“Weekly Rasslin’ Impressions with: The Champ” – Issue #1

Posted: August 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Derick B, Special Features, Weekly Rasslin' Impressions
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What has/hasn’t impressed The Champ this week in ‘Rasslin’

I came to Robbie about this idea on Tuesday night about me writing a short blog about my likes/dislikes from Raw, TNA, and Smackdown!. I’m going to ATTEMPT to make this a weekly column to keep the creative juices flowing until the web show gets off the ground. Grab a pencil cause I’m going over the rules once: Like I said, short blog. 2-4 likes and dislikes apiece. I may skip a show. Nothing personal. I may only talk about Raw. My blog. My rules. Let’s hit it!

Champ’s likes:

1) CM Punk- I’m digging where this is heading. Like Rob said in his last post, we got pretty in depth via text about the next 7-8 months of the Raw main event picture. It’s kinda predictable, but hey, if we are right it could be Epic!

2) Damien Sandow- Whatever this “Idol” (see what I did there?) does turns to gold. He has good mic skills, great in-ring, and looks to be in line for a huge push.

3) Kane at “Anger Management” classes- Hilarious. Sometimes, The Champ just needs a good chuckle. The “buried my brother….twice” and “girlfriend named Katie” line was nostalgic and humorous all at once. Thanks Kane.

Champ’s dislikes:

1) Triple H’s retirement- This entire angle. In the beginning, I was ecstatic. I LOVED Brock Lesnar in ’02-’04, and have groveled at the alter of Triple H for well over a decade. But this, this went downhill. Triple H is “retiring”. I’m not buying, sir. And I’m not alone. I was fooled once by a wrestler “retiring” only to have been swindled later in the same year (Hey Ric, How ya doin’?). Don’t do a rematch. Don’t progress this angle. Let it go away. Just….Go.

2) TNA in general- I’m not gonna sit here and purposely bad mouth an entire promotion ( and I could). But, They need to get their act straight. Ace’s and 8’s is basically nWo with masks, and we’ve been down this road too many times. They have talent. Use it.

3) John Cena- I’m currently working on a full-length article about him. It’s not entirely his fault. 80% is booking. He’s been floating around the main event picture, and he doesn’t need to be. It seems that the entire mid-card talent has been stalled and I point partial blame at him.

Alright guys, That’s the list for this week. Like what I have to say? Wanna cuss me out so I lay awake at night over your profanities? Wanna send me free Merch? Follow me on twitter @DerickBody.

The Champ has spoken.

Derick B.

  1. Ben Atkins says:

    Derick I know you will cuss be cause u hate my guts but just wanted to say what u wrote I agree with, even though I don’t know much nor a big wrestling fan as u are but I agree with what u wrote on here, it’s good stuff. Keep it going an I wish u guys the best of luck with the site it’s great stuff.


  2. BEF says:

    Im takin it that you just dont like Cena either…..

  3. BEF says:

    Santino rules…….whooo haaaa!

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