Chris Jericho: Whatever you want him to be…

Posted: June 28, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

I love Chris Jericho.  He’s incredibly talented on the mic as well as on the mat and since I first started watching him in WCW in 1996 he’s been one of my favorites.  One of the things I love most about him is his ability to reinvent himself.  We’ve seen so many different versions of Jericho over the years;

Happy generic cruiserweight – WCW 96

The cocky heel that happened to be the best heel in the company – WCW 1997/1998

The fan favorite who said whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted – WWE 2000-2002

The heel who turned on his boyhood idol – WWE 2003

The goofball with the evil plan to make Trish love him – WWE 2004

The Best in the World at what he does – WWE 2007

Jeritroll – WWE 2012

Just to name a few.  I’ve left out, I know, at least three or four other versions of him, which have all been amazing.  So, that’s something that interested me when I saw this tweet a few days ago.

I was very interested in exactly how he was going to play this.  After watching the show last night (thanks DVR), I was very happy to see him do exactly what he’d promised.

When Jericho came out and interrupted Cena’s promo, he didn’t come out and talk about how awesome he was like he’s been doing for a few years.  He didn’t come out and troll the crowd.  No, he just came out and trolled Cena.  In making fun of his crappy Star Wars promo and playing off of the fact that Cena was basically the focal point of the child demographic, he said everything that I wanted him to say to Cena.  He was cocky, sure, and he was ridiculing the top babyface, but in a very cool way.  In some ways, he was out CM Punking CM Punk.  He called Cena out on him basically telling us he was going to go into the Money in the Bank match and Super Cena his way into the WWE Championship again.  He put over the Money in the Bank match itself, and by extension, everyone who has ever won it.  He stood in opposition to both the GM in his snarky comments to Vicky about “suspending him,” and he stood in opposition to the company’s top babyface.  Even in their match, when Big Show interfered, Jericho didn’t join in the beatdown, but he didn’t save Cena either.  He’s walking a wonderfully fine line where he can be the babyface a lot of us want him to be but also be the heel that he can be.

I wouldn’t even call it being the cliched cool heel because nothing he really did came off as super heelish just as nothing he did came off as being an over the top babyface.  He’s whatever we want him to be.

He’s whatever we need him to be.  He’s the heel we need AND the babyface we deserve.



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