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Posted: October 3, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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In the cold, lonesome world that is my drive to work, I have decided to occupy most of the two hour round trip with podcasts.  Anymore, it’s the single biggest reason that I actually own an iPod, as podcasts have greatly overtaken music as what comes out of my truck speakers.  One of the ones I listen to is Solomonster Sounds Off.  A friend of mine referred it to me, and I’ve been listening to it for about the last year.  Pretty good stuff, I have to say.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself why I’m shilling for someone else here in the hallowed halls of Ko@2…well, two fold…one, I enjoy the show and want to give it a shout-out   Two…something that one of his listeners brought up on episode 235 made me want to write.  It’s been a few days, so I’m not going to be able to remember the guy’s name who wrote the email, but the gist of it was that the WWE had gotten past his own personal tolerance and he was considering calling it quits as a wrestling fan.  He asked Solomonster if he had ever considered doing the same.  This is what got me thinking, as I can answer this question with a yes.  Granted, it was after years of becoming disillusioned with the WWE product, but I can narrow it down to a single event…

Oddly enough, this poster was framed on my wall for almost a year…what can I say, it’s a cool poster.

I watched this PPV at our local bowling alley, paying a total of $5, and I left feeling ripped off.  It was just a hodge-podge of matches, most of which I don’t think were even announced (and who would have thought that this would be the norm in 2012?), with no real meaning that ended with The Big Show winning the ECW Championship.  I remember looking over at my friend Jamie, who had watched the show with me and saying “I’m done.  I mean it.  I’m done.”

Oddly enough, I meant it.  I stuck with it.  I didn’t regularly watch wrestling again for almost five years.

From the moment I found out about wrestling, I was a die-hard fan.  I watched the first episode of Nitro in September 1995 and didn’t miss an episode for five years.  I bought every wrestling video game.  I had enough wrestling t-shirts by the time I was 17 that I could wear a different one to school every day for three weeks.  I was inducted into the National Honor Society wearing a DDP shirt for goodness sake!

Wrestling was a part of me.  If you had to describe me in three words at that time, wrestling was one of them.  In a lot of ways, it still is, but this four to five year run that I’m referencing did a lot to temper it.

To me, it was a culmination of a lot of things.  This was 2006, so we’re coming off of WCW and ECW dying, leaving only one major promotion in America.  Granted, by this time I was already into TNA, Japan and ROH, but I’m not going to lie…for the majority of people out there, WWE is wrestling in America.  Go from there into HHH’s reign of terror in 2002-2005 and you have a scene ripe for me to want to exit.  So, that December night in 2006 was my breaking point.  I was out.

But…I wasn’t…

At any given time, despite going months between even turning Raw on for a moment or so, I knew who the Champions were.  I knew what the major angles were.  Heck, I even bought Wrestlemania 24 despite not watching wrestling during the lead up to it.  Granted, it was ordered primarily for HBK vs Ric Flair and as a much needed distraction for me the night before my Grandmother’s funeral, but it was still wrestling that I was watching and enjoying.  I still watched a bit of ROH here and there.  I even started getting into Chikara in 2008.  So, wrestling was always there…but, for the most part, I had to distance myself from WWE and their version of it.

It happens.  I’ll be honest, the biggest reason I got back into it last year was the fact that I had a way to watch all of the PPVs for free, thanks to a friend.  If I was going to watch the PPVs, I might as well know the story that was leading into it.  Then, last year, Robbie and I started this blog, so that gave me even more drive and push to stay in.  That being said, it was wrestling, and I was eventually going to find my way back.  It’s just in me.  I just had to find what I actually enjoyed and let it lure me back in.

WWE gets watched the most now, but that’s because it’s on the most, and it’s probably going to be primarily what visitors to this site watch, so I need to be up on it.  However, if I had the ability, I’d just get all of Chikara’s DVDs and probably watch them, then just keep a running glance at Raw/Smackdown/Impact.  Truth be told, most of these shows get watched in about 45 minutes on my DVR anyway.  That little bit about Chikara, I guess, is the gist of this article.  I’ve taken time off before when it comes to WWE.  What got me through is that I found out that WWE isn’t the only thing out there.

I wrote a post back in the early days of this site about expanding your wrestling horizons which I would urge anyone fed up with WWE at the moment to take a look at (of course, now I would include http://www.rudoreels.com in there as well), as really getting into a product that wasn’t WWE helped keep me off the ledge, so to speak.  If I could answer Solomonster’s fan’s question directly, I guess, I’d say to find something else out there that fits your palate.  While WWE may get all of the mainstream money and recognition in the American world of wrestling, it’s really only one flavor of the jelly bean.  In reality, wrestling is like a bag of Jelly Bellys.  There’s flavors in there that you never even knew existed.  Sure, once you try a particular flavor like that, you may never want to try it again.  However, like in my case with Chikara, you may find out that flavor is your new favorite flavor and you’ll start to seek out bags of JUST that flavor.  Before long, you may not even deal with the WWE flavor except in small doses, and you’ll never notice the difference.

-Shane D



This post is a bit Chikara heavy, and for good reason.  This Sunday, the gang here at K0@2 is taking in our first ever outing together to a wrestling event, and it just so happens to be our first Chikara show.  Timing issues kept me away from their last two shows down this way (last year in Tennessee and North Carolina), so I’m super excited to see this show.  Expect pictures and awesome writeups from us Sunday night or Monday morning!

  1. vingerard says:

    Enjoy the Chikara show this weekend. Don’t ever feel like you need to explain yourself for getting burned out from wrestling. It happens to everyone, but it’s cool that you were able to pinpoint when & why it happened.

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