Champion vs Legend – The match that should happen.

Posted: September 25, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Last night on RAW the WWE Champion was confronted by WWE Legend Mick Foley. Before the commercial break Michael Cole told us there was a surprise appearance tonight and he would be making his appearance after the break.  As soon as the commercial was over Mick’s music hit and the crowd in New York came alive for their native competitor. Mick began to talk about CM Punk and his current attitude of demanding respect even reminiscing about his famous match with The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. It was your typical promo of the Legend that has stood behind the current Superstar but simply has not understood his actions as of late.

It was pretty much slated that it would be CM Punk vs John Cena for The WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell this year but after a surgery earlier last week I’m still on the fence of if Cena will actually be cleared to compete. That brings me to my next point of if this match happens Punk will clearly win because why throw a title on an injured Superstar and sacrifice an interesting story and a WWE Championship Title Record as impressive as Punk’s. Punk made a valid point of Cena seemingly getting title shot, after title shot, after title shot. Like he said there are more deserving Superstars even ones uninjured that deserve to main event and have a shot at the title. If I have to see one more story of John Cena overcoming the odds I’m literally going to puke. It has gotten old and needs a change up now!

As Mick was talking to Punk I couldn’t help but think why not Mick vs Punk at Hell in a Cell? Like I said I don’t see Cena winning and this PPV Match is just filler to bridge together the inevitable Punk vs Rock Match that I’m confident will happen at The Royal Rumble. How amazing would it be to see Foley tear it up one more time in Hell in a Cell with Punk? This would help Punk continue to build his growing legacy as Champ and being able to say he beat Mick in one of the most famous matches created by WWE… well how can this not be a good thing?

If Mick could pull this off WWE is sitting on a golden storyline that could propel The WWE Champion to an even higher level than he already is. Punk bragging that he took out Mick would only add fire to The Rock/Punk storyline and to hear Punk and Rock go back and forth on the mic would be a thing of beauty. Two of the best talkers and wrestlers in the history of WWE in a story together for the title… Literally just got goosebumps typing that.  There are so many way that this could potentially go if WWE would just listen to the second half of that chant “…CENA SUCKS!”

It really is CM Punk’s time and Cena does need to step away from the title picture for awhile much like Randy Orton has over the last year or so. This will probably be “The Run” for Punk and I would love to see him have matches with just about everyone on the roster instead of the same person over and over again. Hopefully WWE will see it this way and this title run will go down as one of the most relevant title runs in years as well as lead to a very exciting Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania this year.

  1. BEF says:

    You just don’t like Cena…ha ha. One must admit that Cena has not been in the trouble that Orton (and some of the others) have gotten into. Some like Cena and some don’t – but he is a good wrestler, and does a lot of good work outside of the ring as well. So, Cena really needs to be a vital part of the WWE.

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