Rapid Reaction! “I’m a snake!”

Posted: July 23, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

So, Raw 1000 has come and gone, and I can say I enjoyed it.  Yes, it was pure fan service, but, sometimes, that’s not a bad thing.  I honestly didn’t expect tonight to further a single storyline, but I was wrong, and we got some pretty big stuff out of it.

Of course, as Ko@2’s resident CM Punk fanatic, I’m incredibly happy about how the end of the show played out.  Anything that keeps the belt on Punk at this point is awesome.  They’re really letting him run with this, and despite the fact that he’s spent the last few months as the Pre-Show to the John Cena segments, he’s been champion since November and highly featured on every show.  Punk’s here to stay, and the longer he keeps that belt and the longer he’s in high profile segments, the more entrenched he gets in that main spot he’s in.

But now…oh, now…we’ve got Punk and Rocky looming on the horizon.  I’m all for this.  I hope Punk still has the belt at the Rumble and they build this up nice and good until then.  This really does have the potential to skyrocket Punk higher than he is right now and having him turn heel just sets the table for him and Austin down the road.

Was the show fan-service and gladhanding?  Absolutely.  However, I enjoyed it.  Seeing all of DX on the screen was awesome, as was seeing Lita looking absolutely amazing (Punk is a lucky man!).  Not the greatest show, but not bad, in my opinion…and it was all capped off by a very nice Punk segment that I can only hope means that next Monday, we get the “I’m a snake” speech I’ve been hoping for since last year.



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