CM Punk doesn’t need Paul Heyman

Posted: September 5, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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Ever since last year when Punk became the number two babyface in the WWE, I’ve been waiting on the turn.  Yes, I have enjoyed the heck out of the run he’s been having since his Pipe Bomb promo, even including the Triple H and Kevin Nash chicanery, but I’ve been anticipating the turn.  Blame it on the Summer of Punk in ROH back in 05, I guess, since that’s my favorite run/time period of that company, but since we basically got the Summer of Punk in one form in WWE, I’ve been hoping for the “I’m a snake” promo and, more importantly, the events leading to it.

I like what we’ve been given.  Punk feels disrespected, and rightfully so.  He’s still working, in a lot of ways, as the voice of the voiceless in his airing of grievances in not main eventing or being the main guy in the company, but we’re slowly working in the straight heelish tactics, like jumping the babyfaces from behind or going after the beloved announcers.  No matter what he’s doing, though, he’s doing it how he does best, and that’s by backing up his actions with incredible mic work.

So, this leads me to wonder, why the involvement with Heyman.  Sure, Heyman’s a veritable heat magnet and can easily be one of the most hated men in the company once you factor out the IWC contingent that marks whenever he shows up (myself highly included), but, honestly, given time and enough true heel tactics, Punk can accomplish that on his own.  The same group of people that would cheer Punk, despite him being a heel, will just cheer louder with Heyman backing him.  So, in most ways, teaming them to get heat on Punk doesn’t make sense.

Neither does the major reason for giving someone a “manager” type character like Heyman…Punk can talk.  He’s quite possibly the best talker in the business today.  He doesn’t need Heyman to do that for him, unlike someone like Brock, who at times doesn’t seem to be able to string 3 sentences together coherently.

At the end of the day, this could just be a one off “smarkout” moment (trademark pending).  I’m almost more convinced that is what it will be than Punk joining Heyman in any type of alliance, but, truthfully, I’m talking about something that was a total of about 3 seconds of screen time and may not even pay off.  Even though I am currently in love with the idea of these two together as it pertains to my own personal enjoyment of the product, I just don’t believe that it’s something that’s completely NEEDED if it does come to fruition that Punk and Heyman have aligned.

Enough wondering, for now…I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride, I guess.

-Shane D.


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