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Posted: September 18, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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As we all know Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a heart attack live on air last week and has been making an amazing recovery it seems. Seeing the footage of his arrival home tonight on RAW was one of those feel good moments where every wrestling fan had that collective sigh and thought to themselves “Everything is gonna be ok.” When it comes to WWE its very easy to look at it as if we are one big family, starting from Vince McMahon all the way down to the fan watching at home. When anything like this happens out of the ordinary that’s when the effects the product can have on our lives surface and true emotions are shown.

That being said I have been very open about the fact I simply do not like Michael Cole as a heel commentator. When this unfortunate innocent happened with Lawler it brought out the Cole that people can actually connect with. I have the utmost respect for the way Michael Cole has handled this situation and have enjoyed hearing the old style again. Cole’s Heel work was so bad and the constant bickering between him and King during matches was pointless and took so much away from the performers in the ring. It was so bad it almost made the entire year of 2010 unwatchable and until he started tuning it down late last year I had got to the point where I would actually mute matches when he got out of hand.

I was beyond ecstatic that JBL took over the commentary duties last night at Night of Champions and tonight on Monday Night RAW. I have always been a huge fan of JBL (Especially when I look in a mirror, since apparently I’m his look alike according to Derick and Shane) 10 mins into Cole and JBL being reunited at The PPV, Cole was back to Play-by-Play and JBL was doing color. This sounded like a thing of beauty. Yes, JBL was off a few times and was a tad rusty but from what I understand he was doing his homework mere minutes before the PPV went live to get updated on characters and stories. JBL delivered big time! This was something that has needed a major overhaul as of late and hearing such amazing commentary like this was both nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

They had toyed with different commentators for a few weeks now. The Miz even did a good job at playing an unbiased commentator by actually highlighting and focusing on the performers strong points to put them over while in the ring. This is what these guys should be doing! I hate that it has taken such a horrible incident for Michael Cole to drop his shenanigans and go back to commentating in a way that sounds more natural to him. Cole can be a good announcer if he sticks with this attitude, it worked before with him and JBL and it can work again.

I would love to see JBL stay around and the fact that JR stepped in tonight to do the 3-man group was also a plus. With Cole on Play-by-Play and JBL and or JR by his side they can work to convey that passion that is needed to tell the story. Go back and watch any wrestling match from 2000-2005. No matter which match you pick just listen to JBL or JR call the “story” of the match. It doesn’t matter which match it is, they can make you believe it’s the most important match ever unfolding in front of your very eyes. I hope that people can show support for this without feeling like they are disrespecting King during his absence.

I’m hoping that when King is healthy to make his return they will allow Michael Cole to remain neutral and perhaps even sign JBL to a full term deal allowing for the 3-Man group again. Commentary has needed revamped and I’m hoping WWE is smart enough to take this negativity and turn it into something that will be beneficial to both the fans and the product. I’m sure there will be changes made to accommodate this event and hope WWE handles this in a way that will please everyone. In closing I wish nothing but the best for Jerry Lawler as I continue to pray that he makes a full and healthy recovery.

See ya Soon King!

  1. BEF says:

    Cole is actually a really nice guy outside the WWE. Remember his part is scripted too….

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