RAW – 1,000 Episodes in The Making.

Posted: July 24, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Well last nights episode of RAW has come and gone. The weeks of anticipation and build up did not disappoint, most of the time with these big WWE 3hr events they seem to drift into an after thought shortly after the dust settles but man this was just all out fun and like Shane stated they actually set up some main stories. Most importantly The Rock going after The WWE Championship at The Royal Rumble.

Some of the main points I liked during RAW was the DX reunion kicking off the show with past members.  The Miz capturing The Intercontinental Championship and becoming a Triple-Crown Champion. The dudes WWE Title reign was very short lived and he has been very under utilized. I’m hoping that this is the first step into getting this guy back to where he should be. AJ as The GM looks like it will be fun going forward. I mean lets face it shes a great “actress” in the wrestling world and I could very easily see her becoming the next Miss Elizabeth type of figure.

The throwbacks to past moments of RAW and the Legends making an appearance are always something that any wrestling fan can enjoy but the biggest thing I love is the state of The WWE Championship title picture. The Rock has promised to be Champion again and CM Punk has been the most credible champion in years. Needless to say I really hope CM Punk keeps the belt. Today he passed Hogan’s 1991 reign and if he can keep the title for another 133 days he will tie John Cena’s reign from 2006. I could really see this happening and after the events from last night I really hope its CM Punk vs The Rock but that is a whole other topic for a different time.

All in all RAW was fun and had a very definitive feeling of being both nostalgic and modern. The tone has been set going forward so lets hope WWE can keep this momentum in the coming months. Its going to be an interesting ride between now and January that’s for sure.


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