“Weekly Rasslin’ Impressions with: The Champ” – Issue #2

Posted: September 6, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Derick B, Special Features, Weekly Rasslin' Impressions
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“Weekly Rasslin’ Impressions with: The Champ” – Issue #2

Sorry for the day wait, guys. The Champ had very little sleep, and if I would’ve don’t this yesterday, the article would have been named “The top 67533 things that The Champ hates”.  Hence, the delay. Let’s hit it!
Champs likes:
1) Orton/Ziggler 8/31 – The 2 guys know how to work. And they work well together. Dolph can takes bumps with the best in the business right now, and The Champ sees big things in line for him. Randy is well established, great all around, and can put on good matches when needed (With the exception of  Kane. Their Wrestlemania match got me so mad I had to do breathing exercises).
2) CM Punk and Paul Heyman– I’m not gonna dive into this too much since Rob and Shane both weighed in for it. It’s no secret that Punk is one of the best on the mic that we have seen in a long time. He doesn’t need anyone to speak for him. But, to have Heyman in your corner, the sky is the limit. Heyman is one of the best promoters ever, and with those minds together, Who knows what is next
3) The Hug Off- Why, you ask? I have no idea. Once again, Champ appreciates a laugh. Those 2 as a tag team? I can dig that….SUCKA
Champs dislikes:
1) Triple H’s hair – Like I said last week, Triple H is my favorite. Ever. That beautiful man-mane of his ha been his looks since 1995. It’ll take a bit to get used to but that don’t mean I have to like it until then.
2)Smackdown essentially being “Raw lite” – I get it. Raw is 3 hours. Raw is the flagship show. Raw is over 1000 episodes deep. That doesn’t mean I want to basically watch Raw on Fridays too. Smackdown has talent, use it. If people want to know what happened on Raw, then they should’ve watched it.
3)  Kurt Angle- For reason not known to myself, Kurt Angle has a beef with CM Punk. In his latest twitter tirade, he said that Punk isn’t in his “Top 10” list of best wrestlers. Surprising to absolutely no one, he named himself to said list. Now, I’m all for self-promotion. This site wouldn’t be where it is (Wherever it is) without self and collaborated promotion by Rob, Shane, and yours truly. My issue is Angle downplaying CM Punk. Has Kurt lived in a box for the last decade? Did he never watch Indys other than TNA (Zing!) Punk was a foundation that brought ROH to where it is now, and Kurt pulling that cheap shot is nothing short of blasphemy. Hey Kurt, take a couple more chair shots, and call your doctor in the morning.
4) Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop- For the love of everything that is holy, Can this man just disappear!! Seriously. Pastamania, his stupid restaurants, and NOW A DAMN BEACH SHOP!! The only people that will shop here (other than tourists, and I pray that isn’t many) are those who don’t know any better, or enjoy an old face plastered on EVERYTHING. He doesn’t have any experience in surfing. Why trust him with your shore-associated merchandise?? He may have lived by an ocean, but that doesn’t mean jack squat. Hell, I live beside a chiropractor, and I’m not peddling around back adjustments!!!! Now, where did I put the instructions for those breathing exercises…….
Alright guys, That’s the list for this week. Like what I have to say? Wanna cuss me out so I lay awake at night over your profanities? Wanna send me free Merch? Follow me on twitter @Derick_Body.
  1. BEF says:

    “The top 67533 things that The Champ hates” ……. Why can’t it be 67534 things that the champ hates??? I know you can do 1 more….

  2. The Champ says:

    Anymore than that, and I’d need a nap. And a blood pressure pill

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