CM Punk: Best in The Underworld!

Posted: November 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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Last Sunday I did something I haven’t done before. Judging from the picture above you guessed it I actually watched an Episode of “The Talking Dead” and yes I only watched it because the reigning WWE Champion CM Punk was one of the two special guest personalities to appear on said show.  Thanks to my “incredible” days of being sick and lots of down time I was able to start and catch up with The Walking Dead in the span of a little under two weeks. This is something both Shane and Heather had been wanting me to do for some time now and again they both know how to pick good entertainment. I guess I need to start listening to them a bit quicker than I normally do. Heather even writes a “Weekly Review” of each Episode over at So if you ever need to explore your Geek side after obtaining your Wrestling fix here head over to her site. You are sure to be entertained.

Watching this was incredibly cool because you could see how excited Punk was to be there and that he was genuinely a fan of the comics and wasn’t just someone randomly picked to be there with no love or passion for the product he was there to promote. Basically Punk did better on this show than most “Guest Host” did on RAW during that God-awful stretch of “Celebrity Guest Host” crap in 2009. The fact that Punk was on this show and the Grand Marshall to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago makes me smile. I find it incredibly odd that WWE didn’t do anything to promote these appearances until after Punk had to do it himself via Twitter. Had John Cena been in these places we would have been force-feed that crap for weeks leading up to the event. People like CM Punk and The Miz stepping up to gain recognition for the WWE outside of the company itself is a good thing. I’m ready to see more of this and for WWE to realize they have more than one “spoke on the wheel.” Using these guys to promote things they are passionate about outside of wrestling is a good call and something I hope to see more of regularly.

Episode 307 Bonus Video: Talking Dead


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