WWE ’13…oh, it’s on now!

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

So, every year about this time, we start getting a bit more information about the new WWE game (formerly Smackdown vs Raw; formerly Smackdown) and I start to get a bit more excited.  The yearly WWE game is my Madden, my NCAA…my game that I have to buy every year.  Honestly, it’s essentially the main reason that I have a gaming system, as while other games come along and I fall in love with them, I always HAVE to be able to play the new WWE games.

A few months ago there were rumblings of a heavy Attitude Era involvement in WWE ’13.  Seeing as how WWE ’12 kicked off with a heavy involvement from WCW, I figured that it was probably true, and began getting a bit more anxious, despite the fact that I was still playing WWE ’12 at the time.

I’m not going to lie, the Attitude Era was my favorite time in the WWE.  This is the time that I stopped being a die-hard WCW fan and started to migrate over to the WWE side of things.  I respect the 80’s, but honestly I don’t enjoy watching that period of wrestling that much.  The 90’s brought too many cartoon characters for my taste, so I didn’t dig on that period much either.  The early 2000’s were highly enjoyable, but as they progressed into the current product, I have started to feel myself not enjoying it as much (thank goodness for Indy wrestling, Japan and DVDs).  That run from 1997 to around 2001, though…my favorite time in WWE history.  So, for that to be the feature point in the new game, count me in.

Not much has been revealed thus far about the new game, though.  What has been, however, is enough to get me excited.  The roster page over at http://wwe.thq.com/roster seems to show a roster of 77 wrestlers, broken up into 3 categories: Superstars, Attitude Era and Divas.  When you filter it out, it comes to 38 Superstars, 32 Attitude Era and 7 Divas.  Now, with last year’s WCW roster consisting of about 12 people, 32 Attitude Era guys makes me very, very happy.

I’m pretty certain a good amount of those will cross over.  We’ll probably see both current and Attitude Taker, as well as both versions of HHH, Christian, etc.  So, I don’t honestly think we’re dealing with 38/32 independent characters, here.  This makes me wish like crazy, though, that Yukes could figure out how to do these extra characters as alternate outfits instead of brand new characters.  Mostly, because, last year, classic characters like Kane, Edge and Christian couldn’t be tracked by the Universe Mode.  I can guarantee that with this year having so many Attitude Era guys, my Create A Wrestler slots will be filled with 90’s era WCW guys and my Universe will be a Monday Night Wars run.  So, if I can’t make this happen due to Universe not liking multiple versions of a character, I’ll be quite upset.

All in all, I liked WWE ’12.  The only part I really have problems with are the servers that Community Creations run on, and if they can get those fixed, I’ll probably adore WWE ’13.  I’d love to see some new things implemented, like a Create-A-Belt that actually tracks like the already in-game belts, not like the one that they used to have in these games.  I’d love to be able to create an arena and use a custom logo on the nameplate instead of seeing the WWE logo show up on a WCW arena.  With those two things in, I’d probably be a very happy camper.

THQ is pretty much always guaranteed my money every year with the WWE games, but this year, putting CM Punk on the cover and at the focus of the game, and the Attitude Era being a huge part of it…it’s like they tried to tailor make the game for me.

Here’s to the long wait until November…


  1. rudoreels says:

    It’s both sad and humorous in an ironic way that ‘revolution’ is actually “let’s live 14 years in the past.”
    I wouldn’t get your hopes up… I had HIGH hopes for WWE ’12 and it was a major let down, far more than I could have ever seen coming. So I’m a bit hesitant to get excited about ’13. I will say, though, that I am very happy that CM Punk is on the cover, because it means to me that he’s one step closer to being a mega-star, and that WWE is trying to push him in that direction, too, which is more important than a fan’s ‘hunch’ about the direction of his career.
    He is THE guy we all wanted to see hit it big, and he’s getting pushed harder and higher than ever. Sure, people are going to whine about him getting pinned on Raw left and right, but the fact that HE is on the cover of this game–not Randy Orton, not John Cena, not the Undertaker, Kane, or Triple H–means that WWE has full faith in him being one of the new faces of the company. That is what I got out of all of this, and I’m happy for him, but as for the game itself I’ll wait until it hits RedBox, as I don’t want to make the same mistake I did last year.

  2. To tell the truth, I enjoy WWE ’12. Getting ready to go play some of it now, actually. I know that a lot of people weren’t really happy with it, but aside from Community Creations being something that I had to sacrifice a goat to in order to get a damn CAW to download, I dug it. As for the Attitude Era involvement, yeah, it’s aping the past, and if it were suddenly an issue of the Attitude Era running roughshod over the TV screen, I’d honestly be upset. However, for it to be contained to a video game, I’m okay with it, and actually really happy about it, just because I want to play as the Attitude Era guys in a video game that wasn’t made in 1999.

    I’m super happy for Punk on the cover, too. The fact that he and Bryan are at the top of the WWE right now, and we’re seeing things like Punk on the game and Bryan on the poster for No Way Out…that’s WWE showing that they have confidence in these guys, and nothing makes me happier.

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