Why The WWE needs Paul Heyman.

Posted: September 4, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Paul Heyman. What can I say? In the minds of many wrestling fans, this guy is one of the highest respected individuals within the world of professional wrestling. I have been wanting to write this article for a few weeks now and after seeing the ending of RAW I figured now was the perfect time. So apparently “Brock Lesnar” quit the WWE last week, meaning we probably won’t see him again until we are closer to The Royal Rumble. That begged the question… What Will Paul Heyman be doing in the mean time? Now I will share my original idea on how he should be used but as we just saw it looks like my second choice is actually going to happen that I wrote about in my previous entry “CM Punk: The Pipebomb. The Future. The Champion.”

Remember when The WWE Draft and the brand extension meant something? RAW and Smackdown competing against each other with certain Superstars locked on their respective brands? Paul Heyman in my mind could be the guy that could make that concept relevant again and in the process save Smackdown. Friday Night Smackdown, as much as I have loved it in the past has become nothing more than a glorified RAW recap show with a few really good wrestling matches thrown in for good measure. Maybe a possible storyline or two here and there but they usually fizzles out with no real conclusion. My solution? Put Paul Heyman in control of Smackdown and by in control I mean… TOTAL CONTROL!

By stretching their creative department between the two main shows in WWE they have a tendency of rehashing stories, sometimes with different characters and random bookings of Superstars on the fly. Sometimes you can get a really good show and sometimes you can tell when things are just jumbled together, probably just days or possibly even mere hours before the show goes on the air. What Smackdown needs is something fresh. What it needs is Paul Heyman’s genius.

Paul started off as a photographer for “Pro Wrestling Illustrated” and literally climbed his way up the ladder until he successfully became the wrestling icon we know and love today. This is the man who started ECW with the goal of introducing a new form of Wrestling to the world that he believed had become too acquainted with seeing the same form of entertainment played out time and time again. Paul knew it was time for a change so he changed it.

Now I could write in great detail about “The Rise and Fall of ECW” but if your reading this site, chances are you have already read the book or watched the documentary. ECW has a standing legacy in and of itself and that legacy rest entirely on the shoulders of Paul Heyman. All because he had the mindset and ingenuity to realize a different vision of wrestling was what the world needed at that time. Paul, now we need that again, sir!

Triple H and Stephanie should do with Smackdown what Vince wouldn’t do in 2006 with ECW. Paul should be in charge of Smackdown from creative, booking, schedule heck even down to play by play. Paul knows what the fans need and what they want to see. Even limited with a PG rating, I know Paul could be edgy enough to appease life long wrestling fans as well as accommodate the politically correct PG era that we have found ourselves in. CM Punk has promised changed and delivered in the ring. Paul could do for the backstage what Punk has done in the ring.

Now I understand that with RAW being 3 hours there would still be time to feature Smackdown stars on RAW as is currently happening and should continue to do so. However play it up a bit, Paul could act a liaison to protect “his” Superstars while being featured on RAW. That would bring that competitive edge back between the two shows we saw in 2001-2002. What of the Tag-Team division you may ask? Same concept. I have often thought that Arn Anderson, with his vast knowledge and experience in the art of tag-team wrestling should be over this area. Could you imagine a world where Paul Heyman and Arn Anderson worked together to book and create a wrestling program!? My God the possibilities would be endless and wonderful at the same time.

WWE has taken a chance with CM Punk as Champion for as long as they have the the success has been evidence in and of itself that change can be good and is often needed. Since WWE hasn’t had any MAJOR competition on any other network since 2001, I believe they have fell into their comfort zone and got relaxed to the point they just can’t see it. Paul Heyman is just the jump start this organization needs. Seeing him at the end of RAW genuinely gave me one of those feel good moments where I believe we are on the verge of seeing a very interesting story about to unfold. Hopefully one day my dream plans for Paul will happen but for now I will be more than happy to settle for this storyline. Like I said in my last entry this is usually the time WWE enters into their sleeper months but this ending of RAW definitely has me sitting up paying attention. No surprise though because like Punk… I’m a Paul Heyman guy. 🙂

  1. BEF says:

    ” politically correct PG era ” — bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – PG = Pretty Groovy
    Always be politically correct – woooooooooooo!!!

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