So here we are again with another PPV Predictions Post here at Kick Out at 2! Honestly this one kinda slipped up on me I had almost forgot about it probably because of the lackluster build up it has had going in. (See Shane’s Post for More) However keeping with the tradition we are going to take our stab at this PPV and share our predictions like normal.

WWE Championship – CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – I just wish this would have been an Iron-Man match. I would have took a vacation day from work to watch that match alone. I’m going with Punk though I don’t see Bryan being the main guy on Raw just yet. Unless the plan is to move the WWE Title to Smackdown I see Punk winning here.

Shane’s Pick: – CM Punk – Honestly, this is the only match on this entire card I care about.  This is the match I’ve been waiting for since both of these guys got signed.  They’re about to show the world just how great they can be with the proper time and place to showcase their skills.  Cannot wait.  No matter who wins, really, I win…

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton – Sheamus just isn’t over with the crowd the way I think WWE wants him to be. I’m going with Randy here but mark my words if Bryan wins The WWE Championship. Chris Jericho will walk onto RAW The World Heavyweight Champion effectively switching the brands world titles… again.

Shane’s Pick: – Sheamus – I don’t think the Sheamus experiment is over yet, so we’re going to see the belt on him until Summerslam at least, when Wade Barrett takes it.

Derick’s Pick: Sheamus – Dude hasn’t held the belt that long.

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

Robbie’s Pick: John Laurinaitis – Big Show or Brock will help. Big Show to get his job back or Brock just to set up his next story.

Shane’s Pick: Johnny Ace – Big Show makes the run-in and gets his job back.  Really, they couldn’t have been more transparent unless they personally emailed us all the script for the show.

Derick’s Pick: John Laurinaitis“The Writing is on The Wall!”

WWE Tag Team Championship – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Robbie’s Pick: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth – Way, way to early for them to drop the titles if WWE wants them to be taken seriously. The Tag titles that is.

Shane’s Pick:Kofi Kingston & R-Truth – Sadly…someone get Dolph away from Swagger ASAP!

Derick’s Pick: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth – New Champs shouldnt loose so quick.

WWE Divas Champion Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

Robbie’s Pick: Beth Phoenix – Beth, Natalya and Kharma the only 3 credible Diva’s in WWE at the moment.

Shane’s Pick: Beth Phoenix – Where the hell is Kharma?

Derick’s Pick: Layla– Where the hell is Kharma?

WWE Pre-show: Zack Ryder vs. Kane

Robbie’s Pick: Zack Ryder – I really don’t want WWE to totally drop this dude’s push even though the signs are not good. If it wasn’t for Zack WWE wouldn’t have given a damn about YouTube to begin with.

Shane’s Pick: Kane – Yeah, Zack isn’t winning here…

Derick’s Pick: Zack Ryder – Kane kills everything he touches lately. Not in the “Holy Crap this dude is a monster kinda way!” but more like The Hulk Hogan “I’m gonna ruin your promotion kinda way…” #Lame

  1. Ryan Labbe says:

    Cool page, guys. So since this card is pretty short, I am sure we will see 1 or 2 unadvertised matches, ie Ryback or Brodus. I agree with your picks pretty much 100%

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