Review Corner – CM Punk: Best In The World

Posted: October 11, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Review Corner, Shane D, Special Features
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Since Robbie and I have effectively turned this site into Kick Out at Punk over the year that we’ve been running it, you knew that we would eventually get to reviewing this Blu-Ray.  Honestly, I probably would have done this sooner, but I wasn’t able to watch it on Tuesday, so it didn’t get viewed until last night.

This review, honestly, is going to be quick.  I’m not going to lay out the documentary for you, as if you’re a fan of the WWE documentaries or CM Punk in general, you should check it out.  That being said, the documentary is one of the better ones that the WWE has produced.  You can tell this one had Punk’s hands all over it, as it does have a different feel than the normal way that these docs flow.  You get smash cuts to text on the screen, illustrating someone’s words or point.  You get intercuts between the documentary and current day.  You get tons of Punk’s friends.  Just like Punk himself, this doc is different.

One of my favorite parts, honestly, was seeing the IWA Midsouth and Ring of Honor footage throughout the documentary.  Sure, past documentaries have shown a wrestler in the NWA or WCW or ECW, but to show them in a promotion that is currently running and operating?  Not only that, but to talk so highly about it, as well as using that footage to showcase and build up a wrestler like Samoa Joe while he’s still a very big name in TNA.  Definitely interesting to see.

Another part that stuck out at me was seeing Chris Hero listed in the documentary as Chris Hero and not Kassius Ohno.  I thought that was cool.

A lot of this took place during the time that I took away from the WWE, so it was actually really neat to go back and see all of the stuff that I missed, like the Straight Edge Society.  Seeing Punk explain that he was basically trying to become wrestling Jesus was pretty awesome and it made me want to try to track down that run of WWE.

I’ll unabashed say that CM Punk is my favorite wrestler, so this was a very cool documentary to check out.  However, if you’re a fan of Indy wrestling…or Paul Heyman…or the backstage struggles of someone “different” trying to make it in the WWE, this is a great watch.  You can tell that kayfabe was thrown directly out the window on this one, but some of the stories that come from it, like the fact that Heyman wanted Punk to win the ECW title at my dreaded December to Dismember and become the face of the new ECW…things like that are what really made me sit up and take notice with this doc.

If you’re a fan, do yourself a favor and check this out.  If you’ve never watched Punk in ROH, then check this doc out and watch the part that focuses on his time there…I’ll almost bet you try to seek that run out on DVD after seeing it.

I can’t recommend enough!



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