“Retro Writings” – Wrestlemania 24 Predictions

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Writing about wrestling has been something Shane and I have done for years now which to no surprise is what lead to the creation of this site. Throughout the years we have blogged about wrestling on various sites like Xanatos Productions, Think The Future and Blogger. Heck even our MySpace pages were mostly filled with blogs about wrestling back in the days of when MySpace mattered.

I thought It would be fun if  Shane and I dug up some of these old entries we had wrote just to share some of our nostalgic outlooks of Pro Wrestling and see how they have changed over the years with our current readers.  I’m going to start off “Retro Writings” with the post before Wrestlemania 24.

Originally Posted on Myspace May 21, 2008


Wrestlemania XXIV Predictions

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Ok It’s that Time of Year again and Wrestlemania is just around the corner. I’m actually pretty excited about this one and kinda heartbroken at the same time which I will explain in a bit and many of you already know the reason why. This Year marks Wrestlemania XXIV, that’s 24 for everyone who hates Roman Numerals, and this will be the first Wrestlemania I will have a privilege of watching live since Wrestlemania 20. I just wanted to take this time to throw out my thoughts and predictions of what will go down on March 30th, 2008 in Florida so bare with me.


First and foremost I would have to say that personally this match alone is the one I’m looking forward to seeing the most. I know there are a lot of Cena haters out there and I have been both a Fan and a hater of him but the dude knows how to draw a crowd. My issue is he is not what many would consider a great wrestler but more of a brawler kind of along the lines of Stone Cold Steve Austin, just not as cool. Also Cena has had The WWE Championship for way to long and has overall hurt him for holding it for as long as he did. At his first Wrestlemania (WMXX) he defeated The Big Show for Smackdown’s U.S. Championship, a year later at Wrestlemania 21 he Won The WWE Championship from John Bradshaw Layfield. He would go on to Defeat Triple H at WM22 and Shawn Michaels at WM23 which got him booed out of the building both times even though he walked away Champion I feel that most fans were ready for a change. This is why it was a blessing in disguise when Cena hurt himself and had to vacate the WWE Title.

Up Stepped Randy Orton a guy I have backed since his first appearance on Raw and early days in Evolution. The Youngest World Champion has carried the Title since No Mercy and has earned the right to be Champion. Triple H has taught him how to be the perfect bad guy, again from his days in Evolution, and is the Top Heel in the WWE right now. I know I get a lot of heat for being an Orton fan but the dude is a good wrestler and I’m 100% ok with him being The Champion. He has earned it and has proved too many fans that Cena is not the only Future of WWE.

However when it comes to accomplishments Triple H is the measuring stick of WWE, since 2002 Triple H has went from being my most hated wrestler to one of my favorite top three of all time. He is an Eleven Time WWE/World Champion and has came close to tying HBK as my favorite wrestler of all time and for anybody that knows me that’s a bold statement for me to make. At this point I’m making the call that Triple H will be walking out of Wrestlemania 24 The New WWE Champion. Not to take anything away from Randy Orton I just think it’s Time for Triple H to hold a Championship again. Orton will retain or Triple H will become a 12 time Champion. As long as it’s not Cena I will be happy but I as well as my friend Derick believe Triple H will be The Next Champ.


Ok back to the heartbreak I mentioned earlier as I stated HBK has always been my favorite wrestler every since I was little. Today if you ask me who my favorite wrestler is I always answer with 3 names Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Ric Flair. There has always been something that has made me gravitate towards Shawn his ability to steal the show, his strong beliefs in God and his just all around persona as both a human and wrestler has always made me an HBK Fan.

Ric Flair is the same deal I can’t image Wrestling without the Nature Boy. Growing up I was always The Ric Flair Kid, most kids my age jumped on The Hulk Hogan fan train but I wanted to be different. For as long as I can remember Ric Flair has been the very definition of wrestling and there have been rumors of his retirement floating around since 2002 which I always refused to believe. This Year he is finally being inducted into The WWE Hall of Fame as the first active competitor by HBK himself and at Wrestlemania Ric has challenged HBK to a Career threating match. The way the storyline has been worked Flair has to retire when he loses his next match. Shawn Michaels has always been called Mr. Wrestlemania and Flair is a Wrestling Legend. If Flair wants to retire this year I can see only two people he would want to retire him and that would be HBK or Triple H. I got to see Flair vs. Triple H in a Career Threatening Match in Greensboro, NC on 12-29-07 and that was a mixed feeling of awesomeness and fear at the same time. No matter which way this match works out I’m 100% sure this will go down in history as being my favorite match of all time. I’m just not ready to see my Childhood Hero retire but yet again I’m surprised he is still doing what he is doing. Honestly I can’t make a prediction on the winner but like I said this will go down as the match of a life time, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


This Match will be pretty good but there is really one call to make here and that is Undertakers Wrestlemania streak will not Die This Year The Deadman will walk out of Wrestlemania with a new Record of 16-0. As to whether or not Edge will lose the Title to Undertaker or if he will get himself Disqualified to keep his title is the question on my mind. I would love to see Undertaker get a nice long title run this time around and I’m sure his WM Streak will not fade away. At Wrestlemania 21 it was Legend vs. Legend Killer, Orton should have been the only person to end this streak since it made sense but Undertaker will retire with a perfect record when it comes to Wrestlemania. Undertaker all The Way when it comes to this match.


This Year’s Money in The Bank Ladder Match should be pretty nice as well. I’m disappointed that Jeff Hardy violated The Drug Policy and has to serve a 60 Day Suspension thus missing his chance to compete it in but at the same time it looks like it’s going to be a pretty solid match. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. John Morrison vs. MVP. All these guys are great wrestlers but being a fan of the original MITB Ladder match I’m excited Shelton is back in it. He is one of the best wrestlers in the company but is often overlooked, mark my words that he will do something amazing that will stand out in this match as he always does. I would Love for Shelton to win it or my personal favorite from this lineup Chris Jericho. Mr. Kennedy could win to make up for him having to lose it last year forced to an injury he suffered shortly after he won. CM Punk and John Morrison do not need to win as they have already had Title runs. I could see Punk winning due to his popularity and jumping shows to go for another title but I’m going out on a limb here and saying Shelton Benjamin will be the next Money In The Bank Winner.


The Multi-Brand Smackdown vs. Raw vs. ECW 24-Man Battle Royal should be pretty cool since the winner gets a shot at The ECW Title that night. I’m not sure who all is in this but judging by the pop that Kane has been getting representing both Smackdown and ECW I really look for Kane to win this match and go on to defeat Chavo later that night to become The Next ECW Champion. I have been a pretty steady Kane fan since his face turn and since he only had The WWE Championship for one day it would be nice for him to have little more creditability when it comes to being a title holder. He’s making a name for himself in ECW and being The Champ would be a perfect fit for him.


This will probably be a pure Powerhouse Match, Batista is a power player representing Smackdown and Umaga will represent Raw in a fight of Brand Superiority. Hands down Raw is the best show and will always be the best show but I think Batista will win this. He lost to The Undertaker last year and Batista is the most popular guy on Smackdown and will win the match since he is the fan favorite and give him another win at Wrestlemania.


This match will be rough plain and simple you have Finlay and JBL, two guys who love to fight and beat the hell out of each other. Finlay is one of the roughest wrestlers I have seen in forever and is getting over pretty good as a face now. JBL will probably look a lot more like he used to back in his APA days of just beating people up so this will probably be more along the lines of an actual fight than a match. Even though I’m a big JBL fan and people kid with me saying I’m his lookalike I’m picking Finlay to win this one.


This match I think is to just draw in a bigger crowd, they have done stuff like this before but this one is actually done a lot better  This will be a good chance for both Fans of Boxing and both Fans of Wrestling to see both types of sports. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is not getting over with The WWE Fans I think the way they had hoped so It’s hard to pick a winner. I think Vince wanted Mayweather to win but due to the fact the fans are backing Big Show its hard to say how this match will go down but like I said it has been done better than most cross promotions before it.


Snoop Dogg will make a special appearance and will be the Master of Ceremonies at the BunnyMania Lumberjack Match. They try to make Diva matches look pretty good at Wrestlemania my favorite would have to be Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus at WM22. This one should be cool and Entertaining since Snoop Dog will be part of it and let’s face it when Maria and Candice are in the ring together everyone is a winner, so hot!

Wrestling has been and will always been a part of me every since I was a little kid, so as you can tell I’m looking forward to The Triple Threat Match and HBK vs. Flair the most simply because my three favorite wrestlers that I mentioned above are involved in these two matches. I’m just happy I actually get to watch it this year. You Guys Have Fun, God Bless and Thanks For Reading My Pre-Wrestlemania Review.


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