Why won’t someone make the DDP downloadable content I actually want?

Posted: October 4, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

Essentially, see this post and substitute “downloadable content” for “action figure.”

So, today the DLC for WWE 13 was announced, and honestly, I’m quite happy, as I don’t have to spend time creating or searching Community Creations for a lot of the guys I was going to add to my Monday Night Wars version of WWE Universe.  Normally I would be ecstatic to see DDP listed there, but, just as I figured (judging by the aforementioned action figure malady I am suffering from), I’m not getting the version of Diamond Dallas Page that I actually want.

Oh well, the rest of the game looks amazing, so I’m not going to cry (too much) over this.  Looks like I’ll be downloading him yet again as I need full out WCW DDP to battle in my Universe’s version of WCW.

Counting the days until the 30th, though!



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