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Posted: October 8, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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Yesterday, the Ko@2 Crew took in our first live wrestling show together in Gibsonville, NC, compliments of Chikara.

The show didn’t exactly come off as advertised, as apparently Frightmare was hurt on Saturday night in Alabama, so Gavin Loudspeaker, the Chikara announcer, advised us that a replacement would be found for that match.  What ended up happening, apparently is that 3 of the matches got condensed into one and two singles matches spawned from that, leaving us with a ten man tag match main event.  That being said, I’m super into the multi-man matches from Chikara, so this was fine by me, although I can say I would have enjoyed seeing Frightmare, as well as I would have enjoyed seeing Mike Quackenbush wrestle one-on-one.

Basic (and spoiler free, since you  may want to purchase the DVD) rundown of the show consisted of:

The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown) vs The Bravado Brothers
Saturyne vs Amber O’Neal
assailANT VS Sugar Dunkerton
An open challenge from The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger
Ophidian VS Gran Akuma
Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier VS Solider Ant & deviANT

And our Main Event of

Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, UltraMantis Black, Fire Ant & Green Ant vs Obariyon, Kodama, Chuck Taylor, Icarus, & The Shard

The Throwbacks match was very good fun, including an impromptu halftime (complete with Veronica cheerleading show).  At first, I hated the dynamic of a Sugar Dunkerton-less Throwbacks, but it is interesting to see Mr. Touchdown try to be the MVP of the team while still trying to be a team player.  I do see a split eventually, though…

Saturyne vs Amber O’Neal was a decent match.  If your only exposure to women’s wrestling is WWE, then it was a GREAT match.  Amber could be heard calling the match, though,  but I was only 3 rows back, so that may have just been my closeness.  However, in a venue as small as we were in (250 people or so), then that may not be an acceptable excuse.  I’ll excuse it, however, based on the fact that half of Amber’s rear was left uncovered by her attire.  We were pretty happy about this.

asailANT vs Sugar Dunkerton was an interesting match.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to keep up with Chikara as much as I was able to last year, so the Gekido isn’t something I’m entirely too familiar with.  I thought they were pretty much a heel group, but asailANT was definitely trying to be a babyface.  He wanted people to cheer him and tried numerous times to get fans to shake his hand, but it was for naught.  Sugar showed why he is an amazing performer, though, as he cracked jokes through the match, including a top rope move where he afterwards looked at the ref and went “Did you see how awesome that was?!  My Spirit Meter was full!”  Fun match, but a bit short.

Next was my introduction to the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger.  Again, having not kept up with the storylines that well this year, I had no idea going into this who the MAHS was.  I saw him a few times in pictures on Chikara’s website, but had never seen a match with him.  Of course, the moment he walked through the curtain, something “resonated” with me, and I began to have an inkling at his identity.  His open challenge was answered by an indy wrestler from Alabama, I believe.

Ophidian vs Gran Akuma was a decent match with some hard hitting strikes.  I’m not big on Ophidian’s current mask, though.

Donst/Jakob vs deviANT and Soldier Ant was another interesting match, especially considering that both teams essentially hated their partners.  The rift with the Ants was immediately evident, with Soldier Ant looking to not even want to be part of the match, and was followed through by deviANT yelling at him and encouraging him to cheat the entire match.  Donst continued to impress me.  He’s not my favorite guy right now, as that spot belongs to Quack, but he’s quickly getting there.  You can just see it in him…he’s going to be something huge.  I first started to really take notice in him at the end of last year and it’s been growing since the breakdown of the BDK.  He’s got a mean streak a mile wide, but it’s backed up by the fact that the man knows how to wrestle.  He’s gotten bigger over the last few years, too, and now that he’s rocking the short hair, he’s got the look of a legit wrestling badass.  Honestly, I want him to make it to Kingston and have the two of them feud for a while before Donst claims the belt for himself.  Within the next few years, Donst will emerge as the top Rudo in Chikara, mark my words.  The star of this match, though, was Jakob Hammermeier.  If Donst is on the verge of being Chikara’s biggest Rudo, then Jakob is on the verge of being one of it’s most beloved Technicos.  His character wants so badly to be Tim Donst’s best friend, and the unrequited love and straight out abuse to him by Donst does wonders to build sympathy for him.  At the end of the match, after Donst had roughed up Hammermeier a good bit, the crowd chanted for Jakob to “hit him back!  Hit him back!”  Jakob was furious at this point, and even balled up his fist, much to Donst’s amusement.  Sadly, Jakob ended up allowing Donst to beat him up some more instead of fighting back, but it built so wonderfully that I am anxiously awaiting the day that Jakob strikes back.  It will blow the roof off of wherever they happen to be.

The Main Event…oh, this was a fun time.  At times absolute chaos broke out in the ring and it was fun seeing the guys who hadn’t really experienced these multi-man matches in Chikara get to see them live.  It was also an absolute blast seeing what I had only seen on TV and getting to experience it six or seven feet from the ring itself!  Sadly, it looked like Chuck Taylor’s knee got jacked up pretty bad from a double team move by the Colony.  He went down awkwardly, took the Ants Go Marching, and hit the floor, not to return.  Tons of outside dives, which were amazing to see right in front of us, including one by Hallowicked that ended up in the laps of the family directly in front of us.

The thing that really made me smile, though, was the meet and great afterwards with the entire roster (sans the Geikdo, I believe).  Most were behind the gimmick tables signing autographs, but some, like Quack or Jakob, were walking around the floor talking to people…like Derick.  Derick spent the majority of the show in his La Parka mask, which invited a shout out from Quack during the match.  Quack walked up to Derick later and spoke to him like he was talking to La Parka himself, reminiscing on the time they wrestled in 2002 as well as how weird it was that La Parka refused to dress while in the locker room.  Derick laughed and remarked that “that probably wasn’t very far off from himself.”

The show was a ton of fun.  I can honestly say that it was the most fun I’ve had at wrestling.  I’ve been to house shows for WCW, Raw, Smackdown and TNA.  I’ve been to both Raw and Smackdown live.  I’ve even been to a PPV (Vengeance, 2006), but this was the most fun I’ve ever had at a live wrestling show.  If they’re ever in your area, please go.  If not, go to and get some of their shows.  I purchased King Of Trios 2012 from SMV’s table at the show, and can’t wait to watch some more of this amazing product.

If you do get this show on DVD, entitled The Zodiac Crimes, look out for us.  Derick is the most obvious, in his La Parka mask.  I’m to his right (occasionally in a blue Hayabusa mask…but that thing was very tight and I couldn’t wear my glasses with it, so it didn’t get worn much), with Jamie to my right and Robbie to his.  We sat opposite of the hard camera, so we may pop up a few times through the course of the show.  I’ll put a link up the moment the show is available from SMV.  We’ll have pics up sometime soon as well.

Check out as well.  I can’t tell you how much I want everyone reading this to start following this product.  It really is my favorite wrestling promotion right now.


  1. Chikara Dad says:

    I was Google searching to see if there was any news on Chuck’s knee and I found your site. We were the family sitting in front of you. Wicked landed on my wife (yeah, I probably should have protected her better, my bad 🙂 Thanks for being good sports and humoring our enthusiastic 8-year old.

  2. Trust me, no problem whatsoever! I think it’s pretty awesome that you ended up coming across us, haha.

    I honestly found it awesome to see your son be not only so energetic and into the wrestling, but to also have seemingly more knowledge of Chikara than two of the guys I was there with, haha.

  3. […] most about Chikara, a gigantic multi-man match!  Such an amazing show that we did a write up for back in October.  If you’re a fan of Chikara, head on over to and grab you a […]

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