“Weekly Rasslin’ Impressions with: The Champ” – Issue #3

Posted: September 13, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Derick B, Special Features, Weekly Rasslin' Impressions
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After what was an odd week in wrestling, I bring to you Issue #3. I’m doing this on my lunch at work. So, it’ll be short, to the point, and kind of rushed. Let’s hit it!

Champs likes:

1) WWE handling of Jerry Lawler- You never want to see someone you work with get hurt. Inevitably, it is going to happen sooner or later. What happened Monday night during Raw came out of nowhere. What I took from it was how WWE handled the entire thing. Michael Cole did the best of his ability him helping Jerry as much as he could, and kept everyone updated on the situation. “The show must go on”, but EVERYONE there did amazing knowing what was happening outside the ropes. Kudos for that. Keep fighting, King.

2) CM Punk/Heyman- Call me a kiss-ass. Call me a suck-up. Call me Cleopatra. I have to give respect where it’s due (pun absolutely intended). You have to be doing something incredible to make me write about it 3 weeks straight. To Punk’s interaction with Bret Hart, to leaving a match early just to prove a point, to the last promo to end the show; These 2 minds together will bring heat to levels we having seen since the birth of the nWo.

3) John Cena- The only reason Cena is on the side of the list is because of the last segment of Raw. Cena is a face. For the foreseeable future he will be a face. But, and I want this to be VERY clear, Cena is at his best on the mic when he has an equally believable heel to “verbally joust” against.  He brought up “stealing wrestlers’ colors” to “robbing the late Randy Savage’s elbow”. He had a couple of great lines, but that is what stood out to me.

Champs dislikes:

1) TNA- You know what? I’m in a good mood. I’m not ruining it by even thinking about Thursday nights. Nope. Not doing it.

2)WWE/Twitter “bromance”- Hey WWE. I have twitter. I kind of dig it. Me getting out my anger in 140 characters or less is a challenge, but so is stapling water to a tree. What I DON’T want to do is try to keep up with stories by going to social media. How about this? Let’s get rid of some dumb segments and use that time for story progression. I’m not asking much.

Only 2 dislikes. Like I said, short blog. Overall, The Champ was pleased with the past 7 days of wrestling. Keep the King in your thoughts.

Alright guys, That’s the list for this week. Like what I have to say? Wanna cuss me out so I lay awake at night over your profanities? Wanna send me free Merch? Follow me on twitter @Derick_Body


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