Andy Leavine apparently not Tough Enough.

Posted: April 25, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Yes Congratulations to “Big Andy”! This dude won Tough Enough and last year and apparently blew it as he was released from WWE on Monday. Now this comes as no shock to me whatsoever and honestly if your reading this you probably feel the same way. Now dont get my negativity on this matter wrong I was a huge, HUGE fan of this Tough Enough so much so that I would love to see the concept return to TV one more time. That being said however I was not pleased with the final winner.

Shane, Derick and myself were sitting in O’ Charley’s in Christiansburg, VA about 2 months back and we got on the topic of this guy. Derick asked “What ever happened to that Andy guy that won Tough Enough?” as soon as that question hit I knew it was vent time. Like I said this was a cool concept that all three of us liked and all three of us had a different person we wanted to win. Shane had turned my attention to M-Dogg 20 and knew he would be good. I was pulling for Luke Robinson and Derick had Jeremiah Riggs. We all pretty much agreed that any of those three would have been not only the better choice but the right choice.

Shane’s exact words to answer Derick’s question were “You will never see that guy again.” We had a small laugh but gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking they may do another season of Tough Enough. We thought we may see Andy in the Royal Rumble just for exposure for the show, boy were we wrong.

Tough Enough was like a really good movie that had a weak ending. I know a lot of people just didn’t care for Andy winning and after he violated the drug policy I knew he would probably never be on RAW again. I’m sure if WWE wanted to they could offer someone like the other three who really wanted to be there a chance to shine. I just hope Andy didnt kill the chance of another season of “Tough Enough” 😦

-Robbie C.

  1. To tag up on Robbie’s post, I think the problem lies within Tough Enough itself. I love the concept of the show but never felt it was presented in the right way. Look at The Ultimate Fighter, for instance…or, as I like to call it, Tough Enough done right. TUF doesn’t go out and get guys who have never stepped foot into the MMA world and try to teach them MMA. But, for the most part, that’s what TE has always done. Sure, this year they finally branched out and gave a chance to guys who have had training, but still, in most cases it was minimal at best, and in my mind, no one really showed that they deserved a WWE contract at the end of that show.

    I’ve always said that Tough Enough needs to scour the Indy ranks and go for guys that are pretty much already there…they just need evaluation. My dream Tough Enough from a few years ago would have been one featuring Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, CM Punk, Samoa Joe…all back when they were tearing up the Indies. If they were to re-do a season now, I’d love to see one with Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, Colt Cabana…new guys who need the break, but are talented as all get out. I don’t want to watch another princess who’s never been inside of a ring try to win a WWE contract for two weeks worth of work.

    I knew when he won that Andy would never be seen on TV. It’s sad, because Tough Enough is such a great concept, and this season was so good, but when the winners NEVER go on to do anything, why bother watching it. They need to step it up on the selection process, in my opinion.


  2. Derick B. says:

    Ok. My turn now (I guess this is a 6-Man tag…). I agree with both of youse guys. The concept is/was absolutely brilliant, but does need to be tweaked. If they go Indy, let them go International, too. Lets go CMLL, WWA, All Japan, Big Japan, All Star, etc. I know that WWE has been trying to branch out internationally, with guys like Mistico (Sin Cara), Dos Caras, Jr. (ADR) and bringing back “Albert” <-Not technically International, but he has been gone for years, and has made HUGE steps in the right direction in the ring. The point I'm attempting to make is that sometimes the best wrestlers ARE overseas. Liger, Tiger Mask, Muta, Misawa, and the list goes on and on. Don't be afraid to venture Far East or to Mexico when you're looking next time WWE, you won't be disappointed. 

    Lastly, there has only be 1 exception to the rules: The Miz. The guy came into Tough Enough and worked his ass off. To my knowledge, he had little to no experience coming into WWE and Tough Enough, but made it. Alot of his success depended heavily on his charisma and mic skills early, but once he honed his in-ring, he took off. I'm not sure what has happened recently, but, I really hope Miz or WWE doesn't drop the ball and let him fade into mid-card Hell. The guy has talent, has a personality,  and can work. I'm beginning to question his hunger to be the best, but that is for another topic. 

    The Champ has spoken.   

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