Using the New Age Outlaws on house shows? Use ’em on TV!

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Kick Out At 2! in Shane D

The New Age OutlawsI read on a few websites over the last few days that the New Age Outlaws were used in some of the house shows in New York, namely the one at Madison Square Garden, and it got me thinking.  Apparently these guys can still go enough to be used for more than one show, so why limit them to house shows?  WWE is slowly building up a tag team division that has actual teams in it, however about half of them are either not big enough names yet or they’re composed of random Superstars thrown together by the great WWE Randomizer, so why  not bring in a legit tag team with an established history to give these guys the rub?  I could very easily see a 2-3 month feud with the Outlaws and Team Rhodes Scholars and think that such a thing would be highly enjoyable.

I think it also would allow WWE to move a bit more D-X merchandise without Shawn and Hunter currently on the TV show.  Of course, I’d actually kind of like the Outlaws to be brought out and used separate of their D-X background, but since they do have such a strong tie to the group, why not use it to move a few more t-shirts?

Just something to think about, WWE…



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