Official Year End “Kick Out at 2’s Favorite” Awards!

Posted: January 7, 2013 by Kick Out At 2! in Derick B, Robbie C, Shane D, Special Features

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages: “Kick Out at 2!” proudly brings to you, their “YEAR END FAVORITE AWARRRRRDS.” Presented by The Co-Founders Shane Dalton, Robbie Croy along with Derick “The Champ” Body, We are “Kick Out at 2!” and here is our list of Winners who have been doing the same thing all year long!

Blu-Ray/DVD of the Year



Shane’s Pick – CM Punk: Best in the World – This Blu-Ray had it all.  One of the best documentaries that WWE has produced, my favorite wrestler, footage from ROH and one of my favorite rivalries ever, and tons of extras.  I absolutely loved this Blu-Ray and feel it stands in worthy succession to last year’s winner.

Robbie’s Pick – CM Punk: Best in the WorldI’m going to have to agree with Shane on this one. There hasn’t been a WWE documentary that I have been more proud to own. This is the best put together presentation that they have done on any wrestler I have ever seen work for them. The first time i watched it it was very odd because it was like WWE was telling me the stuff Shane and told me for years. Now I just had video and pictures to go along with it!

Derick’s Pick – CM Punk: Best in the World –  Gee, big surprise here. The best WRESTLER, in the best promotion wins this category for me. For anyone who thinks that CM Punk’s career started with WWE, please go out and buy this. Then come hug me. You’re welcome.

Comeback of the Year

strangerShane’s Pick – Archibald Peck – I loved this!  Archie sent packing in a Loser Leaves Town match only to have the Handsome and Mysterious Stranger arrive on the scene.  I loved the way that the Chikarmy played along, despite knowing full well who was under the mask.  I not only thought this was such a cool way to bring Archie back into the fold and bring him over to the technico side, but it epitomized everything I love about Chikara.  Sitting in Gibsonville, NC, earlier this year and joining in the chant of “We don’t know you” when the Stranger came out just showed me how much fun wrestling can be when you actually play along and don’t just sit back and analyze the heck out of everything.  Well done Archie!

Robbie’s Pick – Daniel Bryan – Its hard to believe that just a few years ago Daniel was on NXT and Michael Cole was constantly giving him hell for lacking the “It Factor” and having no charisma whatsoever.  Now the guy has any audience eating out of the palm of his hand with a one word chant and his epic entrance music. Oh yeah plus the fact he is one of the 2 best wrestlers in WWE at the moment.

Derick’s Pick – Brock Lesnar – Yeah, yeah. The Champ gets it. I hear the mumbles and grumbles. “Brock failed at UFC, so he went back to the WWE.”  I honestly don’t think that’s it. Brock is a business man. He knows where the money is. So, he came back. Emphatically in fact. John Cena gets beat at WM28, and Brock destroys him the VERY NEXT NIGHT. If that’s not a comeback, then tell me what is.

Match of the Year

punkbryanotlShane’s Pick – CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan – Over the Limit – This is the match that I want to take backwards in time to show myself in 2003.  To basically have fallen in love with ROH and independent wrestling on the back of the work by these two guys (among others) and to sit back and watch them wrestle for the WWE Championship…not even the World Championship…was astounding.  The best part of the match, to me, was that I could have easily seen this taking place in ROH in 2004 with absolutely no changes.  It was a great match that showcased both guys.  It did it’s best to make Daniel Bryan look like a legit badass in it as well.  Here, he wasn’t the snarky guy who had gotten fluke wins over Big Show or Mark Henry…he was in his element and he stood on equal footing with the WWE Champion.  Plus, it had Bryan turn a surfboard into a hanging dragon sleeper!  That’s ridiculousness right there!

Robbie’s Pick – CM Punk vs John Cena at Night of Champions – Good Grief this match was intense. Honestly its the last PPV that all of Kick Out at 2 had a chance to watch together. As I wrote before there were so many times I was on the edge of my seat or in the floor holding my replica WWE Championship high when I thought Punk had won. Every time Cena almost won my heart nearly stopped. As much hell as we give Cena this match proved that Punk is the only one on the roster that can truly bring out the best in Cena. The group that I was with while watching this added to the joy of this match for me simply because we all marked out and I literally screamed until I couldn’t talk. Plus we got the setup for what I think will be my match of The Year for 2013. Probably the best reaction a match has gotten from me since HBK vs The Undertaker II for obvious reasons.

Derick’s Pick – Tossup: Punk/Cena @ NOC and ‘Taker/HHH @ WM28 – To ensure you readers don’t think this is rigged, I’m gonna go with the latter. Trips and ‘Taker did more than just wrestle a match. They told a story. Those 2 are the last major active guys from the Attitude Era (sorry Kane). To bill it is the “end of an era” match was nothing short of brilliance. When you take a match like Rock/Cena (who a lot of people thought would never happen) and ‘Taker/HHH on the same card, and both are memorable, then you know it was good. HBK as the referee was icing on the cake. His facial expression, mannerisms, etc. complemented the match perfectly.

Tag Team of the Year

hell noShane’s Pick – Team Hell No! – I love tag team wrestling, and one of the things that would always aggravate me so much was when they would throw two random guys together and make them the tag team champions.  At least recently, once the WWE Randomizer throws it’s two teams together, they usually try to start forming some kind of team outside of just being Superstar A and Superstar 1.  However, this is one of those times that I should have hated it from the beginning, but I have loved every second of it.  Their skits are pretty hilarious and they’ve actually formed a very good team.  Honestly, with Bryan really cementing himself with this run and the way that they flip flop Kane around so much, I’m really hoping that they just keep these two right where they are for a good while.

Robbie’s Pick – Team Hell No! – Pretty much in agreeance with Shane yet again on this one. This has been the thing to keep Daniel Bryan in the picture without him taking a backseat to Punk Cena Ziggler and other top guys. The fact that Kane seems to be the most content wrestler WWE has ever hired probably helps add to the fact that he can play off anyone or any situation. Simply put this story has been gold and I also agree they need a long run as Champs.

Derick’s Pick – Team Hell No! – Not only did Daniel Bryan have another great year, but he found tag chemistry with Kane. I will be the first one to tell you that when I first seen this tag team forming, I thought “Welp, they just screwed Daniel….”. I was wrong. Pure comedic gold, hilarious interactions, and a gold mine of catch phrases.

Feud of the Year

shieldShane’s Pick – The Shield vs Everyone – When The Shield first debuted, I just assumed they would be part of a little band put together by Punk and Paul Heyman.  They came out and attacked Ryback, allowing Punk to retain the title.  Then, they kept showing up when Punk needed them.  But, then, they did what I really thought made them special…they just started taking fools out.  Sure, their main beef seemed, and still seems, to be with Ryback, but seeing them basically show that no babyface was safe made me smile.  I’m totally on board with The Shield.  I am a fan of Rollins and have heard a ton of good stuff about Ambrose and watching them run roughshod on the WWE’s babyface locker room makes me smile.  Plus, that Promo they cut with the video camera…as well as the interview with Michael Cole…showed me a side of them, especially Ambrose, that really intrigued me.  I just wish they’d ditch the riot gear pretty soon and start wearing regular gear during matches.  I’m very interested to see what 2013 has in store for them, though.

Robbie’s Pick – The Rock vs John Cena – Im not going to lie I freaked out when the Rock returned and once it was set he would fight Cena at Wrestlemania i knew things were really about to change. The cool thing about the feud was most of it took place of social media so the fact that the feud could take a next turn at any given minute of any day was pretty neat. I could remember being at work reading what Rock would send out early morning and almost like a hawk watching to see if and what Cena would reply to. When they were on TV it was always really cool to see The Rock interact with the crowd in only a way he can. Most fans like me were part of The Millions…and Millions as we hung on The Great One’s every word. I’m glad to say I picked The Rock to win from day one and my choice never changed from the minute the match was set until the bell rang after Cena was hit with a Rock Bottom followed by a 3 count. I knew Rock would win and I loved how the story came to an end…for now.

Derick’s Pick – The Rock vs Cena – This was the feud that I have wanted to see for 7 years. On one hand you have The Rock. No explanation needed. On the other hand, John Cena. The guy that stepped into the role held by Rocky. The entire feud was awesome, but the ending of it (match included) was exactly what I wanted.

Breakout Star of the Year

amdragShane’s Pick – Daniel Bryan – 18 seconds.  That’s the amount of time it takes to catapult the right wrestler into greatness.  Last year, when they gave Bryan the Money in the Bank contract and then sent him on a losing streak, it seemed like they just did it with no aim in sight.  Even having him win the title, outside of the surprise moment, didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing.  Then, they let the guy who they had spent years telling us didn’t have charisma shine.  His heel turn was awesome because it really seemed like success had gone to his head.  Here was this puny guy who won the title on a fluke acting like he was the most amazing thing in the company…it was maddening…but it was believable.  We basically watched absolute power corrupt him and drive him crazy.  At Wrestlemania, when Sheamus kicked him and won in less than 30 seconds, I thought There’s the end of Bryan’s run, Shane…hope you enjoyed it while you could.  Boy, was I wrong.  That Miami crowd went nuts for him and cemented him in the WWE zeitgeist the very  next night.  Throw him into some amazing matches with Punk and some hilarious situations with Kane, and you’ve got what could have been a disaster back in April turning Bryan into one of the biggest attractions in the WWE at the moment.  Not bad for a little Indy guy with no charisma, huh?

Robbie’s Pick – Dolph Ziggler – I can still remember that empty feeling I had in the pit of my stomach when Dolph was “handed” The World Heavyweight Championship and I still hate it to this day. I want his win to be credible when he captures that title again and having him win MITB was the way to do it. His matches have been great this year and I’m patiently waiting for that briefcase to be used and Dolph be crowned The New World Heavyweight Champion!

Derick’s Pick – Ryback  – “Feed. Me. More.”  – You guys can hate me, love me, loathe me, etc. I love me some Ryback. Even though the Goldberg-esque buildup took a little too long, I loved it. Here’s to hoping that this year he stays in the title hunt.

Event of the Year

zodiaccrimesShane’s Pick – Chikara: The Zodiac Crimes – I LOVE Chikara!  One of the things I’ve worked to do since discovering exactly how much love I have for Chikara is to spread the love and introduce as many people as I can to the company.  Who better to do that with than my fellow Ko@2 compatriots?  Then, this summer, finally the news I had been after…Chikara was coming back to North Carolina…just one state away from our native Virginia.  So, we loaded up the vehicle and headed down south for one of the most fun live shows I’ve ever been to.  Now, I’ve been to Thunder, Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and numerous house shows, but I have not had as much fun at a show as I did this one.  Even with match changes due to injury, they still put on an amazing show, climaxing in the thing I love most about Chikara, a gigantic multi-man match!  Such an amazing show that we did a write up for back in October.  If you’re a fan of Chikara, head on over to and grab you a copy.

Robbie’s Pick – Chikara: The Zodiac CrimesShane has done a lot for me in terms of Wrestling. He introduced me to Ring of Honor, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, TNA (Dont worry, I forgave him.) and the newest Chikara. This was the simplest yet funnest event I have ever been to. Watching this new world unfold in front of me was simply amazing. There was so much awesomness going around in that tiny arena but I can remember thinking two things. 1) I was totally happy in this retirement surrounded by great friends and an amazing crowd and 2) I was watching some of the most amazing wrestling I had ever seen in my life unfold in a ring 6 feet away from me. Epic is the most overused word on the internet but I kid you not that day in Gibsonville the true meaning of that world could be found in their local Sportatorium.

Derick’s Pick – Chikara: The Zodiac Crimes (A.K.A. The KO@2 CHIKARA Trip) – Until you see CHIKARA live, you will never understand the pure insanity that this promotion brings to the table. From Sugar Dunkerton doing his own commentary in-ring, to having a conversation with Mike Quackenbush after the show with me in my La Parka mask (complete with full kayfabe!!), this was the trip that KO@2 can look back at with sheer perfection.

Moment of the Year

PunkGTSRockShane’s Pick – CM Punk hits the GTS on The Rock – The follow up to last year’s Moment of the Year.  I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t quite the “I’m a snake” moment that I had hoped for, but it worked to move Punk back out of his generic good guy routine that he had been in since winning the belt in November and get something going.  Seeing Punk struggle with taking the win after Big Show beat up Cena let us know that he was having issues with being the person he’d become…then letting John Cena to his fate at the hands of the Big Show…and then, clotheslining The Rock when he came to make the save…I was so happy watching this unfold.  For this moment to setup Rock vs Punk at the Rumble, a match I can’t wait to see, and for it just being an awesome moment that lead the the creation of the arrogant jerk CM Punk that’s on my screen every Monday, this has to be my favorite moment of the year.

Robbie’s Pick – CM Punk attacks The Rock – As soon as this match ended and we saw The Rock hit the ring. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to unfold. I was watching this with my buddy Chris and I can remember being confused as Daniel Bryan going back and forth with myself with Yes and No chants. I didn’t know who I wanted to get the upper-hand. As soon as CM Punk hit that flying forearm lariat on The Rock breaking up The People’s Elbow I knew The Royal Rumble was going to be a day I would be in front of my TV with the gang again.

Derick’s Pick – Brock Lesnar’s Return – Brock comes back, destroys Cena – It’s no secret that I love Brock Lesnar. It’s also no secret that I can not stand John Cena. I purposely stayed away from every wrestling website for 2 weeks leading into Wrestlemania just so that it could feel somewhat real to me. I had ZERO inclination that Brock was coming back. Rob invites me over to check out Raw, and when Brock came out, I flipped shit. I’ve missed that guy.

Promotion of the Year

wweShane’s Pick – WWE – Wow, yeah, I said that.  Trust me, a very close runner up is Chikara, but this year, solely for offering me Punk as WWE Champion for an entire year, a plethora of Punk vs Daniel Bryan matches, Antonio Cesaro destroying fools and outright being awesome, Brock Lesnar killing John Cena the night after Wrestlemania, Dolph Ziggler…yeah, it kind of goes on and on this year.  Part of this may be due to the fact that I didn’t get to watch as much Chikara this year as I did last year, so I’m making a resolve to keep up with Chikara as much as possible in 2013, as well as trying out some new stuff along the way, so that I can be a bit more well rounded for next year.

Robbie’s Pick – WWE – Well it wasn’t going to be TNA that’s for sure! Truth is i just watch WWE simply because I have easier access to it as does everyone else most likely? They added Main Event to their scheduled shows and depending on what area you live in you can watch NXT. With all these shows under the already large umbrella that is WWE people can watch it no matter where you are. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Chikara and Ring of Honor when it is presented to me but WWE is my main focus point.

Derick’s Pick – WWE – I had to go with WWE slightly over CHIKARA due to the simple fact that I watch it more, which is somewhat disappointing. WWE is not the biggest wrestling promotion in the world for no reason. The best visual quality, the most exposure, the biggest names, etc. if we could only work on Creative directions….

Wrestler of the Year

punk_1617067aShane’s Pick – CM Punk – Like it wasn’t going to be Punk…seriously.  Repeating as my favorite wrestler of the year, CM Punk made me enjoy wrestling more than any other person this year.  Watching him take on the role of WWE Champion and shine with it through matches with Jericho and Daniel Bryan were awesome.  Seeing him take out The Rock and start on his run of demanding respect for the fact that he was WWE Champion gave living, breathing life to every conversation about the current state of WWE that Robbie and I had been having all year.  Coupling him with Paul Heyman helped him tip the scales towards being the most hated man in the WWE, and I have loved every second of all of it.  Here’s hoping Punk retains this month and steamrolls into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion!

Robbie’s Pick – CM Punk – What can I say? When HBK left the first time The Rock kept me interested in Wrestling. When The Rock left, HBK had returned so him and Orton were my top guys in WWE for years. Orton and Jericho had been my top 2 guys since HBK’s retirement but with Jerichio doing his own thing and Orton being out of action due to stacking injuries and multiple other reasons, CM Punk has just naturally stepped up to my top spot. Randy has been my solid favorite wrestler for years and when people asked me who my favorite was he was quickly my answer. Now I have a very hard time saying Randy is still my number one guy. If anything he shares that spot with Punk now. Once Orton returns to being a heel and is running Smackdown again I’m sure Punk and Orton will both be equally tied as number one in my book but this year I have to go with CM Punk.

Derick’s Pick – CM PUNK – What a year the “Second City Saint” has had. Think about this: For the first time since 1987, One man has held the title continuously for the entire year. His matches= Epic. His promos= Perfect. His in-ring presence= Macho. Then the top it by pairing him with Paul Heyman. Punk doesn’t need a manager, but wow. Simply….Wow

My Favorite Wrestling “Thing” of 2012!

wwe 13Shane’s Pick – WWE ’13 – This is my favorite wrestling game in a very, very long time.  From the announcement of the Attitude Era involvement it became my most anticipated wrestling game since Wrestlemania 2000, and I can honestly say it hasn’t disappointed.  I love the way that the Attitude Era was woven into the game and feel that the roster is pretty much inclusive of who I would want (with the exceptions of some folks currently under contract with TNA).  Even the guys on the current roster that I really like got added on as DLC, like Ryback, Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow.  I finally got to setup my Universe the way I wanted it, with three separate companies and 3 separate PPVs with no one crossing enemy lines and showing up on someone else’s show.  Aside from some minor things that I wish they’d fix or some occasional glitches, I’m VERY happy with this game and it’s my favorite wrestling “thing” of 2012!

Robbie’s Pick – My WWE Figure Collection – Over the last year I have worked on dedicating the entire extra room in my house to displaying my WWE figure and collectables collection. Some of them are rare, others customs and many just simply my favorites. I plan to feature them on the site shortly but it was a toss up between this and my WWE Blu-ray collection.

Derick’s Pick – My La Parka mask – Shane Dalton texted me and said ‘Champ, we are going to CHIKARA. You need to buy a mask.’ As soon as we got off the phone, I started shopping for my “Chairman of WCW” La Parka mask. La Parka was the 1 Lucha Libre that stood out in my eyes in WCW. Don’t believe he is awesome? YouTube him.

Most Disappointing Moment!

Shane’s Pick – Getting to the end of the year and not seeing Wrestling Retribution Project – Seriously, where is this thing?!  C’mon Jeff Katz, show me something!  The trailer for this thing looked amazing, and I’ll still catch myself watching it again and just hoping for some info about it.  Maybe this year…

Robbie’s Pick – John Cena Defeating Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules – The fact that Cena had lost to The Rock at Mania I was sure he was going to lose this match as well and that Super-Cena was going to take a vacation. The aftermath of the match was complete garbage with Cena stating he was being forced to take time off to deal with his personal issues. Alright! WWE TV with no Cena for awhile! I can deal with that. Nope the very next night he’s back jumping around as if his emotional problems and the beating he took from Brock meant nothing! Complete BS in my book!

Derick’s Pick Daniel Bryan losing the World Heavyweight Championship in18 seconds – Man, what a disappointment. I have watched the Dragon since way before WWE, and to see him lose in18 seconds to Sheamus was a letdown. That match had 5-star potential. I know it was story-driven, but the same story could have written over 25-30 minutes.


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