Last night’s “Go Home” show makes me want to STAY home…

Posted: May 15, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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Credit WWE.ComSomewhere along the line, WWE forgot what the Go Home show means, apparently.  Sure, we’ve still got Smackdown coming up on Friday, so it’s technically not the last show before Over the Limit, but who are we kidding?  The last Raw before the PPV is what is there to sell the PPV to those who haven’t already decided to buy it yet.  It’s supposed to get everything up to a nice boil so that we’re ready to plunk down our hard earned money to see what happens.

Last night’s show did exactly the opposite of that, in my opinion.

First we start off with the coolest guy in the room, our COO, HHH.  Hunter has really been getting on my nerves lately with the fact that he downplays everything and makes it inconsequential.  It’s like he came out last night with the sole purpose of making Brock Lesnar look like a failure.  Hell, I’m actually shocked he wore the arm brace at all, and didn’t come out doing cartwheels just to show that Brock breaking his arm meant less than nothing.  What got me most about this segment, though, was when HHH just threw the lawsuit papers back at Heyman and left the ring.  Now, I know that King Hunter is supposed to be so cool that he doesn’t worry about being sued, but don’t you think for a moment that maybe HHH’s kayfabe lawyers, or WWE’s for that matter, would be interested in looking that paperwork over?  Hunter shrugs off his double lawsuit and leaves, setting us up, I’m certain, for the HHH/Lesnar match this summer that HHH will win, just to prove that he’s better than THAT guy, too.

We move on then to setting up our Divas match for the PPV, which played to an absolutely silent crowd, and lasted all of about a minute, as is customary for the Divas matches.  I know that there are Divas fans out there.  There have to be…I’d hope.  That being said, does anyone care that Layla’s back?  Honestly, can barely remember who she is…

After a six month build up, Kane/Ryder is happening on the free YouTube show!  WHAT?!

That takes us to Big Show’s firing, which, to me, played on about ten minutes too long, and made Big Show look like an utter goof.  I’ll give it up to the man, he has range and he showed that he can act, but this last few months of Big Show breaking down and crying at seemingly ever little thing is actually making me hate his character even more than I used to.  Not to mention that there for a moment, it looked like Show wasn’t begging so much for his job, but to not have to get down on his knees due to the fact that he wasn’t actually able to get down to them!  I wanted this to go a completely different way, myself.  When Show started giving his speech, I thought for certain that it was going to end with something like “I’ve done all of this and loved every minute of it, but since you took over, it’s been an absolute hell.  So, I’m not going to apologize, I’m not going to give you the pleasure of firing me…I’m going to knock your ass out and quit.”  To me, that would have been more defiant and made him a stronger character in this situation than letting us watch him cry for ten minutes and beg for his job.


This made me mad.  Johnny Ace fires Show after he makes fun of him and even after he apologizes and begs, but Cena gets to come out and bully him and make fun of his voice and all Johnny Ace does is slap Cena and sulk off?

Cena Ventura: Wrestling Detective made me want to punch my TV last night, I’m not gonna lie.  The biggest thing I hate about John Cena’s character is his happy-go-lucky attitude and how he makes everything a joke.  He’s been gone for two weeks, coming back to face the man who put him out of what he loves to do, and we get jokes.  If Cena takes nothing seriously, why should we?  Why should we give a damn about the upcoming match?  Cena apparently doesn’t.

Sure, the end of the show put all of the odds squarely in Cena’s favor, so maybe a bit of his silly attitude is warranted.  He doesn’t take Johnny seriously so he figures this is going to be a cake walk.  Thing is, nothing will change after the show.  I’m pretty sure everyone watching realizes that Big Show is going to save his job by running in and costing Cena the match.  He’s not currently on the roster, so he’s free from being fired, and Big Johnny will reward him for it.  They couldn’t have telegraphed it any better.  So, on Monday, after Cena is screwed and he gets the loss to Johnny, we’ll see Cena come out and smile and joke about it, because none of it matters.

Take a look at the end of the Orton/Jericho match.  He got in Sheamus’s face because he cost him a “W.”  Why do wins matter to Randy Orton but not to John Cena?  Enough to make me shake my head…

This PPV is taking place less than three hours from my house.  I’ve driven to the arena before to watch a PPV.  It’s being headlined by my two favorite current wrestlers going at it for the WWE Championship.  That alone should make me want to go see this show.  However, one match does not a day off of work, a 6 hour round trip, and a $75 ticket make.  I watch these PPVs for free (legally, at a friend’s house) every month and I barely want to see this one.

Make your go home shows special, WWE…make me care…

That’s all I’m asking for here.



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