3-Hour RAW, Paul Heyman and Title Unification?

Posted: May 17, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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So I get home check WWE.com and see the above banner and Tweet from John Cena saying that starting with the 1,000th Episode of RAW that WWE will be adding an extra hour to Monday Night Raw going forward. Now I have been wanting to write about a few ideas but now I think is the perfect time to address these issues. With RAW  adding another hour it has to make you wonder, will the booking get better and proper people get promoted?

There are a few things that have been bugging me and it all started with the return of Paul Heyman. Do I hate the fact that Paul is back? Most certainly not. This is the man who created The Original ECW that Shane introduced me to. This is the man who was one of the best commentators, managers and creative minds that has ever been utilized in Professional Wrestling. Paul knows this business better than anyone else and that is why it pained me so bad to hear him read Brock’s statement when he returned on the May 7th Episode of RAW. While I was loving it I couldn’t help but feel disappointed as he stood in front of the lackluster crowd, half of which probably saying to themselves “Who the hell is this guy?” I know a lot of people are new to WWE but for those of us who have loved it for awhile… well we kinda see how big his return could potentially be.

With RAW being 3 hours now the first thing they should do is make Paul Heyman the General Manager. The authority figure has meant nothing in WWE for awhile now probably because it hasn’t been handled seriously since around 2003 when Eric was running Raw and Paul handled Smackdown. The 2nd thing is Title Unifications. I think we have hit that point where we really only need one “World” Champion and one “Mid Card” title. The Night of Champions PPV this year should have a World Heavyweight/WWE Championship and Intercontinental/United States Championship Unification match. Now I understand that this would free up some room but honestly this would create the perfect opportunity to bring back The WWE Cruiserweight Title for guys like Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd to compete for. Not only that it would expand the roster for Tag-Teams to be created.

Charlie Hass stated on Twitter how the Tag-Team Division needs to be revamped and his idea was brilliant! Arn Anderson, one of the greatest tag-team specialist in the history should be in charge of this division. I would make one addition and that is to have not only Arn over the tag-team division but Jim Ross as well. These two booking the tag-teams in WWE could very well mean the return of Tag-Team wrestling that I knew and loved growing up and open up a world that time has forgot to the new audience.

All in all a 3 hour RAW would be the perfect setting for One World Champion, one Intercontinental Champion, one set of Tag-Teams Champions, one Cruiserweight Champion and one Diva’s Champion.  Since the Roster split has meant nothing for the last few Years and the Draft is pointless Smackdown could cover what RAW didn’t have time for and be used to showcase up and rising stars, utilize time for Tag-teams to learn to work better and perhaps bring back one more title that would be exclusively defended on Smackdown whether that be the Cruiserweight Championship, Hardcore Championship or something else along those lines.

With this news it seems like there are going to be some changes in the biggest wrestling company in the world. I just hope these changes are for the good and the WWE focuses more on “Wrestling” than “Entertainment” going forward. I really don’t think I could handle 3-hours every Monday of terrible guest host, adds for movies by WWE Studios and other things getting in the way of what made us wrestling fans to begin with…WRESTLING!

-Robbie C.


  1. This is the first time I’ve heard about a three hour Raw as the norm going forward, and I can’t say that I’m a fan of it in any way, honestly.

    Sure, I love wrestling, and more wrestling is awesome, but not more of the SAME wrestling. Why would I ever pay money for a 3 hour PPV when I’m given four 3 hour shows for free. Here lately, honestly, with all of the video packages and recaps, I’d be more impressed if they dropped half an hour from the show.

  2. Ben Atkins says:

    I agree 100% with you Robbie. Title unifications an tag team division that has depth an potential. Maybe bring back the TV championship too. My only question about Paul Haymen is will he be a temporary person like Brock Lesnar is with the 1 year contract? I like to see JR as the general manager feuding with Paul Haymen when Lesnar returns. Hopefully we will get better wrestling an mid-card talent can showcase there potential. Use the first hr to build up the show with great in ring action an commentary to keep the fans wanting more.

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