The last PPV of 2012 is here and we here at Kick Out at 2 are saddened by the fact CM Punk will not be competing during this event but rest assured next month will be nothing short of awesome.

World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match: Big Show vs. Sheamus

Robbie’s Pick: Big Show – I guess The World Title takes Main Event Status on this PPV now with Punk being out? Rest assured if Cena vs Ziggler happens before this match we have a new champion in Cena or Ziggler.

Shane’s Pick: – Big Show – Silly Robbie and his thinking that a PPV with John Cena on it isn’t going to have that match as the Main Event…

Derick’s Pick: Big Show – Big Show KO! *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap* Big Show KO! *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap*

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

Robbie’s Pick: Kofi – With all the interaction between Kofi, Wade, Truth and Antonio I’m pretty sure this should just have been a Fatal-Four Way Title Unification match.

Shane’s Pick: Kofi – Boy, Wade’s big return has kinda fizzled out hasn’t it?

Derick’s Pick: Kofi 

United States Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

Robbie’s Pick: Antonio Cesaro – Got to go with Antonio still.

Shane’s Pick: Antonio Cesaro – Man, I’m loving this Antonio run!  Someone get him Kassius Ohno to either team with or feud with soon, though!

Derick’s Pick: Antonio CesaroCause R-Truth is The Junk Yard Dog! He’s a Dog’s Dog! – Seriously anyone ever figure out what he was smoking on commentary that night?

Ladder Match: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – The only way I see him loosing this is if he had already cashed in earlier and tricked Cena into fighting for an Empty Case.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – I really…really…REALLY…hope I’m wrong!

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – He should have cashed in by now anyway.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match: Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: Ryback and Hell No – Shield will go balistic and a defeat will do nothing more than add fuel to their fire.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – Normally I’d say this is where the babyfaces get their groove back, but I’m behind The Shield and I’m ready for them to get some legit wins.

Derick’s Pick: Ryback & Hell No – HAVE YOU F*** NOT SEEN RYBACK!?!?!

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Robbie’s Pick: Team Rhodes Scholars – Both Teams are cool but Im still waiting on Sin Cara to turn on Rey before Mania.

Shane’s Pick: Sin Cara / Rey Mysterio – Honestly, I’m just going against the grain, now…

Derick’s Pick: Team Rhodes Scholars – Cody’s Mustache makes me want to hide my children.

No. 1 Contender’s Diva Battle Royal

Robbie’s Pick: Layla – Cause…. yeah.

Shane’s Pick: Layla – I’m not going to lie…I’m picking Layla because that’s the name Rob & Derick picked and because I have no idea who any one of the girls in this picture is.  I can’t even pick out Layla…so I’m just taking it for granted that Rob & Derick actually KNOW she’s in this match.  I may as well have picked Giant Gonzales…

Derick’s Pick: Layla – These are getting old. Whoever is in charge of the TNA Women’s Division just needs to trade places with whoever books this crap in WWE.

  1. BEF says:

    Too funny! Especially about the Divas… However we all know that Hornswoggle should be the new face of the WWE.

  2. BEF says:

    Oh yeah, Rhodes stash is scary….

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