Robbie’s Top 20 RAW Moments and Matches over the last 20 Years.

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Since its debut in 1993 RAW has had tons of memorable moments and matches that have resonated with the fans each for their own reason. Monday will mark the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night RAW so I figured I would sit down and take a look back and see if I can narrow down my favorite moments of RAW into somewhat of a Top 20 list.

20) The Hart Dynasty Win the Tag Team Championships.

I had the pleasure of seeing this match live in Richmond Va during the 2010 WWE Draft with my good buddy Derick. It was one of those matches that just had that “Old School” Wrestling feel to it. The crowd was solidly behind The Hart Dynasty as they took on The Miz and Big Show that night and the roof came off the place once they won the titles. This was easily one of the most exciting matches I had ever seen live and the reaction to that victory is something I still feel today. Seriously YouTube it it was insane!

19) King of The Ring Tournament 2008

Another 3hr. RAW I had the privalge of seeing live in Greenville, SC during 2008. Again with my good buddy Derick we traveled down to watch competitors from at that time all 3 brands participate in the King of The Ring Tournament. It was very cool seeing wrestlers from RAW, Smackdown and ECW. The fact I got to see CM Punk vs Jerichio and CM Punk vs Regal both in the same night was fantastic. Derick and I are the only ones in the arena that marked out when Regal won it so much so you can see us jumping up after the 3 count when going back to view said event. This was my 2nd live event and getting to see so many people at one time was simply awesome!

18) Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro Ladder Match in 07

Ladder Matches are just always fun to watch but for some reason there are 2 that stick out in my mind that happened on regular television. RVD vs Eddie Guerrero and Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro for The Intercontinental Championship. I always liked the way Jeff fit into ladder matches and I was really into Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) breaking out into a singles star at the time. This match was just intense with both competaors beating the living hell out of each other with ladders and whatever else they could get ahold of. My friend Jeremiah actually bid on the ladder that was used in this match and was signed by both competitors but unfortunately did not win it. I do believe this match was included on The History of the Intercontinental Championship DVD as well as The Ladder Match DVD that was released shortly after this match occurred.

17) Randy Orton RKOs Evan Bourne Mid-Air!

There are just some moments in a match where you kind of forget that its scripted. Even if its scripted the amount of talent and trust these guys show when working together is remarkable. There is a fine line sometimes between what will be known as a remarkable moment or a regretable injury. This my friends is one of those moments. When Randy Orton hit this RKO my jaw dropped followed by a moment of going totally insane from a fans perceptive. This is without a doubt one of the coolest RKOs I have ever seen but at the same time I cringe seeing it. Simply awesome!

16) Edge and Lita’s Sex Celebration

The following RAW after Edge cashed in the first ever Money in The Bank Contract at New Year’s Revolution he and Lita announced they were going to celebrate Edge’s victory by having the first ever “Live Sex Celebration” on Monday Night RAW. I’m not going to lie to say Lita is hot would be an understatement. She has been my favorite Diva for years so I was interested to see how insanely hot she was going to look and how far they were going to push this. As far as I know this is still the highest rated segment in RAW’s history for obvious reasons. The fact that Ric Flair showed up and was going to show Lita “how it was really done” still cracks me up to this day. Needless to say Vince probably doesn’t talk about this a lot anymore due to the PG rating but the thing I still hate about this segment (As well as many others that have followed over the years) is John Cena had to show up and spoil everything.

15) D-Generation X Reunites in 2006

Honestly this was something I thought I would never see again. I had missed a lot of the original run of DX but had done my homework. I knew beyond a shadow of any doubt that DX was one of the two biggest wrestling factions to ever leave its mark on professional wrestling. From the moment that HBK and Triple H both delivered crotch chops to their respective opponents at Wrestlemania 22 you knew the team up was inevitable. For years I had watch these two beat the holy hell out of each other in some of the most brutal Ladder Matches, Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing… well you name it they did it. Knowing they were best friends behind the scenes an on screen team up was something every fan was begging for. Granted WWE hadn’t hit the PG Era yet so they were able to have a lot of fun with this and HBK playing the role of the responsible yet goofy father made it even funnier. I have a feeling this run would have ended differently had Triple H not been injured but the fact they reunited again in 2009 and captured the Tag Team Titles was pretty cool. I knew once Shawn had won the Tag Titles with his life long friend, the one thing they had never done, his career was probably coming to an end. Sadly enough I was right.

14) HBK VS Shelton Benjamin Goldrush Match

This was part of The Goldrush Tournament back in 2005 to determine the No. 1 Contender for Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship. Again this goes back to those crazy “in the blink of an eye” finishers that come out of nowhere. The ending to this match is simply awesome and everyone I have shown this to has literally been left speechless. Probably one of my favorite Superkicks that Shawn ever hit during his entire career.

13) DX Invades WCW

During the height of The Monday Night Wars anyone who knows anything about this time period usually talks about when DX showed up at Nitro. Now this happened in Virginia not to far from us actually over in Hampton. This was one of those moments when you knew Vince was on the verge of winning this war to approve of something like this. After looking back on it and watching several documentaries on it I agree with Kevin Nash, had Eric been in the right mindset he should have allowed them in. Having WWF guys on Nitro at that time would have probably sent the ratings for Nitro soaring that night. Perhaps Vince never thought of it like that than again maybe it was one of his “calculated risk” that he always talks about. Anyway its pretty cool to know another piece of The Monday Night War history took place in my home state.

12) Jericho’s Debut

Granted I was more of a WWF guy at the time than I was WCW when I was able to keep up with wrestling I still knew who Chris Jericho was. Chris has been another one of my solid favorite competitors over the years. Seeing him debut and interrupting The Rock with his Millennium countdown gimmick was pretty sweet. They had a lot of faith in this guy and was probably if not the best acquisition they got after the WCW buyout. This guy has had some of the most amusing matches in whatever promotion he has ever participated in. Chris Jerichio is a name that wrestling will never forget because he simply will not let you. Chris will take any moment he can to remind you that he beat The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night to become the very first Undisputed Champion, an accomplishment he truly deserved and I for one cant wait for his next return to RAW.

11) The Rock Challenges Hulk Hogan to a Match at Wrestlemania x8

This was right at the time I was getting back into Wrestling on a more weekly basis and its hard to believe at one time I actually was somewhat of a Hogan Fan. I never loved the guy as most fans did but I knew he was a big part of Wrestling, with no doubt the nWo being the peek of his career. When Vince brought Hogan into the WWE I can remember sitting in my buddy Chris’ house and we watched as “The Great One” went to the ring and stood face to face with The Wrestling Icon. Rock began to talk about how Hogan was a cornerstone of WWE for years having main evented Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania and gave him the opportunity to main event one more time. Seeing Hogan accept The Rock’s challenge he offered his hand only to be met with a Rock Bottom. This was a big moment for me because I knew The Rock was about to be handed the keys to the kingdom and taking out an icon as big as Hogan was going to make The Rock a bigger star than he already was.

10) The Rock Concerts

Since 2003 The Rock on multiple occasions has taken it upon himself to build up his feuds by participating in his very own “Rock Concerts”. From Stone Cold to John Cena he as used this “gimmick” over the years as a way to entertain us and really get the fans into the story. These are very entertaining and memorable moments for me. A lot of times Derick or myself will be caught singing parts of these skits or referencing them on many occasions when we are giving our friends a hard time and just being our normal selves. The Rock is easily in my Top 5 wrestlers of all time so anything he does I generally gravitate towards. These are just some of those moments when you get to see The Rock at his best and whether or not he is a face or heel during these segments you cant help but be entertained by The Great One.

9) The Rock Returns to Host Wrestlemania 27

For weeks leading up to RAW that week the rumors were flying and random names were being thrown around left and right as to who would be the host for Wrestlemania. They kept hinting at different people but I had my heart set on The Rock. Needless to say that once his music hit and seeing him walk out on the ramp it awoke something in me and the WWE that had kind of laid dormant for 7 years. Seeing The Rock back in the ring where he belonged and still being an active part of the product since his return has made me very happy. We needed The Rock and he has delivered each and every time he has appeared since than.

8) Shawn Michaels vs John Cena Wrestlemania Rematch

This match was incredible. I still think it was actually better than the match they had at Wrestlemania 23 honestly. There is no doubt that HBK is the greatest in ring performer to ever compete for WWE. Seeing him lose to John Cena that year I can remember being genuinly upset and had wanted nothing more than HBK to be the WWE Champion one more time. I knew Shawn had stated multiple times that he didn’t want the responsibility of being The Champion again but was there to create memorable moments on RAW. Sadley enough this match wasn’t for The WWE Championship but we got to see the superior side of HBK as he defeated Cena that night. This match is included on HBK’s “Heathbreak and Triumph” DVD and I love this match. There are few people who can really bring out the best in Cena and HBK was definitely one of them.

7) Rock, This is Your Life.

September 27th 1999 Mankind invited The Rock down to the ring for the infamous skit that resulted in one of the highest rated segments during The Monday Night Wars. Mankind Celebrated The Rock’s Life with interaction from various different people from Rock’s past from his Coach, Teachers and Ex-Girlfriends. The segment ran longer than most things at that time normally did and their have been reports that Vince was furious over how much time they were taking. Apparently the payoff was worth it as the segment alone earned an 8.4 rating. Another pivotal part of The Monday Night Wars and another segment that will live on as one of my personal favorites when I look back at the vast history of this company.

6) The Rock confronts WWE Champion CM Punk

I truly and honestly believe this has set the tone for a new era in WWE Programing. CM Punk is a fish out of water in that I believe he should have existed during the time of “The Attitude Era” Punk is the only one on the roster who can deliver a passionate promo that you feel is believable and seeing him go up against one of the greatest talkers that the WWE has ever seen was terrific! Punk is in a league of his own and is without any doubt the best wrestler currently in the WWE. Putting him up against the most recognizable WWE personality is a golden opportunity to propel the company to new heights. Two of the best bringing out the best in each other for the benefit of the company. Man, this is going to be sweet and give the WWE the much needed turn I think it deserves.

5) The Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show

Losing Eddie Guerrero has been the saddest moment for me personally during my time of being a fan of WWE. The week of his passing his fellow colleges dedicated both RAW and Smackdown entirely to Eddie. With matches and interviews meant to bring out both the memories and respect that each Superstar had for Eddie, you could tell that he had an impact on each performers life he came in contact with. The amount of love and respect shown that night was surreal and helped ease the pain of Eddie’s passing. WWE lost one of it’s greatest competitors in 2005 but his legacy still lives on to this very day. I will always remember Eddie and look back on this show with nothing but respect for one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever lived.

4) Evolution

Man what a group! Although Evolution only had close to a 2 year run I can still remember it being one of if not my favorite stable in wrestling. This was without a doubt my generations version of The Four Horsemen. The concept of the group was Triple H being the best of the present and Ric being the best of the bast past looking to team together to create the best of the future. Once they added Randy Orton and Batista the group was solidified as the most powerful wrestling entity in WWE. Shortly into the run they collected all the major titles on RAW and the group simply seemed unstoppable. Like all good things though Evolution came to an end up but Triple H’s and Ric Flair’s goals were achieved in the fact that Randy Orton and Batista would go on to be World Champions and make a name for themselves in WWE.

3 ) Ric Flair’s Farewell Address

On RAW Ric Flair delivered his farewell address after loosing his career threatening match to Shawn Michaels the night before at Wrestlemanis 24 . Ric was in the ring giving his farewell speech when he was flooded with friends and family from the business that he loved so much. The most honored Champion in the history of professional wrestling had decided it was time for him to retire and he had the perfect story book ending career that anyone in this business could have hoped for. The amount of love, respect and admiration paid to the Wrestling Legend that night was overwhelming and the genuine emotion displayed that night was phenomenal. Ric Flair was one of the greatest Legends to ever lace up a pair of boots and in my mind that is where his story came to an end.

2) CM Punk’s Pipebomb Promo

The night that a revolution started and things started to change in WWE. The image of John Cena always being the top guy really took a hard hit this night as CM Punk had the opportunity to air his grievances before his contract was set to expired with WWE. If your on this site reading this you already know how much respect we have for CM Punk and his amazing talent both in and out of the ring. This promo was the catalysis that CM Punk needed to launch himself to the next level and in most people’s minds make him the new face of The WWE. This is a much welcomed and needed change and the WWE has been a better place for it. Had this night never occurred WWE may have lost one of their best performers and we would still be stuck in a state of mediocrity. The fact it did happen and CM Punk has been allowed to be himself has resulted in some fresh television and the longest WWE Championship title reign we have seen in years. Punk is quickly on the road to being the next Stone Cold Steve Austin and there is no limit in what I think he will be able to achieve in the coming years.

1) Shawn Michaels’ Farewell Speech

It’s no secret that Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time. No matter what was going on in my life I was always able to turn on one of his matches and simply get lost in his amazing ability to tell as story with both his athletic ability and his charismatic personality. When Shawn suffered his back injury in 1998 and was forced to leave the company I thought I had seen the last of HBK in the WWE. When he returned in 2002 I simply couldn’t believe that my favorite wrestler of all time was back! Learning he had became a faithful Christian during his time away was something I found great comfort in. Being able to look up to a fellow Christian who was performing in my favorite sport was incredible and made me even moreproud to call him my favorite wrestler. Seeing Shawn return and have an incredible 2nd run was amazing and something I never dreamed was possible. From Triple H to The Undertaker, Shawn has had some of the best matches that I have ever witnessed. If I were to sit down and make a list of of favorite matches of all time I guarantee Shawn would be included in over half of them. For him to have the chance to come back for a 2nd run and end his career on his terms was incredible. During his farewell speech Shawn thanked his best friend Triple H, his Family, his fans, his friends but most importantly God. That night Shawn expressed his love for the business and the WWE Universe said farewell to the greatest performer WWE has ever and will ever see.

Well there you have it folks! Some of these may not be the most popular Moments or Matches but off the top of my head these were the first 20 that really stood out. Again many for personal reasons others just because they were simply iconic or amazing. WWE has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years and I look forward for another 20 Years of being entertained by the crazy world of Professional Wrestling that we have all come to know and love so much.

-Robbie C.

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    Yep, your #1 is the #1 of all time!!!

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