Robbie’s (wrestling) Christmas List – 2012

Posted: December 25, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Robbie C

Same as last year I’m going to follow in Shane’s steps and do a follow up post similar to his about my Christmas Wishes that I would like to see in the coming year regarding the world of Professional Wrestling.

Last Year I asked for this simple list which can be seen here. Honestly, like Shane some of that remains the same this year.

Chris Jericho –  I asked for his return last year and honestly was the only member of Kick Out at 2 who guessed that the “It Begins” promos were for Jericho’s return. Honestly it was a pick based sorely on the fact I wanted him back, I kinda surprised myself being right on this one but nonetheless the Chris Jericho vs CM Punk feud was handed to me. While the story didn’t play out as best as I would have liked it to, the matches were phenomenal. This Year I want Chris Jericho back in the ring for Wrestlemania to push another guy higher than they already are. I’m sure Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler would agree. 🙂

World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler – The fact that they haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet both upsets me and makes me happy at the same time. While I want this cash in to be edgy and mean something I don’t want it to be wasted like that time Jack Swagger won it? Yeah, remember that? Don’t worry few people do.

CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler as WWE & World Heavyweight Champions Simultaneously – These are two of the hardest working guys in WWE when it comes to in ring performances. To have them both as Champions looking to outdo each other week after week would be amazing television. If WWE were to unify the titles, these two in an Iron Man Match would be the way to do it.

Ric Flair as WWE’s GM – Last year I asked for this position to be given to Shawn Michaels and while I would love to see HBK back on TV I think at this point Ric would benefit more from the position and money than Shawn would. With Ric’s expertise in how to handle wrestling politics and with Triple H running the show tell me having Ric in Hunter’s ear wouldnt be a good thing.

CM Punk vs Stone Cold – Yet another request returns to my list this year. Last year it was just wishful thinking but after the promotions of WWE ’13 and the trash talk between the two on Twitter it looks more like a possibility in the coming year or two.

Smackdown to be its own show again – Honestly since RAW has went 3hrs I have found there is no need for me to be as concerned to watch Smackdown as I had been. I get to see Randy Orton on RAW and Smackdown has become a 2hr clipshow of  “This is what happened on RAW”

Less “Moments Ago” Segments – WWE must be under the idea we have the attention spans of vertically challenged kittens. I understand a few replays are OK to set up big moments of the night leading to the Main Event but my God man enough is enough! I mean tonight we got a “Moments Ago” replay of Del Rio running over Santa Clause during the segment! REALLY!? REALLY!? They have had matches in the past that were shorter than some of these replays and I’m sure guys not being used in back are thinking the same thing.

More Chikara in My life – Shane has been trying to get me more into this world for the last year and it happened. I finally watched a few DVD’s and got to attend “Zodiac Crimes” with Shane, Derick and Jamie. This needs to happen more often!

Kick Out at 2! to Continue to grow – I said this last year as well and while we did add Derick as an Official Member of the Staff, *cough* – even though he dropped the ball on his Weekly Segment – *cough, cough*, We plan on doing a lot more. With things physically getting setup the way I want them as soon as we get the equipment we need the Kick Out at 2 Series WILL begin filming.

And there we have it Ladies and Gentlemen. Hopefully You will all have a Happy Holiday and if your not down with that than I just got two words for ya!…..



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