Squash Match! – Because He’s The Miz and He’s Awesome….sorta.

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Squash Match!
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Ok guys, sorry about not updating the site in awhile but I have been currently in the process of a move and haven’t had the time between work and this. Also I have been working on a big project that will be a major part of “Kick Out at 2!: The Webshow” (Title not official) However I have made time to keep up with Monday Night Raw and catching Smackdown when I can. While I am loving the way the Chris Jericho and CM Punk feud is coming together and The Rock & Cena stuff is always entertaining, one thing has been bugging me…. What the hell happened to The Miz?

Like the dude has been saying, this guy Main Evented Wrestlemania last year and actually kept the title . Yes the attention was primarily on The Rock but this guy was the Champion and really got the raw deal here. It’s like all eyes were on what would happen between The Rock and John Cena and Miz kinda got swept under the rug. This guy needs to be elevated back to the main picture and stat!

Maybe there is something big planned for him. Maybe something is happening right now on RAW I don’t know about since I’m not currently watching but please WWE do something with The Miz. Turn him face? Send him to Smackdown? Just do something and do it now!

Robbie C.


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