Still waiting on WWE to let Ryback impress me…

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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WWE.comI’ve mentioned before that I took a little hiatus from wrestling for a few years following the infamous December to Dismember, and one of the things that I missed during my time off was the arrival of the Nexus.  By the time I was watching again, CM Punk had already took them over and Barrett had fled to Smackdown to start the Corre.  One of the things I kept hearing from various podcasts and websites was that one of the guys from Nexus that showed the most promise was Skip Sheffield, but he got hurt early on and didn’t really get to shine.  So, when I heard they were bringing him back, I was interested in seeing what he had to offer.

Now, I know I’m not going to be the first one on the Internet to basically call Ryback Goldberg in RVD’s singlet, but that’s the impression I get from him.  Honestly, though, this isn’t his fault.  This is, through and through, WWE’s fault.

WWE has apparently refound a lost love for the squash match as evidenced by both Ryback and Brodus Clay.  The big difference, though, is that Brodus debuted and started squashing guys that we had at least seen before.  Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins, JTG…they had been players in the WWE before, so seeing Big Brodus show up and squash these guys, it got him over pretty well.  He was a force to be reckoned with.

Ryback, on the other hand, is squashing nobodies.  This whole “local athlete”  gimmick does nothing to really get him over as a monster, in my opinion.  Sure, he comes out and decimates these guys, but who wouldn’t.  Most of these guys are smaller than the Divas, quite frankly, so in the interest of the world WWE’s created, I’d have no problem seeing Miz or Zack Ryder tear these guys up either.

Now we’re treated to seeing him wrestle two guys at once.  Again, these guys are tiny!  So, we get to see Ryback give his finish to two of these guys at the same time, but when both of them weigh a buck thirty apiece, what’s the difference between seeing him do that and seeing him do it to someone like Triple H?  In a world where Brock Lesnar can F5 Rikishi, or John Cena can give the Attitude Adjustment to both the Big Show and Edge at the same time, seeing a guy fireman’s carry a total of, at most, 300 pounds isn’t that impressive to me.

WWE’s trying to build their own Goldberg.  I get that.  Sure, it’s odd, since they already had the genuine article back in 2003 and squandered him away, but I get it.  Vince didn’t create that Goldberg.  This Goldberg…I mean, Ryback…is all his, though.  If done right, Ryback could be money for them, especially in a time where the big stars are on the way out and they are desperate for new ones.  Thing is, they’re doing all of the things that WCW did WRONG with Goldberg, and none of the things they did RIGHT.

When Goldberg debuted, I was a fan instantly.  I loved him.  I loved the streak.  I loved him winning the title.  That’s where it fell apart, though.  Go back and watch Nitro through that Goldberg title run in 98.  How many times did Jerry Flynn and Ernest Miller get title shots?  They did nothing but feed guys from WCW Saturday Night to him and call those title defenses.   That’s why that Goldberg/DDP match was such a big deal…he was finally wrestling someone deserving of a title match.  That’s what we’re seeing with Ryback right now.  We’re watching him squash guys that we can’t even really consider jobbers.  They’re local guys and he decimates them…big whoop.  Let’s see what he can do with some of the lower card talent now.  Let’s build him up.  Let’s get him into something in the mid-card and really push him, so that this time next year, we’re antsy for a title match.

The guy has the look, that’s for sure.  I need to track down some NXT or FCW stuff so I can watch him work, but at least what he’s doing now isn’t terrible.  With time and the right tutelage, he looks like someone who can be a big star in the company.  He could easily be Batista from what I’ve seen, and in a year or two, WWE’s going to need a Batista.  They’re sure as hell going to need a Goldberg, too.

So, WWE…let’s start building one before the joke gets any older.



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