“He’s ugly guise! lolzers” > Explaining tradition.

Posted: September 5, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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Just a quick one, I guess, but I wanted to comment on the current angle with Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara.  Cody’s after Sin Cara’s mask, which, for anyone with a brief understanding of Lucha, or even a passing run through WCW in the late 90s, knows is one of wrestlings biggest no-no’s.  Losing the mask in Lucha is akin to losing one’s identity or one’s soul.  So, what does the WWE do?  They make it entirely about Cody trying to prove to the fans that Sin Cara’s ugly.

I’d almost be okay with it…almost…if it was just Cody that was of that mindset.  However, on Raw this Monday, we were treated to The Miz and Michael Cole playing the same tune.  Miz, as a heel, one could argue, could understandably get behind Cody’s run and agree, but is it so hard to have your lead play by play announcer mention what having his mask removed would mean to Sin Cara.

Sadly, since Lucha doesn’t happen in a WWE ring, it’s not something that anyone in the WWE feels their fans would either benefit from or understand, apparently.  I just think that it would add so much to the angle, actually having Sin Cara get visible upset at this, maybe even having Rey Mysterio do guest commentary one day and help explain exactly what being demasked means in Lucha…and having Cody act on those reasons instead of just trying to show us how “ugly” he is.

But what do I know?

-Shane D.


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