Wrestlemana Entrances: Possibly my favorite part of Mania!

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D, Wrestlemania Week!
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There are a lot of things that I love about Wrestlemania.  Wrestlemania, without a doubt, is my Super Bowl.  My World Series.  My NCAA Championship (unless Florida happens to be playing, then we’re tied…).  To me, Wrestlemania, in a lot of ways, is the culmination of the year in wrestling.  It’s the Grandest Stage of them all, and one of my favorite things about Wrestlemania is the fact that it’s a stage where things can happen that normally don’t.  Amazing and elaborate entrances are the biggest part of that to me.

My first Wrestlemania as a WWF fan was Wrestlemania 12.  I got into WWE in 1996 and I remember watching Mania that year off of a VHS tape at my friend Chris’s house.  That Wrestlemania has always stuck with me, despite the fact that it’s essentially held together by a single match.  That match, though, is in my top three matches of all time, and that entrance by Shawn Michaels was, and still is, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in wrestling.

Watching Jose Latherio comes out to HBK’s music and point to the heavens, revealing Shawn himself standing there, I remember thinking “how in the hell is he going to get down from there,” especially in a pre-Crow Sting world.  Watching Shawn soar out over the Anaheim crowd worked wonderfully to show the difference between him and Hart, the no-nonsense champion who walked to the ring with just his music.  It left an impression on me, made me a Shawn Michaels fan for life, and worked to show me just what Wrestlemania could be.

Shawn’s Wrestlemania 25 entrance was pretty sweet, too, and another good contrast to who he was working with.  However, when two of my favorite entrances are in two of the best Wrestlemania matches to have ever taken place, it’s not hard to understand why I’m such a fan of the special entrance,  or HBK himself.

Another of my favorites was always Undertaker’s from Wrestlemania XX.  This is one that I thought was wonderfully capped off both by the storyline before the match and the way that the match began.  We had seen the druid entrance before, so while a cool visual, it wasn’t something groundbreaking, but the fact that before this Kane didn’t even believe his brother would be making it to Mania, seeing all of the pageantry involved put an exclamation mark on the fact that, yes, the Undertaker was going to wrestle him at Wrestlemania.  My favorite part, though, is after the long entrance, Kane just stares at him dumbfounded, and even reaches out to touch him to verify he’s real.  The moment Kane lays a finger on Taker, Taker just goes off on Kane and creates one of my favorite Wrestlemania moments ever.

Of course, we can’t talk Wrestlemania entrances without mentioning HHH and John Cena.  Despite the fact that, honestly, I haven’t really cared for most of the Mania entrances from either of these guys, they both get it.  Of course, both of them were in what I thought was the most hideous of the special entrances at Wrestlemania 22, as I thought HHH the Barbarian was laughable, and Cena’s Chicago gimmick was only cool to me due to the fact that I saw CM Punk hanging off of his limo.  However, last year’s HHH entrance, with “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and the Spartan phalanx unveiling him in that awesome skull mask was the epitome of badass.  Couple that with Taker’s entrance to that haunting Johnny Cash song, and the fact that at one point, due to the smoke and the video in the background, it looked like Taker had just strolled to the ring from another dimension (namely the one at the end of Ghostbusters!), it produced an amazing few minutes that I’m incredibly upset didn’t make it over to the Blu-Ray release.

Cena’s had a few that I have liked, though.  I liked his entrance at Wrestlemania 23 with the Mustang, as well as his entrance with all of the poser John Cenas coming out to his Word Life theme.  Heck, I even liked the one last year with the choir singing the entrance to his song.  I’m very interested in seeing what he has cooked up for on Sunday, since Cena’s been the one to really push the special entrance thing ever since he got into the main event scene.

Even though it’s not really an entrance, per se, I want to give a special shout out in this write-up to Rey Mysterio, for appealing to the comic geek in me almost every Wrestlemania.  The fact that I’ve watched a wrestler come to the ring as The Flash, Daredevil, The Joker and Captain America is pretty freaking awesome.

What are some of your favorite Mania entrances?



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