“The Cult of Credibility”

Posted: June 18, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Last Night at WWE’s “No Way Out” PPV both The WWE and World Heavyweight Championships were defended. Now I haven’t got to watch he PPV yet but I heard both these matches were really, really good and I’m very much looking forward to sitting down and watching them especially after reading the following quote from Sheamus on his match with Dolph Ziggler…

“He pushed me as far as anyone has pushed me as World Heavyweight Champion and I’ll be honest, there was a couple of really close ones out there where I had just enough to kick out. Make no mistake about it, I love to fight, Dolph Ziggler proved tonight that he likes to fight too, and I’ll be honest, he’s this close away (makes hand gesture) from breaking into the next level. My hat’s off to him.”

Ziggler has been a steady wrestler that I have kept my eye on since 2009 hoping that he can save his career from the failure of The Spirit Squad.  Just seeing how much he has improved and worked his butt off over the last few years, well its an understatement to simply say this guy has done a 180. He has proved that he has the ability, talent and charisma to be one of the top guys and can not wait to see him as Champion. I may be going out on a limb here but I would love to see him as the next Money In The Bank Winner and actually cash it in by means of an actual match, not a run in. That alone would elevate him to the point where even his doubters would stand up and say “Wow, he actually did it legit” and in the process make up for his questionable first title reign.

I read that after CM Punk’s successful title defense last night it has made him one of the longest reigning WWE Champion in 5 Years. Words alone can not begin to describe how happy this makes me! As many of you know I put a lot of emphases on the importance of a title reign. The days of long reigns and credibility have been sketchy at best for years. Once the WWE started to have faith that people other than Cena could carry the title they begin to let other wrestlers represent the company but inevitably the title would end up back on Cena as what most would consider a safety call. As of this day CM Punk’s title reign has lasted 210 Days, currently tied with Triple H’s reign from 2008, tomorrow he will break that record.

This is a major step for WWE to make a call and stand behind it. I know the ratings haven’t been the best but my hat is off to WWE for backing CM Punk and not blaming him. He was the most talked about wrestler over the past year and I’m glad that others are starting to see it the way I did when Shane first introduced me to him. With Randy Orton having a bad year of injuries and a second drug violation… well CM Punk is very, very close to taking the top spot on my “Favorite Current Wrestlers” list.

A Year after his now famous “Shoot Promo” Punk is still speaking his mind, wrestling his ass off and bringing credibility back to The WWE Championship. Within the midst of John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and all the flash WWE has become in the field of “Entertainment”, CM Punk has done everything in his power to make sure the biggest wrestling promotion in the world doesn’t forget its roots. With people like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler the true art of wrestling will always exist. Keep up the great work guys!


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