I think that any fan of that style of wrestling, or any fan of the X-Division in TNA, would enjoy it.

If you’ve got $2.99 to spare, head over to and check it, or any of the other awesome DVDs over there, out.


  1. Thanks for the mention, guys-

    Credit where due, I carry this great collection but IVPvideos created it.

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