I’ll see your ugly Spinner belt…and raise you this!

Posted: June 6, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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So, I finally hit a time when I actually hope someone in WWE is trolling us.  This thing?  Really?

Suddenly that Spinner belt isn’t so bad.

One of the things I always liked about wrestling belts is that they had a more simplistic design, but were something that actually looked cool.  I always hated boxing championship belts with the fabric straps and the mirrors and whatnot. Wrestling belts, to me, were the epitome of cool.

Somewhere down the line, though, WWE decided to take a turn for the worse and start giving us the Affliction t-shirt equivelant of a championship belt, between the current WWE Championship, the Tag Team Championships, the WWECW belt and this monstrosity.

Sure, I’ll wait to pass final judgement on it when I see it in color and on screen, but for right now, I’m just shaking my head.


  1. rudoreels says:

    The gigantic WWE logo and modernized fonts are one of the big reasons the current belt is terrible. For that reason, I don’t like this. But they want their logo all over everything so everyone knows exactly what it is. We should be happy they haven’t given the WCW–er, World Heavyweight Championship much of a facelift–yet. The ECW title didn’t last all that long, but they got it right with the new one. It was simplistic and unique.

    This one is simplistic and unique, yet manages to be tacky at the same time. I mean, it looks like a US Title dipped in gold paint. Fine for a midcard belt. Main event? No.

    I will say though that it kind of reminds me of “Big Green.” (http://www.wrestling101.com/home/wp-content/gallery/features/wwe-belts-1.jpg) Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But it’s definitely an excessively-modern belt with some classic touches thrown in, and it clashes horribly. Still, I don’t think it’s THAT BAD. The current belt may be tacky, but it’s a beautiful thing in detail. This looks like something a 15-year-old made in shop class.

  2. rudoreels says:

    P.S, let’s hope this is just a side plate, and not the front. I think that may be the case.

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