Main Event = John Cena or The Championship?

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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So just finished RAW and while it was a lot better than the last two weeks we still have a bit to go until we get back on the roll we where going into Wrestlemania. On a show that had a CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan match and the cover being unveiled of WWE ’13 I am only left with one major complaint about not just tonight show but what has become the overall theme the last couple PPV’s.

Tonight Big Show vs John Cena at No Way Out was officially announced as a cage match to start off RAW. The match was already announced but tonight its stipulation was added. This is a feud we have seen time and time again so why in the world is it “Main Event” status. In fact we actually saw this feud in the past and it actually involved The World Heavyweight Championship. Therein lies my issue with WWE’s mindset as of late. Now please someone tell me if I’m wrong but either The WWE Championship or The World Heavyweight Championship are what determines the Main Event… right? Apparently not by WWE’s standards anymore.

It seems like John Cena is treated more importantly than the Championship. Ever since Elimination Chamber, Cena has “Main Evented” WWE’s PPV’s. Elimination Chamber: Kane vs Cena. Wrestlemania: The Rock vs Cena. Extreme Rules: Brock vs Cena. Over The Limit: Cena vs John Laurinaitis and now No Way Out: Big Show vs Cena. Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules are the only exceptions that seem feasibly allowed to take precedence over the Championship because it dealt with out of the ordinary conditions as we saw the in ring returns of The Rock and Brock. Having said that though I can remember when Flair was asked if his retirement match at Wrestlemania should have been the main event he replied that the Championship is the most important prize and should be the Main Event.

The fact that WWE has the WWE Championship on one of the best wrestlers and guys like Big Show or John Laurinaitis are featured in the Main Event make me want to puke. I can guaran-damn-tee if the title was on John Cena, it would be in the Main Event where it should properly be featured. Someone who isn’t a steady wrestling fan should be able to flip on the TV see the Champion and their next competitor and say “Ok the guy with the belt is currently the best there is but his challenger has potential to be.” Today a casual fan turns it on and says “Ok John Cena is the Top Guy so everyone is after him.”

No! No! No! – this is simply wrong! WWE severely needs to fix this problem as soon as possible. Vince has said nobody is bigger than The WWE on multiple occasions but apparently that rule doesn’t apply to John Cena. I try not to be a Cena hater as I have stated before but my Love/Hate Relationship with he guy is most definitely in hate mode at the moment. It doesn’t matter whoever is The Champion is – if its CM Punk or Sheamus. The most popular guy or the most hated guy. Whoever is wearing that strap at the end of the day should be featured at the end of the PPV.

Rant Over.

-Robbie C.

** The Dark Match **

CM Punk: “A Wrestling Game with an actual wrestler on the cover. Imagine that!”

  1. BEF says:

    I don’t think that you like Cena……..unless he’s a heel. But, one must note that he does much for the WWE, and much more outside of the ring for charities (CMN, Make a Wish, etc…). So, with that in mind, he seems to be a fairly cool guy.

  2. Kick Out At 2! says:

    WWE just needs to realize there is more to their product than one guy. They need to take it back to the old school roots of wrestling.

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