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Finally it’s here, after the months of hoping. After the months of anticipation. After the months of praying The WWE doesn’t throw a swerve at us because the finale is “predictable” and after weeks of CM Punk healing from his knee surgery it is 100% Official and all systems are a go. CM Punk will defend his Championship against The Rock at The Royal Rumble! There comes certain times in wrestling where gold is simply struck and as a wrestling fan you just sit back and enjoy the moment because you know your not going to see anything like this again for awhile. Last night was one the beginning of those times.

Last night during the final segments of RAW that wrestling magic happened and we got the see a side of CM Punk that I know Shane and I have been begging for since RAW 1,000. I had every confidence that CM Punk would remain Champion and face The Rock once The Great One announced he was challenging for the title that night. Basically you had the match set up so what do do in the mean time? I’m sure WWE had some other plan to get us there but with John Cena being injured and them not wanting to make Ryback a “Transitional Champion” unfortunately we were left with some pretty unorganized and subpar booking. Did it make me hate the product? No. I simply remained focused on the end game. I said once WWE was in it’s “sleeper months” they should just continue to book Punk as strong as possible as the ultimate heel and they did a prefect job in doing so.

Now we are on the Road to Wrestlemania. I love this time of the year because it’s when booking is at its best, stories are unfolding and the performers really seem to step up their game. I have no clue how the entire card of Wrestlemania will shape up but for me The Rock vs CM Punk at The Rumble could possibly be the highlight of 2013. The Rock didn’t owe us anything. He had given us everything we needed from him and as a long time fan of his I was thrilled and appreciative to have him back last year in a match against Cena. After the smoke cleared that night at Mania never in a million years would I have thought he would be challenging Punk for the title 9 months later.

I have watched CM Punk’s Promo from last night twice now and the intensity in his voice and emotion in his eyes was just as good if not better than his promo a year and a half ago. Hearing him speak about The Rock in the same way he did last year mostly behind the scenes in regards to his match with Cena was amazing. Once the Rock and Punk were face to face, mic to mic I pretty much sit on the edge of my seat hanging to their every word. Last night during that promo any long time fan could realize they were watching two of the best performers write a story which I’m sure will be nothing short of epic. I hate to throw that word out but this has a feeling to it I haven’t felt in a long time and I’m loving it!

It’s been a long time since we have felt that kind of  “attitude” in a feud. CM Punk vs The Rock is one day removed from being official and this is already light years ahead of The Rock vs John Cena feud from last year. Like I said moments like this don’t come along everyday and when they do it’s fun to sit back and take it for what it is, Great Entertainment. It’s a fun time to be a wrestling fan and the Road to Wrestlemania is a ride I definitely do not want to miss out on!

– Robbie C.

  1. BEF says:

    After watching Raw last night, I was sickened by the spew of garbage that flowed from Punks mouth. I feel that he over stepped the line when telling the Rock his arms were to short to box with GOD. Punk don’t even rank very high as a wrestler (with most people), but to rank himself as the ALMIGHTY would sickened anybody with an ounce of Christian blood within themselves! Sometimes even as actors they over step their boundaries, and C M Popeye the Crackhead sure did. I don’t mean to offend you all here Kick Out @ 2, but this is the way I see it. Punk needs to realize that he is no more than a mere mortal – The ALMIGHTY could wipe him out as if he never existed.

    • Kick Out At 2! says:

      It’s on the same Level of JBL referring to himself as a “Wrestling God” honestly. Just something else to add some extra “heel” heat to Punk’s Character and the story. Wrestlemania’s build up always pushes the PG rating each year which is good for the buy rate so I wasn’t offended. I just have a Heel mindset I guess and understand how these things work. Just all part of the story in my book.


  2. The Champ says:

    Ah. It seems that the “loose cannon” here at KO@2 has stumbled onto a debate. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll keep it PG.

    First of all, to BEF I say “Hoo ha! I can dig that!” I completely understand where you’re coming from. I think the point behind the “boxing with God” comment was said for this exact reason: We are talking about it. Whether you loved it or hated it, you’re still talking about it. And that means you’ll tune in next week to see what was said again.

    Now, SHOULD it have been said? That’s not my call. If I ran the ratings board for TV, I’d make serious overhauls. That would be my choice. Hell, half of the TV shows wouldn’t even make air (Amish Mafia, anyone?). But, that’s due to MY personal beliefs. I’m sure Rob would change some things that I wouldn’t, so on and so forth.

    My personal beliefs aside, I can see both sides of the coin. I can see how it is highly offensive, and I can see how it was completely overlooked. Don’t get too upset over the words and just enjoy the ride.

    And if anyone doesn’t think too highly of a wrestler, I’ll completely respect your opinion. But before you jump to a conclusion like that, check out the years before he was even on a TV screen. You’d be surprised how good he was. Sometimes you have to dumb down your skills so the others can keep up.

  3. BEF says:

    First, Yo Champ thanks for keeping it “PG” – I am digging that! ha ha ha

    Second, I have never known you as Robbie, it’s ROB! Woo Haa – I can dig that too! ha ha ha

    Punk is one of the better unscripted talkers of the WWE. When he gets on the mic he knows how to keep the crowds attention, but he just didn’t need to go there. Talented talker – I must say that he is, but as The Rock pointed out (and I must agree with The Rock) all the talking “Cookie Pu$$” has done and we still have no ice cream bars….

    Now if I could script the WWE there would be a really big change in the game plan. Forget Punk vs Rock, it would be HBK stomping the devil out of Punk at Mania, and I will end with a big WOOOOO HAAAAA there.

    Be of good cheer!

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