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Posted: December 3, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D
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Because shooting for RF Video is soooo 1997...

Because shooting for RF Video is soooo 1997…

It looks like a couple Twitter wars and backstage floodgates have burst open this weekend.  First, we had Kevin Matthews go postal on Bill DeMott (which, handily included the hashtag #DeMottcracy for easy tracking).  I read through this and, honestly, I did chuckle a few times, but all in all, it just reeked of someone being unhappy and wanting to take it out on the “airwaves.”  I don’t begrudge anyone what I’m sure was some satisfaction in venting and letting people know what he thought of Demott, and I don’t know Matthews’ future plans in the world of professional wrestling, but one can only assume that if they ever included another stint in the WWE (developmental or otherwise), that he pretty much blew up that particular bridge.

With this dude's look, honestly, I'm kinda shocked they really didn't do anything with him.

With this dude’s look, honestly, I’m kinda shocked they really didn’t do anything with him.

This, however, brings me to Tyler Reks.  Now, I’m not going to lie…I don’t watch much of WWE’s developmental / Superstars / NXT offerings.  I knew of Tyler Reks due to reading the websites that I frequent.  I knew he was teaming with Curt Hawkins.  I know he showed up on Raw & Smackdown a few times in the last year, but that’s about it.  Him leaving WWE a few months ago, under his own accord, was one of the biggest things I had heard of him do since I started hearing his name.  Now, based on the way that I heard he left (asking for his release so that he could go be a father), I have a feeling that a return trip to the WWE isn’t something that is his endgame.  It sounded like he was pretty much done with that part of his life, which, in my opinion he took a classy way out.

Then I read the Internet over the last two days…

Tyler’s run on Twitter was pretty much just pointed at John Cena, which the last few people who have taken to Twitter after releases seem to have pointed theirs at as well.  You can read the tweets on Tyler’s own Twitter feed as I like to look at K0@2 more as a “commentary” site as opposed to a “copy and paste a wrestler’s Twitter feed and call it news” site, but I’ll hit some of the important notes.  Apparently John Cena dressed Reks down on his first house show loop for using the Burning Hammer, telling him that if he uses it again, he’ll be fired.  I kind of want to come at this from two angles.  Now, I actually had to look up his version of it, because my first thought was “if he’s using the Burning Hammer, I’m pretty sure that move should be on WWE’s Do Not Use list.”  Turns out, he’s not doing the legit Burning Hammer (reverse Death Valley Driver), but he basically starts with the torture rack position and then flips them into a DDT.  Look it upon YouTube.  I did.  It’s basically an inverted Attitude Adjustment.  I can see why Cena would be aggravated if someone used that move.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to apologize for John Cena.  First of all, we have one side of a story.  I’m just saying that I can see THE top guy getting mad that someone was essentially stealing his finish.  Thing is, if Reks’s post is actually how it went down, then that’s definitely not the way one should deal with it.  A casual “hey, that looks a lot like the AA…would you mind using something different” is a good first way to address the subject.  Dressing down a grown man and threatening his job is not…seeing as I don’t remember reading about Tommy Dreamer spazzing himself when Cena started rocking the original version of the FU back in the day.

Basically, John Cena gets run through the wringer for a while and then we get a run down of who’s cool and who isn’t in the WWE locker room.  Interesting, yes.  Informative, not really.

I watch wrestling basically the way I watch movies.  I’m watching a character.  Who the person is when they’re not that character is of no concern to me.  I don’t care how into his loopy sci-fi religion Tom Cruise is…I’m going to keep watching his movies because he entertains me.  Same with WWE.  Now, I’ve made no bones about the fact that I dislike John Cena’s on screen character.  I honestly think it’s one of the worst things about watching WWE right now.  However, that’s because I hate his on screen character!  Anything else doesn’t concern me.

That’s why I likened Twitter to the new Shoot Interview.  I remember back when I was young in the ways of wrestling.  I remember thumbing through my wrestling magazines and seeing the adds for RF Video.  I remember ordering from them for the first time (IWA’s King of the Deathmatch 1995 and The Best of Raven) and getting that catalog with my order.  I remember looking over the shoot interview section and almost salivating at the things that could be contained within.  I remember wanting, almost desperately, to order the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart ones just to hear them spit venom about each other.  So, I get the idea of why people can be drawn to information like this, from both Matthews and Reks.  There is that part of us as a wrestling fan who likes to have the veil torn away, if just for a few moments.  The idea that John Cena may not be our Superman in jorts in real lift is fascinating.

But does that knowledge really change anything?

For me, no.  I don’t have to deal with John Cena or Bill DeMott backstage.  I just see what is presented to me on my television screen.  Not only that, but the vast majority of wrestling fans aren’t going to even see it.  I know that the idea of finally venting and letting the world know about the politics behind the iron curtain must be an amazing thing…but, in the end, all it’s going to do is appease the handful of Internet fans, who probably already hate John Cena anyway, while burning a bridge behind you.



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