Kick Out at 2! Remembers Jonathan Moore.

Posted: November 29, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Announcements, Robbie C

Troy Martin (Left) & Jonathan Moore (Right) Rocking The Nexus. is saddened to learn that one of our friends and readers has passed away. Jonathan Moore lived in the same small town as us and although we didn’t hang out with him on a regular basis whenever we passed we would always find a few minutes to talk, generally with the conversation taking a quick turn to the World of Professional Wrestling. I can remember Derick, Troy, Jonathan and myself having a few conversations during 2010 when The Nexus was the hottest thing in WWE at the time. It was always fun to be able to drop “Kayfabe” with Jonathan as the dude was very passionate about WWE and really got into it. He always reminded me what it was like to lower your guard and just enjoy WWE without over-thinking the story and just enjoy the product for what it was. He was one of the first people to “like” the Facebook Page and seemed to enjoy the fact that people he knew were running a website dedicated to wrestling.

Jonathan buddy we are going to miss you and the passion that you had for the sport that we all love so much. Knowing you, you are probably already front and center watching Eddie Guerrero vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage on what is truly “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

In honor of the love you and Troy shared for the Nexus I can think of no better way to end this post than with the video below. Rest Well my friend.

  1. The Champ says:

    Jonathan Moore. What a character. One of the first memories of him was on the tennis team at Giles High. When he first started, he couldn’t hit the ball, he could barely serve, etc. But he had heart. He was willing to learn. And he did. He may not have been the fastest, the most agile, or the strongest. But, he had the most heart. Over time, people noticed. And everyone respected the fact that he never have up, despite the health issues that he never let onto.

    A few years later, Jonathan, Troy and I met up at a GHS football game. He loved the Spartans. I had such a blast laughing at those 2, that we made it a ritual. Every home game (and most away games) you could find us 3 sitting in the exact same spot: either heckling the refs, making people laugh, or losing our voice in general. It is still top 5 greatest times of my life.

    Rest well, Jonathan. Enjoy the good seats for GHS and VT football. This isn’t goodbye, we’ll see you soon.

    With a heavy heart, The Champ has spoken.

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