Shane’s (wrestling) Christmas List – 2012

Posted: December 24, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

HotRodChristmasI did this last year, so I figured it would be fun to look back to see what Wrestling Santa brought me and to share with you fine folks what I’d love to see in the year to come.

You can find my list from last year here.

So, I definitely got more Chikara.  This year has been a good year for Chikara, with some awesome shows and some amazing wrestling.  I even got to finally see a show live, which was amazing!  I got to see more of my Indy favorites getting recognition as Daniel Bryan had the biggest year of his career and is now firmly cemented as one of the main focal points of WWE programming.  Add in Antonio Cesaro to the mix and I’ve been quite happy this year on that front.  Sadly I didn’t get a fire under John Cena’s ass…I just the same old lame ass John Cena again for another year.  I also didn’t get a non-HHH Undertaker match at Mania, but I’ll overlook that one as that match was pretty sweet.  There are two things that will make repeat appearances on my list this year, so I’ll get to those later.

One last thing on my last year’s post…WWE 13.  I asked for it to be the best wrestling game ever, and in my opinion, it’s not far off.  I’ll have to spend a bit more time with it to say where it ranks on my “all time” list, but I can say it’s the most fun I’ve had with a wrestling game in a very long time.  My WWE Universe right now is set almost exactly how I have wanted it to be for years and I’m having an insane amount of fun with it.  I’ll do a bigger write up on the game sometime next week, though.

So, now, onto the wishes…

WWE Network – Yeah, I asked for this one last year, and it didn’t come out on 4/1 like it was supposed to, much to my chagrin.  I’m still holding out hope that it eventually will come out since the last talks were about it becoming a premium channel, which I believe gives it a bit more possibility of happening than it did before.  Hopefully this one won’t be on my list AGAIN next year is all I’m sayin…

Wrestling Retribution Project to actually COME OUT! – What the heck happened with this thing?  We get one trailer, some info about a web series, and then squat.  Their Twitter feed has even been pretty silent for the year thus far.  I really want to see this thing.

CM Punk to hold the WWE Championship until Wrestlemania…at the least – We here at Kick Out At Punk have taken a bit of a shine to this little known guy from Chicago, and we just want to see him succeed and get the respect he deserves.  In all seriousness, I’m loving this Punk reign, and I honestly think that the biggest thing The Rock can do right now is give Punk the rub and just have a great match and let Punk get the win.  Cena is just as big a star as he was this time last year despite losing to Rock, but Cena’s been ingrained in the Main Event for so long that nothing is going to derail him as the MAIN guy.  Punk, on the other hand…beating Rock at this point in his career…that’s magic.  It’s what Hogan should have done for Randy Orton way back when, and it’s what I hope to see in a few short weeks.  I’m almost certain we’ll get Punk/Cena at Mania, most likely with Cena winning…but, I can still dream that Punk will be at day 765 of his WWE Championship reign this time next year!

Colt Cabana in WWE – I want this.  He deserves a big spot with the company.  I’m shocked he isn’t there already with all the stuff that has been building with Punk over the last year, but for whatever reason, Cabana has been pounding the Indy pavement.  Every time I watch a Santino match, or a backstage comedy skit, I think to myself “Why can’t Cabana be in that spot?”  I’m hoping he helps Punk out someway against the Rock, myself, bringing him into the WWE fold as a lackey character under Punk and Heyman.  We’ll see, as there have been a few more rumors circulating over the last few months than there were before…

Kassius Ohno to debut…team with Antonio Cesaro – Sure, I’ll take Ohno debuting no matter how it happens…but I want my Kings of Wrestling and this is my Christmas list anyway, so I’ll ask for what I want!

Sara Del Rey to debut – I love me some SDR, so I want to see her as more than just a trainer.  I want her kicking the living crap out of Divas on my TV screen.

A Christopher Daniels World Championship Reign – This guy deserves it.  He’s one of the best wrestlers in the company.  He’s one of the most charismatic guys in the company.  He’s also the guy who got me into Indy wrestling, and in a world where CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are riding high, I want the Fallen Angel at those same heights!

And, my friends, that’s it for this year.  Not a lengthy list, mind you, but chocked full of stuff that would make me smile.

Here’s hoping you and yours all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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