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Posted: November 8, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Review Corner, Shane D
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Apparently WWE decided that I hadn’t bought enough wrestling Blu-Rays here recently, as they continue on their run of things that they knew I would feel the need to rush out and buy.  After last month’s CM Punk documentary and before the Attitude Era doc that’s coming out in two weeks, we were presented with a documentary on the history of the New World Order.

I became a wrestling fan in 1995 watching WCW.  I had known about wrestling before hand, had even watched it in the early 90’s and followed it enough to know that Sting was the man, but the foundation for the wrestling fan that I am today began in 1995 with the advent of Monday Nitro.  Honestly, until mid to late 1997, I was WCW through and through.  So, my formidable years as a wrestling fan were smack dab at the beginning of the nWo.  I remember vividly watching Nitro the night that Scott Hall debuted (although I still wonder why Steve Doll and The Gambler didn’t just jump Hall instead of powdering out of the ring like he was the baddest thing on the planet).  One of my favorite wrestling moments was that and the following comment from my dad…”What’s that asshole doing here?!”  The moment he told Bischoff that he had a “big” surprise for him next week, I just knew in my heart of hearts that he meant Big Daddy Cool and lo and behold I was proven right the very next week.  The first wrestling PPV I ever ordered was Hog Wild in 1996 where Hogan won the title and that followed suit with me ordering Fall Brawl, Halloween Havoc and Starrcade to round out that year (no idea why I missed World War 3).

The documentary starts off with the beginning of Nitro and the fact that WCW was in a lull and needed something new done with it.  Enter Hall and Nash and the rest is history.  There’s a veritable ton of footage in this thing and it covers the main run of the nWo through the invasion of the Outsiders to Hogan joining up to everyone and their brother turning on WCW and joining the nWO.  It was a pretty entertaining watch, honestly.  I think if you enjoy most of the WWE documentaries, you’ll probably at dig this one…or at least won’t hate the time that you’re watching it.

Now, WWE put out an nWo documentary out on DVD about ten years ago called Back in Black to capitalize on the group being brought into the WWE.  They also put out the Monday Night War DVD not long after that.  I’m not going to lie…if you’ve seen those documentaries, you’ve seen this one.  There are some new interviews with Kevin Nash, Booker T and X-Pac, and a bit more attention is paid to the later iterations of the nWo outside of the main run from 1996-1998, but that stuff is kind of glossed over pretty quickly.  Also, it’s hard to really put together a comprehensive nWo piece when two key members are in TNA and another is sadly drinking himself into oblivion.  I’d have loved to see new interviews with Hogan, Bischoff and Hall…as well as guys like Konnan, Bagwell, etc, but alas.

The extra features are pretty packed and I really like how much WWE seems to cram into their Blu-Ray releases here recently.  There are a ton of matches, a ton of interviews and segments, and the entire Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussion on the nWo from WWE 24/7.  If you haven’t seen any of the LoW roundtables, make sure you check this out.  They are pretty much the greatest thing that WWE has produced in five years and I’m anxiously awaiting that entire series on Blu-Ray instead of just the 6 random ones that got released on DVD a few years ago.

A few things that I had to nitpick with it, though…when it comes to the split with nWo Hollywood and the Wolfpack, the documentary starts to get a bit blurry and things start running together.  Maybe it was just the editors or whatnot, but they started running the Wolfpack and the nWo Elite into the same shots, which kind of pissed me off as they were almost a year apart from each other.  Wolfpack was basically the babyface group, split off with Nash, Konnan, Savage, Luger and Sting whereas nWo Elite was the group that was reformed after the Finger Poke of Doom and was a full heel group.

It also raised an interesting question that I’ve had for a while.  Bischoff has stated numerous times that his idea was that nWo ultimately wouldn’t just be a heel group in WCW, they would be their own self-sufficient wrestling organization that would compete against WCW.  How was that ever meant to work?  Sure, at one point, it seemed like half of the WCW roster was in the nWo, but were they just going to wrestle themselves?  Would an episode of nWo Nitro have matches like Syxx vs Buff Bagwell?  I know when they had their own segments on WCW Saturday Night that they would usually wrestle jobbers and when they had Souled out it was nWo vs WCW, but neither of those really seems like a recipe for nWo to exist as it’s own wrestling organization.  Oh well, some things you’ll never know, I guess.


Another thought…I was 14 when the nWo started…16 years ago!  Dear Lord!


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