Wrestlemania Week! – My Thoughts on The Rock vs John Cena

Posted: March 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C, Wrestlemania Week!
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After watching RAW and me re-reading previous post I’m still thinking about The Rock vs John Cena. The match that has been hyped for a year goes down in 4 days now and the main question about this match is of course who is going to win? With all the buildup and back and forth The Rock and Cena have had over social media one has to ask yourself, shouldn’t there have been more shown on TV? Most importantly the last RAW before Wrestlemania?

Now don’t get me wrong I followed every tweet, video, picture and whatever else they would do back and forth to get under each others skin over the year but for the Non-Twitter users and Facebooker’s out there shouldn’t WWE have sent us into the PPV with these two actually having a good ol’ fashion beat down and pull-apart at the end of RAW? I honestly believed WWE dropped the ball and should have ended RAW with The Rock and John Cena being guest stars on Piper’s Pit, a simple thought that would have added even more gas to this already burning bright fire. I’m not saying this was a bad ending, both men were brutally honest with each other but the time for talk is over.

This brings me to my next point. A lot of people are saying this is a “Passing of The Torch Match” where The Rock hands over The WWE to John Cena like Hogan did for The Rock at Wrestlemania x8. To this I disagree. John Cena has nothing to prove anymore and clearly is not in need of the proverbial “push”. There is absolutely no reason The Rock needs to put over Cena in this match and the scenario should not play out the way it did at Wrestlemania x8. The difference between now and then is this time its pure baby face vs another pure baby face.

Wrestlemania x8 had a clear story The Rock was the good guy, Hogan was the bad guy. The People wanted Hollywood Hogan to return to his old ways and let Hulkamania run wild yet again. The Rock being The People’s Champion was the key to this. That year we saw The Rock beat Hogan cleanly and Hulkamania returned shortly after the 3 count when The NWO turned on Hogan allowing The Rock to make the save. This was one of the times when Hogan did something that was right for the business and for that he has my respect.

This time though the story is purely based on who the fans like and respect more. From the chatter on the internet I kinda get the feeling that 60% is pulling for The Rock and 40% is pulling for Cena. Plain and simple John Cena is without a doubt this generations Hulk Hogan. The kid’s love the guy, he is the face of the WWE now and Vince’s go to man. For that he has earned my respect but at the same time I’m like most of us out there and the guy has just grown tiresome with his 5 moves of doom, his “Never Give Up Attitude” and his ability to always be like Superman by never selling moves or injuries and brushing off a loss with the “Oh Well?” attitude.

Cena stated on TV that he will not change who is is but honestly this is exactly what needs to happen in some form of fashion!  The biggest shock moment Hogan ever did was when he turned heel and joined the NWO at 1996’s Bash at The Beach. I know Cena will not turn heel but if for some reason WWE throws a swerve at us I couldn’t think of a better time to do it than in Rock’s hometown in Cena’s biggest match of his career. Another scenario that could play out is Cena’s mindset changes because he looses cleanly to The Rock and realizes he is not the Superman like God that he thinks he is. Cena needs to be shaken and brought down a few levels and a loss at Wrestlemania or the heel turn would be something to change WWE’s posterboy. Like Rock said, we are just tired of being force feed the current John Cena and it needs to change.

The Rock would not be returning to do this unless it was for the greater good. The Rock is just as passionate about his love for wrestling as Cena is but has simply chosen to entertain us on various other platforms and has became the most recognizable WWE personalty of all time by doing so. He has transcended the face of entertainment as we know it, if it were not for The Rock the WWE would not be as main stream as it is today. For the Rock to return, go out of his way to come back to something that he doesn’t really need to do… but wants to do, only to loose in his home town to an already established Superstar makes no sense to me at all.

There are so many factors to take into account for this match but one thing I’m almost willing to bet money on is this is not a “Once in a Lifetime Match” and we will see The Rock vs John Cena II within the coming year. All eyes are still on this match and this Wrestlemania is going to be amazing. With the success of announcing this match a year in advance I for one hope to see CM Punk and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the ring the night after Wrestlemania to announce a match at Wrestlemania 29 in a similar fashion. For now though I will just put that case of whoop ass back in the cooler until next year and keep my attention on Sunday where I will be one of The Millions(…and MILLIONS!) pulling for The Rock.

– Robbie C.


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