Squash Match! – Will Super Cena Return?

Posted: April 4, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C, Squash Match!
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Sunday we got the result that every die hard Wrestling Fan wanted and that was John Cena loosing the “Once in a Lifetime Match” against The Rock. That night I was on cloud nine after Rocky got the win fair and square. I couldn’t believe that Cena did the right thing for the business and lost in a way that was not surrounded by outside shenanigans or other questionable means that would have compromised or tainted that victory.

The next night on RAW we were shocked to see Cena on the receiving end of an F-5 from a returning Brock Lesnar. Cena had came out to address The Rock and congratulate him on his victory only to see Brock Lesnar emerge from the back. Now this has me thinking as much as I am loving seeing Cena get knocked down and taken out by mega-superstars will we see this lead to a loosing streak and transform Cena into a new character. While part of me loves this a big part of me fears that Super-Cena will end up making a return and have his sights set on the ultimate challenge.

Cena said that critics will make a point to judge him by his loss to The Rock but made a point to say it will not define his career. What if we haven’t seen the last of The Undertaker and Cena is the man destined to end the Undertaker’s Streak? I’m pretty sure that would make him the most hated Superstar ever. I’m not saying this should happen but one thing can be said. With The Rock wanting The WWE Championship and Brock being back it will surely be an interesting year for John Cena and the rest of The WWE.


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