CM Punk: Issue #381

Posted: December 5, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C
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381. The number the “Internet Wrestling Community” has been waiting for. Yesterday CM Punk tied John Cena’s record of having held the WWE Championship for 380 days during one reign. Today CM Punk solidifies his “Best in The World” moniker by reaching a feat that we all held our breaths for and collectively hopped he would obtain. As soon as I woke up this morning I checked and Paul Heyman’s Twitter and saw them raving about this great accomplishment. Even I had moment where I just kinda let it sink in and appreciate this historic milestone. I like to think it was a feeling similar to the one Dr. Ian Malcolm shows after seeing that John Hammond had successfully cloned Dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park”. A moment of disbelief suddenly overcome by the realization of what is actually happening.  – “You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it. “

The WWE Championship is regarded as the most prestigious prize in the World of Professional Wrestling and honestly why shouldn’t it be? It is THE Championship that represents THE biggest Wrestling Company in the World afterall. Sure it lost some credibility during the years of John Cena and his never ending game of “Hot Potato” with various Superstars but it seems like those days may finally be over. I always thought it was kinda funny that Wrestlers are “Credited” for being a 16 Time Champion or a 13 Time Champion, now don’t get me wrong I do think its an accomplishment but at the same time that means they lost it 15 times or 12 times and so on. Punk reminds me of HBK when using this viewpoint in that, yeah he hasn’t held the title as much as other people but look at what did while holding it! Shawn Michaels is only a 4 Time World Champion but is promoted by Vince himself to be “The Greatest In-Ring Performer of All Time!”. Do I see CM Punk taking Michael’s place? No. However I could easy see him being just as good as HBK. Hell, Punk has already taken on many of the aspects that I loved about HBK. The main one being whenever he competes in a match. Main Event or not. Championship or not. It’s the match your left talking about with your friends when the show is over.

It amazes me how much the WWE Championship picture has changed over the span of Punk’s title reign. If someone would have told you 5 Years ago that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be headlining PPV’s would you have believed them? (Yes, Shane you did, we know!) It seems like Vince’s mentality of  “if your not a product of my company I’m not going to promote you properly” is finally over and this is a good thing. I believe that moment was honestly realized on July 25th 2011. When CM Punk returned and held his WWE Championship in Cena’s Face.  The emotion that the crowd showed as they erupted pretty much screamed “This is our guy. This is who we want to cheer. This is who we need.” The crowd was easily for CM Punk that night and Cena’s days of being the Alpha we’re starting to diminish. I could easily see Triple H taking Punk under his wing and really using his advice to help promote and run the company. Maybe the “Doofus Son in Law” picking at Punk’s great mind for the business could launch another “Era” that would have a huge impact on wrestling.

During Punk’s reign we have seen some tremendous matches. He has went from Face to Heel during the reign and has set up another return for The Rock. I’m so dead set on seeing CM Punk vs The Rock live even more so than I was to see Rock vs Cena. For The Rock vs Cena there was a clear line and I was with The Rock every step of the way. This match however I’m 50/50 on and I don’t know who I want to win. All I know is its going to be amazing. I’m glad WWE made the right call keeping the belt on Punk over the last year. They have promoted younger and newer talent, The Tag Team Division has been rejuvenated and people who didn’t normally watch wrestling have started to take notice of CM Punk and what he is doing for the sport he loves so much.

381 Days and Counting….


CM Punk Returns as Rightful Champion


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