Ko@2! Official Extreme Rules PPV Predictions!

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in PPV Predictions, Special Features
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We are a month removed from Wrestlemania 28 and all the Wrestling World is talking about is the return of Brock Lesnar. We all knew Brock was close to signing a deal that night but I don’t think any of us thought he would be headlining this PPV with John Cena. It’s awesome having Brock back and it’s pretty cool to be talking about him here at The Kick Out at 2! Extreme Rules PPV Predictions.

“Extreme Rules Match”: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

Robbie’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – I’m honestly using the same logic as I did with The Rock. Why would you have a Mega-star return to the company and look weak in his return? As crazy as Brock’s demands where Monday Night I’m sure him not looking like a looser in his return match was part of the real deal he made with WWE.

Shane’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Vinny Mac paid a good amount of money for Brock, so I figure he’s going to get put over strong here.  I expect this feud to run a good long while, though.

Derick’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Why, because he’s F****** Brock Lesnar!!!! – HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!!

“2-out-of-3-Falls Match” for The World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – As much as Daniel Bryan is over I’m still behind my theory that WWE has moved past month long title reigns, I hope.

Shane’s Pick: Sheamus – That strap isn’t leaving Sheamus any time soon…despite how much I want it to.  Seriously, just not a fan…

Derick’s Pick: Sheamus – Shifting the main event picture to Sheamus and Alberto and or Christian.

“Chicago Street Fight” for The WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – Punk’s hometown so by WWE Logic this could go either way. I know they are going to be finishing up CM Punk’s Blu-ray Documentary at this PPV so I’m kinda hoping for Punk to retain. That being said I still believe Y2J will be the next WWE Champion.

Shane’s Pick: Chris Jericho – Going against the grain and betting against my guy, but I figure that Jericho is going to get the upper hand here and lead us into one more match.

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk – Fozzy is going on tour and Y2J’s WWE future is in doubt because of it. Punk has delivered on everything he has said so a lengthy title reign is fitting for him.

“Falls Count Anywhere Match”: Randy Orton vs Kane

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton – Ok the “Wrestlemania Rematch” they had on Smackdown the Friday after Wrestlemania was a hell of a lot better than whatever they attempted at  Wrestlemania 28. I just want Orton to win this and get the hell out of this terrible story line. Orton vs Bryan now please!

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – Of course, when we all pick Randy, he usually jobs.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton – Please see Rob’s comment above.

“Mystery Match” for The Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show

Robbie’s Pick: The Big Show – With the stipulation set to be announced just mere moments before this match starts this is kinda of the wild card. I know last month I picked Big Show so he could have his “Wrestlemania Moment” but honestly I’m not really sure about this one .

Shane’s Pick: Cody Rhodes – Show got his Mania moment…put it back on Cody.

Derick’s Pick: The Big Show – I just don’t see Big Show loosing the title that quick. It would be stupid to move the title off Cody to begin with.

United States Championship Match: Santino Marella vs. The Miz

Robbie’s Pick: Santino Marella – This match is part of The PPV but not really. It’s going to serve as the opener to the PPV and will be streamed live on YouTube. It pains me to see The US Title and The Miz being downgraded this much but hopefully it is for a greater good in the long run. Santinio will win to start everyone off on a happy note.

Shane’s Pick: Santino Marella – I really have no comment.

Derick’s Pick: The Miz – Brodus and Santino are next in line for The Tag- Team Championships. Put the US Title back on The Miz and let him rise tot he top again.

Divas Championship Match: Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix

Robbie’s Pick: Nikki Bella – I miss Trish and Lita. 😦

Shane’s Pick: Kharma

Derick’s Pick: Nikki Bella – … or Mickie James…. “What is TNA!?”


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