CM Punk – The Best in The World: Year One

Posted: November 21, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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As seen this Monday Night on RAW CM Punk has reached a career milestone having held the WWE Championship for 365 Days and counting. It’s no surprise that we here at Kick Out at 2 have thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this title reign! Shane and I started this website in October of 2011, CM Punk won the title shortly after this at Survivor Series from Alberto Del Rio so the fact that CM Punk has been champion for the majority of the life of this site is something that I as well as Shane and Derick can take great pride in. Shane joked about us effectively turning the site into “Kick Out at Punk” but the fact that Punk has been the Champion has simply given us the passion we need to write some of the articles we have written during this time.

Punk’s reign started off with him taking a back seat to John Cena being in the Main Event of almost all the PPV’s. This was the biggest complaint from most fans, If Punk was The Champion why isn’t he considered the Main Attraction instead of John Cena? Im happy that this was brought up as a story and all eyes are front and center on Punk being in the main event as he should have been all along. During Punk’s reign he has defended his Championship against the likes of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena & Ryback. He has conquered an Elimination Chamber Match a TLC match, Multiple Triple Threat Matches and even Hell in a Cell. He has went from fan favorite to ultimate bad guy & has even found the ultimate manager in real life friend Paul Heyman. I had been begging for a longer title reigns and wrote about how the Championship needed some credibility restored to it multiple times, all in all this has been a good year for CM Punk and wrestling fans alike.

Punk has brought so much importance to the title and even though his reign started with him being over shadowed he has fought tooth and nail to be the top guy in WWE. Not only that but in the process he has done just what he said he was there to do; with the accession of Ryback for example. On his “Best in The World” Blu-ray he talks about being there for the newer talent to help them, focus them and drive them to make an impact and not to be overlooked how he was for years after his original contract signing. Another cool aspect is the change in John Cena. Am I saying I now love the guy? No. An emphatic No! I’m still under the mentality that Cena should now be looked at as a “Special Attraction” much like The Undertaker is and no longer as a Contender for The WWE Championship. In fact after watching Night of Champions this year Shane said something that hit me like a ton of bricks “As much hell as we give Cena, Punk really brings out the best in him.” I hadn’t looked at it that way but after watching that match a few times I agree with him totally.

I can remember watching that match with Shane, Derick, Jamie and Chris and being on the edge of my seat. Before the match was over I was literally in the floor, inches away from my TV screaming with excitement as loud as I could every time Punk kicked out at 2. That match was insane with every near fall back and forth. I have always lived the Straight Edge lifestyle my entire life so I still laugh to myself as I can recall Shane stating to me during the match: “See Robbie, its matches like this that lead Derick and myself to drinking” . That match had me a nervous wreck and literally I felt as if my heart had dropped out of my chest when I saw Punk’s shoulders counted to the mat after that sloppy pin from Cena. When we found out the “dusty-finish” had been pulled and I had my total “mark-out moment”, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt The Rock and Punk was going to happen. Cena walked away with a little respect from us but we were ecstatic CM Punk kept the title, I mean after all We’re Paul Heyman Guys also.

CM Punk and this title reign has been something that the WWE has been needing for Years. A huge part of me feels CM Punk needs to defend the WWE Championship against Mick Foley at TLC next month simply to add fire to The Rock’s return and Championship opportunity the month after. Much like the Foley/Orton feud of 2004 this could be built up to make it extremely personal, going so far as to having Foley be in Rock’s corner to counter Heyman in Punk’s at The Rumble. The ability to play with the Hardcore Match options at TLC would do nothing but solidify the fact that Foley is the greatest Hardcore Legend ever and Punk defeating him would add nothing but extra prestige to his credibility as Champion & Superstar, so this is really a win-win situation for everyone. WWE has a golden opportunity here and I’m really hoping they don’t drop the ball on what could potentially be the biggest build up to a Royal Rumble match that we have ever seen.

I said the WWE should book Punk strong during WWE’s “Sleeper Months” and make him the unstoppable heel and they have done an excellent job at doing nothing but that. Something tells me at the Rumble though everyone is going to wake up as we see what I’m confidant will be one of the best CM Punk dream matches to ever come true. Until Wrestlemania 30 that is….*glass breaks* 🙂

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